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Why PMP Certified Professionals Are in Demand Globally?

Everyone needs deadlines!” – Mr. Walt Disney.

No matter what industry you are in, a professional approach is required to adequately meet the deadlines in order to satisfy the majority of the stakeholders. Organizations, in order to enhance their market share, always look for a ‘change’. Something ‘unique’ that they can offer to the world to stay ahead of their competitors and grab the major share of the possible business. In sync to manage this continuous change, organizations require strong PMP Certified Professionals within.

Joy Gumz, Senior Project Management Consultant & Content Writer for PMI ® ’s A guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® guide) quoted, “Operations keep the lights on, strategy flashes a light at the end of the tunnel, but Project Management is the train engine that carries the organization forward”.

It has become mandatory to periodically update and strengthen the existing project management practices by acquiring the best international Project Management practices suggested by a global research institute, that is, Project Management Institute (PMI®). Tailoring the standard project management practices with respect to one’s business vis a vis market demand, technological advancements, demographical developments, global economic impacts need cultivated project management resources, like PMP Certified Professionals (PMP)®.

So, what do companies look for while hiring Project Managers onboard?

Organizations supporting PMP certified professionals have a more disciplined, well informed and expert workforce. The inherent advantage of PMI®’s mandatory continuing education requirements or PDU (Professional Development Unit) for the certified PMP® professionals, make sure that those resources are well aware of recent developments in the field. Supporting professionals to continuously develop their professional knowledge, individuals are motivated to work for the organization which results in a high retention rate and at the same time, demonstrates the project management capability to the world.

According to recent research from The Standish Group, more and more CIOs believe in the importance of project management certifications. Majority of recruitment ads that look for certified talent, clearly specify the Project Management Institute®’s (PMI®’s) Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential.

What can you do as a Project Manager to achieve great success in your field?

PMP® certified professionals showcase to their employers that they are dedicated and skilful when it comes to carrying out project management work at the highest level. Individuals also get this benefit by obtaining PMP® certification to attract jobs with greater responsibility.

Nowadays, it’s a fact that a good Project Manager has to be PMP® certified. Although, at the same time, one should understand that PMP® exam preparation training and certification is also important and very much useful for professionals on diverse proficiency levels in different areas of operations.

Product Consultants, Team Leads, Quality Specialist, Business Analysts, IT professionals and Senior Management individuals also get the advantage to manage their respective roles with greater efficiencies. All of them contribute towards project deliverables and hence, they should understand the importance of ‘schedules, efforts, quality deliverables, business values created, benefits obtained by completing projects successfully.

It is crucial for senior management professionals to realize the importance of clear goals and directions in order to take short term & long term business decisions.

The process of applying for a PMP® certification by PMI® is thorough and very meticulously followed. PMP® examination preparation training, achieving eligibility for the PMP® test and clearing it with flying colours boosts one’s confidence to practically implement the learnings.

Hence, the strong recommendation is that individuals should attend PMP certification exam training from well-established institutes having highly experienced trainers who have had good exposure to a variety of business verticals and years of hands-on project management experience.

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Disclaimer-PMP® and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® guide) are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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