Cloud Platforms and Solutions to Choose From

Top 5 Cloud Platforms and Solutions to Choose From

The Cloud services and platforms industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. The industry has attracted many players, resulting in the establishment of a wide range of cloud platforms and solutions. The popularity of these services can be attributed to the fact that they provide the heavy computing power required by modern technologies.

Best Cloud Platforms And Solutions

1. Amazon web services

Amazon Web Services, known in short as AWS, is one of the most popular and commonly used well-architectured cloud platforms and solutions. It is a subsidiary of the Amazon global e-commerce firm. AWS provides on-demand cloud computing solutions like storage and data analytics. This cloud service provider provides services to individuals, organizations, and governments. All services provided by AWS are enabled through the internet. AWS cloud platform and solution is worth considering because it is considered the most flexible and powerful. The AWS environment comes with attributes of a real computer like hardware for processing, hard disks for storage, and an OS.

2. Microsoft Azure

Formerly known as Windows Azure, Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform developed by Microsoft. The platform is primarily enabled through data centers managed by Microsoft. It is a highly reliable solution that supports the development, testing, deployment, and management of various services and applications. It is commonly and primarily used to deploy code on Microsoft servers. Note that Microsoft Azure does not feature a full SQL server. However, you can integrate it with an SQL server. This solution also features a wide range of security features that allow your LAN to communicate with the Azure cloud.

3. Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Platform is the most common cloud computing solution in existence. It provides a wide range of services in all major spheres like compute, networking, machine learning, IoT (Internet of things), and storage. Additionally, its services come with cloud management tools, development tools, and security components. The popularity of GCP can be attributed to the fact that it is the most dynamic cloud platform and solution. It is worth mentioning that Google Cloud Storage supports both SQL and NoSQL database storage. The Google Cloud platform also hosts Kubernetes, an open-source that provides users with a managed environment for deployment, scaling, and management developed by Google in 2014.

4. Alibaba Cloud

This is a cloud initiative developed by the Alibaba group (a Chinese e-commerce giant). Alibaba cloud began as a private cloud platform and solution. This is because it was designed to support the internal infrastructural needs of the Alibaba group. However, its success as a private cloud led to Alibaba scaling it into a public cloud solution. It covers a wide range of services like elastic computing, storage, SQL and NoSQL database, hosting, and big data analytics. It also offers AI services. Seeing that its parent company is in the same industry as Amazon, Alibaba Cloud is considered one of the top competitors of the AWS environment.

5. IBM

This cloud platform allows users to deploy and access virtualized compute power, networking using the internet and storage. It can be utilized as a private, public, or hybrid model for individual and organizational needs. This cloud platform’s services can be applied to create, manage, run, and deploy applications for public and on-premises environments.

Final Words

When choosing the best solution from the ones listed above, the wise thing to do would be to compare each platform’s services, benefits, and downsides. Also, check Vinsys cloud labs popularly known as cloud-based training labs that are amazingly competitive and easy to access from anywhere on the globe. Note that the five mentioned above are just a few since the industry features several platforms.

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