Autodesk Inventor 2022: Fundamentals for CAM Users

Gain Autodesk Inventor introductory skills and prepare to use the Inventor CAM functionality with our two-day Fundamentals for CAM Users training. The Autodesk-approved instructors cover all the industry-relevant aspects, from explaining the Inventor interface to customizing the Inventor environment.


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Autodesk Inventor 2022: Fundamentals for CAM Users Course Overview

Vinsys’ Autodesk Inventor 2022 Fundamentals for CAM Users training provides fundamental modeling/assembly skills needed for creating and working with files to be set up for manufacturing with Inventor CAM.

Course Curriculum


  • Learn the Inventor interface.
  • Create/Constrain/Dimension 2D sketches.
  • Create/Edit the solid base 3D feature from a sketch.
  • Create/Edit secondary solid features that are sketched/placed.
  • Manipulate the display of the model.
  • Duplicate geometry in the model.
  • Place/Constrain/Connect parts in assemblies.
  • Manipulate the display of components in an assembly.
  • Obtain model measurements and property information.
  • Work with projects.
  • Customize the Autodesk Inventor environment.


  • Professionals who intend to use the Autodesk Inventor CAM functionality.
  • Mechanical Engineers, Product Designers, Drafters, or Modelers.
  • Individuals who wish to explore careers in 3D CAD CAM. 


  • Access to Inventor 2022 version. 
  • Experience with Microsoft Windows operating system. 
  • Background in the drafting of 3D parts is recommended, not mandatory.

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Training Options


Virtual Instructor-led Sessions

  • Autodesk-approved Subject-matter Experts
  • Authorized Material
  • Instructor led Online Training
  • 24*7 leaner assistance and support


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  • Domain-customization
  • Instructor Led Skill Development Program
  • 24*7 Learner Assistance and Support

Course Outline

  • Get Started with Inventor.
  • Inventor Interface.
  • Model Orientation/Display.
  • Selection Techniques.
  • Create a New Part File.
  • Create a Sketch.
  • Sketch Geometry.
  • Constraints/Dimensions.
  • Additional Sketching Tools.
  • Extrude/Revolve Features.
  • Edit Sketched Features.
  • Edge Chamfers.
  • Constant/Variable Fillets.
  • Holes.
  • Edit Pick/Place Features.
  • Rectangular/Circular Feature Patterns.
  • Manipulate Patterns.
  • Reorder/Insert/Suppress Features.
  • Section Part Models.
  • Part Design Views.
  • Work Planes/Axes/Points.
  • Assemble Components Using Constraints.
  • Assembly Browser.
  • Save Assembly Files.
  • Assemble Components Using Joints.
  • Move/Rotate Assembly Components.
  • Suppress Constraints.
  • Control Assembly Component Display.
  • Section Assembly Models.
  • Assembly Design Views.
  • Assembly Selection Filters.
  • Measurement Tools.
  • Model Material and Appearance Settings.
  • Project Files.
  • Resolve Links.
  • Application Options.
  • Document Settings.
  • File Properties.

Course Reviews


CAM can be described as a "Computer-aided manufacturing" process of utilizing software and computer-controlled machinery for automating a manufacturing process.

No, it does not cover the Autodesk Inventor CAM functionality. The Inventor 2022 CAM: Milling Fundamentals course must be preferred for the same.

Vinsys' Autodesk Inventor hands-on training is highly practice-intensive.

Vinsys is an industry-admired Corporate/Individual training provider, an Autodesk-authorized training center with Autodesk certified trainers (ACTs) and seasoned experts sharing the official curriculum. Our instructor-led Inventor online training, skill-development programs, and 24*7 learner support ensure the most thorough upskilling experience, a must for maximizing Autodesk Inventor benefits. 

Yes, an Autodesk Inventor course completion certificate. 

Please refer to our up-to-date Autodesk Inventor calendar here.