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PMP® Certification Exam Changes: PMI® Update

PMP® Certification Exam – Insights on what has changed and how to cope with the changes.

Did you hear the latest PMI® news?

If you have and can’t make up your mind on whether it is good or bad, we’re here to help you decide!

As you know, PMP® Certification is one of the most renowned and accredited credentials in the world. Total preparations towards this certification educate on the globally implemented and widely accepted successful Project Management practices to help make the most well-informed decisions heading or managing projects.

PMP® Certification Training surely is a reassuring one that improves your project management skills and the reach of your profile making you a Global Professional of this modern, tech-savvy world.

Last week, PMI® (Project Management Institute) rescheduled the date of PMP® exam change from 15 December 2019 to 30 June 2020.

This change in the examination structure is a new domain structure that brings a sizable alteration in the content of the examination. This year would have been the year of big change for the PMP® exam, but now PMP® aspirants all over the world will have to wait till 01 July 2020.

Recap: What’s new in the PMP® Exam 2020?

Well, a certain amount of things are going to be changed.

If you didn’t read the PMP® Exam change update 2019, here’s a short version of it for you.

  • PMP® exam current structure and its weightage-wise classification ( as per Process Groups):

The structure released in June 2015 which will exist only till 30 June, 2020:

Initiating 13% (26Questions)
Planning 24% (48Questions)
Executing 31% (62Questions)
Monitoring & Controlling 25% (50Questions)
Closing 7% (14Questions)
  • PMP® exam new structure and its weightage-wise classification:

The latest structure which will take place on 01 July, 2020 onwards:

People 42% (84 Questions)
Process 50% (100 Questions)
Business Environment 8% (16 Questions)

Hence, the changed structure focusses on People which emphasizes on Leadership Skills, Process that targets Technical Skills, and Business Environment which concentrates on Strategic and Business Management.

The new structure also overlooks Agile and hybrid approaches to project management with an objective to be relevant in its processes in today’s advanced world. Most importantly, thinking from an examination perspective, all three domains mentioned above will include some questions of Agile and hybrid approaches in them since they are not entitled to any one particular domain of the structure.

Reason for making these changes in the PMP® Exam:

Why did PMI® make these modifications in the first place?

The answer here is Current Trends.

Did you know, PMI® keeps a close eye on the industry trends that keep rocking back and forth? After every 3-5 years, PMI® runs research surveys and catches up if there are newfangled inclinations to be found in those times with regards to the field of project management and the responsibilities of project managers. The PMP® exam changes refer to those modern industry trends that are profitable. They make the examinee ready for the hi-tech future that awaits advanced-level project management for those ‘larger-than-life’ projects which the earth has never seen before! 

The result of this announcement was that the modifications made in the examination were, indeed, very well received. Professionals in various domains and project managers all over the world were happy and satisfied with them.

However, the effective date was postponed. This rescheduling was an effect of feedback received by a large number of PMP® aspirant stakeholders. When PMI® made the first announcement to change the PMP® exam declaring its effective date, professionals all around the globe did not find themselves to be fully prepared to adopt all the changes right away and catch up immediately with the new PMP® examination. For the convenience of stakeholders, PMI® postponed the date of implication.

What should you do as a PMP® Certification aspirant?

Relax… Take a deep breath.

Because there is no change in the study content. The reference guide remains the same as before:

PMBOK® Guide, Sixth Edition.

Wait. But the PMBOK® Guide, Sixth Edition was published way before the exam change announcement!!

We understand the puzzling situation you might be in right now, but don’t worry.

PMI® has assured all the REPs (Registered Education Providers) that it will soon release new PMP® exam study materials and mock test papers, through which the education providers will be able to guide you in the right direction. As a result, you will get the updated information and clear the new PMP® exam with flying colors!

Meanwhile, you can also refer to the PMP® Examination Content Outline published by PMI and study the PMBOK® Guide, Sixth Edition very closely.

So, take your PMP® exam before or after the effective date. It wouldn’t matter if you are well-versed with the concepts written in the reference guide.

Do enroll for a PMP® Certification Training program with Vinsys (PMI REP Global), a globally acknowledged organization with industry adept trainers on its team who will guide you and help you adapt the changes made in the exam.


PMI® has changed what needed to be changed. It has proactively taken the right action, observing how the current PMP® exam performs.

The profession, set of responsibilities, the skillset of Project Managers are changing and therefore, examination for one of the world’s foremost credentials, PMP® has to change to reflect that. The new PMP® exam addresses the trends of the real, day-to-day life, and most importantly the RELEVANT project management skills that project managers around the globe need to ace.

The new exam will have a different set of questions that reflect the change and test your knowledge on why the Project Managers need to lead and manage projects which will decide our future. In short, to answer the very first question ‘is the change good or bad’, let me tell you that it is great! For a global, modern professional that you are, this change will make you reach whole new levels of project management.

PMP® Certification Training is a premium qualification. With a powerful credential like that, make every project management skill of yours count!

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