CompTIA A+ Exam

Mastering Skills To Clear CompTIA A+ Exam

CompTIA A+ Certification, one of the most sought-after certifications first released by its body in 1993, is recognized as a fundamental credential for IT careers. With the passing of time, CompTIA changed various things in the examination. It becomes significant for admins and IT experts no matter their level because this credential is vendor-neutral and covers a vast range of topics. So, what is new in the CompTIA A+ exam? What are those skills which will help professionals to upscale themselves and earn A+ certification? 

The new CompTIA A+ certification exam focuses more on cloud computing, virtualization, and networking, which is beneficial for IT experts. The core aim of Windows software and hardware is balanced, and new topics are added: basic disaster prevention and recovery, network management and device connectivity, privacy concerns management, fundamentals of IT security, IoT hardware and understanding, and its configuration, and malicious code identification. 

Below are those skills that one needs to master for the new CompTIA A+ exam

CompTIA A+ Exam

Troubleshooting network and hardware: 

Experts in IT are pioneers in working on networking problems and issues in the organization. By cautiously understanding the methods of troubleshooting as well as its best practices for general issues, you will get an edge in passing the CompTIA A+ certification exam with ease. 

Operational procedures: 

Experts in IT will face tasks that will need documentation. This is mandatory for toxic waste handling, analyzing compliance and norms, inventory management, and other best practice which can directly impact IT. 


Installation and configuration of motherboards, RAM, CPUs, and other devices have gained core focus in the exam. Well, cabling the tools are also included in the same. For example, will it be easy to find your Rj45 cables and connectors for supporting office-wide Ethernet setup? 

Mobile technology: 

With the world of technology transforming into mobile, the IT teams must have hands-on understanding. You have to know the configuration and installation of hardware elements related to the laptop and resolve the issues present in the functionalities of laptops. Mobile technology is going ahead of laptops, and examiners will have to learn its elements of smartwatches, tablets, and GPS device configurations. 

Cloud computing virtualization: 

You have to gain the core knowledge regarding concepts of cloud computing, such as virtual desktops and cloud models; the situation will be asked in the exam for you to configure and initialize client-side virtualization setup.  

Operating systems: 

Common operating systems consisting of Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS are some of the crucial skills required to pass the new A+ certification exam. Candidate must have the idea of upgrading methods and installation process, tools for command line, and resolving the issues in a common operating system. 


The exam focuses on the networking hardware side having differentiations on devices related to common networking like routers, switches, and firewalls. Learners also need to understand the concepts related to network configurations and wireless networking protocols. 


When it is about security, it is significant to learn about office networks and individuals system by working on host-based and network system measures like website authentication, encryption, and virus removal. You also need to understand the fundamental physical security to safeguard the system. 

Troubleshooting software: 

For software comprehension measures and operating systems, you will be working close. The new CompTIA A+ exam will have some new scenarios that will ask you to resolve the performance of slow computers, the tablet’s short battery issues, and issues related to prints. 

Summing up: 

So for the wrap-up, we have covered the new topics, which are now part of the A+ Core series exam. You must ensure that you can prepare for the optimum time frame and attempt the exam. Topics related to IoT, cybersecurity, AI, and ML are crucial within the organization, and it is significant to understand the IT benefits for upscaling the skills required for career growth. Vinsys provides the best CompTIA A+ Certification training that helps learners prepare well for the examination as per the new norms and experience career growth. 

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