CompTIA Security+ SY0-701 Certification Training Course

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CompTIA Security+ SY0-701 is the newer version of CompTIA Security+ SY0-601

This 5-days instructor-led online course delves into the essentials of information security with CompTIA Security+ SY0-701 training. Elevate your expertise in cryptography, security infrastructure, and incident response as you embark on a journey to master the intricacies of safeguarding computer networks and devices. This comprehensive training is your key to unlocking a rewarding career in the dynamic field of information security. Validate your skills and knowledge through practical insights and real-world scenarios, preparing you for success in securing vital digital assets. 

Join us on the path to becoming a certified security professional, where knowledge meets opportunity. Secure your future with CompTIA SY0-701 training.

•    Consistent practice with regular mock tests.
•    Post-course follow-ups for continuous support.
•    Engage in a real-time virtual lab environment.
•    Benefit from 24/7 learner support for a seamless experience.
•    CompTIA Courseware for comprehensive learning resources.


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Post-course follow-ups for continuous support.

 Engage in a real-time virtual lab environment.

Benefit from 24/7 learner support for a seamless experience.

CompTIA Courseware for comprehensive learning resources.

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This comprehensive course is designed for professionals seeking to establish a strong foundation in information security. The CompTIA Security+ Certification serves as an exceptional entry point for those aspiring to carve a career path in this dynamic field. Tailored for the SY0-701 exam, the course significantly expands coverage on cybersecurity threats, risk management, and IoT threats. Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to assess the security posture of enterprise environments, recommend and implement appropriate security solutions, and effectively monitor hybrid environments encompassing cloud, mobile, and IoT technologies. Operating with a keen awareness of relevant laws and policies, including governance, risk, and compliance principles, professionals will learn to identify, analyze, and respond to security events and incidents. 

This intensive program integrates instructor-led sessions, hands-on exercises, and practice exams, providing personalized guidance from experienced instructors to ensure success in both the exam and the dynamic field of information security.

Course Curriculum


•    Information security professionals
•    IT professionals and specialists
•    Cybersecurity enthusiasts
•    Individuals pursuing a career in cybersecurity
•    Network administrators
•    System administrators
•    IT managers
•    Those preparing for the CompTIA Security+ SY0-701 exam


•    Minimum of 2 years of experience in IT administration with a focus on security.
•    Hands-on experience in technical information security.
•    Broad knowledge of security concepts.
•    CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ is recommended.


•    Grasp foundational security concepts for cybersecurity.
•    Identify and mitigate threats to digital security.
•    Master creating and managing resilient security architectures.
•    Excel in daily security operations, including incident response.
•    Acquire skills to oversee and manage effective security programs.

Exam Information:

Exam CodeSY0-601SY0-701
Launch Date12th, November 20207th, November 2023
Exam Description

The CompTIA Security+ certification exam verifies candidates' abilities to assess enterprise security, recommend solutions, manage hybrid environments, and operate in compliance with laws and regulations. It also validates their proficiency in identifying, assessing, and managing security events and incidents.


Recommended Experience CompTIA Network+ certification along with administration with a security focus.

CompTIA Network+ certification and a two-ytwo-year experience security/systems administrator role.


Number of Questions :

90 Questions

Exam Format :

Multiple Choice and Performance-Based

Exam Duration :

90 Minutes

Passing Score :

750 (on a scale of 100-900)

Languages :English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish
Retirement :  July 2024TBD – Usually three years after launch


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Course Outline

•    Compare and contrast various types of security controls.
•    Summarize fundamental security concepts.
•    Explain the importance of change management processes and the impact to security.
•    Explain the importance of using appropriate cryptographic solutions.

•    Compare and contrast common threat actors and motivations.
•    Explain common threat vectors and attack surfaces.
•    Explain various types of vulnerabilities.
•    Given a scenario, analyze indicators of malicious activity.
•    Explain the purpose of mitigation techniques used to secure the enterprise.

•    Compare and contrast security implications of different architecture models.
•    Given a scenario, apply security principles to secure enterprise infrastructure.
•    Compare and contrast concepts and strategies to protect data.
•    Explain the importance of resilience and recovery in security architecture.

•    Given a scenario, apply common security techniques to computing resources.
•    Explain the security implications of proper hardware, software, and data asset management.
•    Explain various activities associated with vulnerability management.
•    Explain security alerting and monitoring concepts and tools.
•    Given a scenario, modify Enterprise capabilities to enhance security.
•    Given a scenario, implement and maintain identity and access management.
•    Explain the importance of automation and orchestration related to secure operations.
•    Explain appropriate incident response activities.
•    Given a scenario, use data sources to support an investigation.

•    Summarize elements of effective security governance.
•    Explain elements of the risk management process.
•    Explain the processes associated with third-party risk assessment and management.
•    Summarize elements of effective security compliance.
•    Explain types and purposes of audits and assessments.
•    Given a scenario, implement security awareness practices.

Course Reviews


The course is designed for IT professionals, security specialists, network administrators, and anyone pursuing a career in cybersecurity.

While there are no strict prerequisites, having basic knowledge of IT and some experience in IT administration is beneficial.

The course duration is typically 5 days, providing intensive and focused training.

Yes, the course includes hands-on exercises and a real-time virtual lab environment to apply theoretical knowledge.

The certification validates skills in assessing security postures, implementing solutions, and managing security programs effectively.

 You'll have access to course training recording sessions and CompTIA Courseware for a year.

Yes, our 24/7 learner support ensures you receive assistance whenever needed.

 Yes, the course content is regularly updated to cover the latest cybersecurity threats and trends.

The exam consists of multiple-choice and performance-based questions.

CompTIA Security+ is widely recognized, enhancing your credibility and opening doors to various roles in information security.

Vinsys offers a proven track record in delivering high-quality IT training. Our experienced instructors provide personalized guidance, and the course includes real-time virtual lab environments for practical application. We prioritize up-to-date content, ensuring you are well-prepared for the CompTIA Security+ exam. Additionally, our 24/7 learner support and post-course follow-ups demonstrate our commitment to your success. Choose Vinsys for a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond certification, equipping you with practical skills for a successful career in cybersecurity.