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Take-up Art and Give-up Stress

When a demand or expectation goes beyond a limit, it creates tension/pressure on the human mind and body. This situation is called Stress. Though it is not always bad, in fact, a little amount keeps you on the toes and boosts your energy levels. However, accumulated and unaddressed stress becomes toxic. Dealing with such chronic stress becomes a bit tricky, but we have to deal with it by hook or by crook. Because keeping this accumulated stress unaddressed causes ill effects on our mind as well as on our body.

Today, every one of us is living a stressful life. Eliminating stress completely is impossible, but you can definitely find interesting ways to relieve from it. One of the excellent ways to relieve it is, by adopting an art. Art – untangles you from the clutches of the it, therefore, many of the world-renowned inspirational speakers or mentors consider Art as an excellent stress buster.

To help you reduce your stress, we bring to you a list of art forms that allows you to live a stress-free and happy life.

1. Coloring and Painting

Coloring books are not just for kids. An adult individual too can use them to fill some colors in his/her black & white life. This is an awesome activity. It just not only takes you back to your childhood, but it also helps you take a mental break from your overwhelming busy life. This also allows you to keep the negativity away.

Apart from coloring, you can also take up painting. You can learn to paint your walls or start something basic with random brush strokes on the canvas, you never know what form of art may come out. Such a simple form of art may work wonders in your life. Try it!

2. Theatre & Fine Arts

Theater displays a wide range of art forms like – dance, acting, music, and singing. Through these forms of art, you get an opportunity to express ourselves creatively. It triggers your creativity which increases a happiness quotient in your life. In no time you get transported to a fantasy land while you perform. When you sing, you relieve your stress through melodies. When you dance, you fill music in your life and when you act, you just become altogether a different person who is – Worriless and Stress less.

3. Martial Arts or Dance

A physical form of exercise always helps to reduce stress both from your mind and body. However, many people find it boring working out at the gym. Gym workout seems more goal-oriented, and it adds-up to our stress. On the other hand, learning martial arts or dance helps you lose extra pounds from your body and shade some stress from your mind, simultaneously.

Moreover, learning martial arts or dance has nothing to do with your age. You can take it up and learn the skills at any point in your life. These arts strengthen your mind as well as your body to fight it.

4. Cooking

Many of us overeat during stress. This act is known as “Stress eating”. Food has the ability to reduce it. The aroma diverts your mind. Therefore, even cooking is considered as one of the best busters. When you cook you enjoy, as it streamlines your creativity and keeps stress at the door. Culinary art gives you an awesome relaxing sensation and makes you happy.

5. Reading, writing, and storytelling

Lingual arts free you off from it. Reading, writing or storytelling helps you imagine and keeps your brains busy, thus keeps you away from worries. Through books you enter the world created by the writer; this takes you away from your stress. For instance, the world of Game of Thrones has become so popular that today people are fans of the books as well as the television series worldwide.

Thus, it is famously said, “There is no friend as loyal as books.”


In short, do not avoid stress, but find ways to deal with it. Other than art, you can take up activities like sports, meditation, travel or watching movies/plays. Even these are awesome stress busters.

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