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CompTIA (CySA+) Cybersecurity Analyst+ Certification Training Course

CompTIA (CySA+) Cybersecurity Analyst+ Certification Training Course

{"reviewUser":{"firstName":"Mr. Ammar ","lastName":"Elkaderi","userImage":"/reviewer.png","userImagePath":"/images","middleName":"","userId":1,"userProfile":""},"description":"

The CompTIA CySA+ Certification is a very valuable asset for IT Professionals. So, I joined the CompTIA CySA+ Certification Training Program offered by Vinsys. I understood that the certification has helped me validate my hands-on skills needed to troubleshoot, configure, and manage both wired and wireless networks.<\/p>","course":null,"id":null,"ratingCount":5,"title":"Manager"}

{"reviewUser":{"firstName":"Mr. Kiran","lastName":"Raghavan","userImage":"/reviewer.png","userImagePath":"/images","middleName":"","userId":1,"userProfile":""},"description":"

I wanted to obtain a CompTIA CySA+ Certification thinking it would help me in my future. I came to know its benefits and importance when I signed up for its Training Program at Vinsys. I was able to gain some extra skills which proved to be handy later on. I was able to upgrade my skills and improve my knowledge in the field.<\/p>","course":null,"id":null,"ratingCount":4,"title":"Engineer"}

{"reviewUser":{"firstName":"Mr. Rishi ","lastName":"Aggarwal","userImage":"/reviewer.png","userImagePath":"/images","middleName":"","userId":1,"userProfile":""},"description":"

Working as an IT Professional I realized that my career had come to a standstill. So, I decided to do something in order to get things moving. Hence, I joined the CompTIA Network Certification Training Program which was being offered by Vinsys. By finishing my course, I was able to gain my certification easily and also learn something new and useful. So, I would say to birds with one stone.<\/p>","course":null,"id":null,"ratingCount":3,"title":"Executive Level"}

{"tabName":"What Will You Learn?","tabNumber":0,"content":"
  • Assess and respond to security threats and operate a system and network security analysis platform.<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Assess information security risk in computing and network environments.<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Analyze reconnaissance threats to computing and network environments.<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Analyze attacks on computing and network environments.<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Analyze post-attack techniques on computing and network environments.<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Implement a vulnerability management program.<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Collect cybersecurity intelligence.<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Analyze data collected from security and event logs.<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Perform active analysis on assets and networks.<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Respond to cybersecurity incidents.<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Investigate cybersecurity incidents.<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Address security issues with the organization's technology architecture.<\/span><\/span><\/li><\/ul>"}
  • IT Security Analyst<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Vulnerability Analyst<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Cybersecurity Specialist<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Threat Intelligence Analyst<\/span><\/span><\/li>\t
  • Security Engineer<\/span><\/span><\/li><\/ul>"}
{"tabName":"Course Topics","tabNumber":2,"content":"

Lesson 1: Assessing Information Security Risk <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic A: Identify the Importance of Risk Management <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic B: Assess Risk <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic C: Mitigate Risk <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic D: Integrate Documentation into Risk Management<\/span><\/span><\/p>


Lesson 2: Analyzing Reconnaissance Threats to Computing and Network Environments <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic A: Assess the Impact of Reconnaissance Incidents <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic B: Assess the Impact of Social Engineering<\/span><\/span><\/p>


Lesson 3: Analyzing Attacks on Computing and Network Environments <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic A: Assess the Impact of System Hacking Attacks <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic B: Assess the Impact of Web-Based Attacks <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic C: Assess the Impact of Malware <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic D: Assess the Impact of Hijacking and Impersonation Attacks <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic E: Assess the Impact of DoS Incidents <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic F: Assess the Impact of Threats to Mobile Security <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic G: Assess the Impact of Threats to Cloud Security<\/span><\/span><\/p>


Lesson 4: Analyzing Post-Attack Techniques <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic A: Assess Command and Control Techniques <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic B: Assess Persistence Techniques <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic C: Assess Lateral Movement and Pivoting Techniques <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic D: Assess Data Exfiltration Techniques <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic E: Assess Anti-Forensics Techniques<\/span><\/span><\/p>


Lesson 5: Managing Vulnerabilities in the Organization <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic A: Implement a Vulnerability Management Plan <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic B: Assess Common Vulnerabilities <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic C: Conduct Vulnerability Scans <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic D: Conduct Penetration Tests on Network Assets<\/span><\/span><\/p>


Lesson 6: Collecting Cybersecurity Intelligence <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic A: Deploy a Security Intelligence Collection and Analysis Platform <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic B: Collect Data from Network-Based Intelligence Sources <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic C: Collect Data from Host-Based Intelligence Sources<\/span><\/span><\/p>


Lesson 7: Analyzing Log Data <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic A: Use Common Tools to Analyze Logs <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic B: Use SIEM Tools for Analysis<\/span><\/span><\/p>


Lesson 8: Performing Active Asset and Network Analysis <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic A: Analyze Incidents with Windows-Based Tools <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic B: Analyze Incidents with Linux-Based Tools <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic C: Analyze Malware <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic D: Analyze Indicators of Compromise<\/span><\/span><\/p>


Lesson 9: Responding to Cybersecurity Incidents <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic A: Deploy an Incident Handling and Response Architecture <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic B: Mitigate Incidents <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic C: Prepare for Forensic Investigation as a CSIRT <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Lesson 10: Investigating Cybersecurity Incidents <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic A: Apply a Forensic Investigation Plan <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic B: Securely Collect and Analyze Electronic Evidence <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic C: Follow Up on the Results of an Investigation<\/span><\/span><\/p>


Lesson 11: Addressing Security Architecture Issues <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic A: Remediate Identity and Access Management Issues <\/span><\/span><\/p>

Topic B: Implement Security During the SDLC.<\/span><\/span><\/p>"}

{"tabName":"Course Objectives","tabNumber":3,"content":"

This course is designed to assist students in preparing for the CompTIA CySA+ - Cybersecurity Analyst+ (CS0-001) certification exam.<\/span><\/span><\/p>"}


CySA+ - Cybersecurity Analyst+<\/span><\/span><\/p>"}

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