Cyber Security Awareness Training

Best Security Awareness Training Providers in 2022

As the importance of cyber security awareness training grows to prevent cyber threats and build a strong security culture, organizations are turning to security awareness programs to educate their employees.

However, with so much market knowledge and different training providers, it’s hard to identify which partner meets your organization’s needs, but also the experience and depth needed to meet your learning objectives. So how do you narrow down your options and find the best safety training partners?

Here are three main things to consider when evaluating a safety awareness vendor:

Do they offer comprehensive solutions to your specific safety awareness and training needs? For example, do they train the right and attractive employees, emulate and monitor phishing campaigns and evaluate their safety culture from time to time?

Can they provide automation and integration abilities to streamline your safety awareness training tasks and configure with current training and professional development initiatives?

As they aim on “student experience” with updates that are the latest, easily usable dashboard, variety of content and visibility in every employee’s learning history, it becomes seamless to learn.

Vinsys Security Training:

Vinsys is one of the leading and most sought-after cyber security courses providers and across the globe. With their trained resources, live digital classrooms and advanced practical modules, they offer candidates and organizations the power-packed training that help the businesses in staying secured and aware of the threat present in the modern digital world.

Infosec IQ Security Awareness Training:

Infosec IQ security awareness training aims on three main pillars: student participation, human risk management and best customer service.

It involves thousands of resources, each of which supports self-reference modules in accordance with NIST guidelines. Resources include:

  • Assessments
  • Program resources
  • Micro-learning videos
  • Interactive activities and games

You can also utilize the Infosec IQ platform to evaluate your organization’s cybersecurity culture in five dimensions: trust, confidence, responsibility, commitment, and results. IT leaders can then utilize the output to determine the right set of Infosec IQ employee engagement and training tools or to choose from a customized safety awareness plan.  

KnowBe4 Safety Awareness Training:

KnowBe4® is a leading security training platform with a variety of unique and interesting content available in 34 languages. KnowBe4 also has many unique tools that give your organization more targeted real-time training.

KnowBe4 also provides a complete set of phishing awareness tools, including the Phish Alert Button (PAB) and Phisher® Orchestration Center for email reporting and analysis. Your organization can use PhishML through this feature, which uses machine learning to evaluate suspicious email, or PhishRIP, which separates messages through Microsoft and Google integration. You can also use PhishFlip KnowBe4 to convert real phishing messages into your own phishing campaigns.

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training:

ProofPoint® Safety Awareness Training Forum is known for its risk-based training approach. For example, by offering Targeted Attack Protection (TAP), ProofPoint allows users to provide email security training and detect threats based on the likelihood of an attack.

Other major ProofPoint safety awareness training products include:

  • ThreatSim®: Phishing simulation platform including the ability to target SMS messages
  • PhishAlarm®: Integrated user functionality for reporting phishing attempts
  • Proofpoint Threat Intelligence: A tool that scans threat emails, including URLs and attachments, in the sandbox to detect malicious content
  • CISO Dashboard: Offers a visual overview of your organization’s training progress and effectiveness. Proofpoint training is also available in 41 languages, enabling your organization to be globally inclusive in creating and delivering its educational programmes.

Cofense Security Awareness Training:

Cofense®, a large and well-established provider of simulated phishing platforms, is known for the wide application integration of its products, providing security professionals with real-time security and phishing behavior.

Cofense Security Awareness Training provides organizations with Triage™, AutoQuarantine, and PhishMe® tools to help add additional security controls to existing email gateway and security tools, including Microsoft environments.

Specifically, Cofense Triage Community Exchange lets your organization leverage crowdsourced phishing email analytics and threat intelligence, while Cofense Vision® gives you the ability to automatically quarantine phishing threats.

Cofense LMS, its security awareness training tool offers an extensive content library created in collab with Ninja, focusing on the topics of phishing and email security.

SANS Security Awareness Training:

SANS™ is highly known for its industry-leading training programs and large user community, offers free community resources and personalized learning tracks, including security awareness modules.

CybSafe Security Awareness Training:

CyberSafe’s security awareness training platform enables organizations through their behavior analysis and risk authentication skills. For example, your organization may use the CybeSafe platform to compile data on user behavior and compare it to identify, prioritize, and minimize over 70 different security behaviors.

With its in-house behavior-related research team, CyberSafe is a great partner for organizations trained to change customer behavior, from simply implementing security tools and products to preventing phishing attempts.

Life Security Awareness Training:

Unify’s Living Security® security awareness training platform utilizes a human risk assessment system aimed at student performance. With roots as a content and experienced provider, Living Security can offer a variety of training materials including:

  • Videos
  • Assessments
  • Security topics Gamification, such as virtual escape rooms
  • Simulations
  • Interactive puzzles
  • Computer-based training

Living Security also offers communications and marketing materials for organizations to raise security awareness and encourage engagement.

Elevate Security awareness training:

Elevate Security® training platform aims at building a strong cyber security culture and is focused on the mission. The institute has developed a training program for safety, security, and remote management.

Through the Pulse platform, cyber security training does not target traditional training, but focuses on monthly behavior-based scorecards. Elevate Security looks at enterprise and security measures as well as advanced security gathering, so that more data can be returned.

Terranova Security Awareness Training:

The Terranova Security® Security Awareness Training Program offers every user with their own Cyber ​​Hero Assessment, a system created keeping in mind each learner with their own score of risk as well as training profile.

Terranova also focuses on helping security organizations provide a more diverse, inclusive, and accessible personalized learning experience. Terranova safety safety awareness training material is also available in 40 languages.

Mimecast Security Awareness Training:

The Mimecast® Security Awareness Training Provider is also called as MimeOS Platform, has a number of services and tools for businesses to utilize it for learning and estimating cyber risks. Its safety awareness solution, Mimecast AT, provides a fully managed tool for awareness training.

Mimecast Training is known for its fun, fast and engaging training modules, lasting about three minutes each. Each course introduces familiar characters, human error and common-sense judgment, and uses humor to raise safety awareness and explain complex elements through a technique known as microlearning.

Mimecast solutions can also be easily integrated with enterprise email security solutions. This allows your organization to use security tools such as SAFE Phish, which converts genuine phishing emails into simulated test templates, and SAFE Score to provide users with a customized risk score based on:

  • Sentiment
  • Engagement
  • Knowledge
  • Human error

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