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The most advanced and sought-after SAFe Agile certification Hyderabad comes with very broad and extensible approaches to large agile projects. It is a reliable, accurate and up-to-date method for assessing SAFe® thinking processes, skills and understanding. Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) certified professionals are known for their ability to work effectively during organizational transformation in Lean-Agile businesses. Vinsys offers an instructor-led online training program accompanied by an enhanced learning experience that helps learners learn how to effectively implement SAFe Agile within an organization.

Are you looking for a flexible way to extend your experience with advanced SAFe agile modules and aiming to prepare yourself for SAFe certification training in Hyderabad? Then select the best Vinsys training courses and services below. 

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•    An inquiry-based approach to teaching
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SAFe Agilist certification exam

SAFe 6.0 Certification Training in Hyderabad Overview

The well-structured Vinsys Leading SAFe 6.0 course teaches companies how to increase business agility and implement SAFe effectively. Through this training, professionals will leverage necessary guidance and tools to demonstrate effective leadership in remote environments with the teams. 

This advanced course help you use SAFe to improve quality, productivity, and engagement with proper planning and strategy. It also aligns the entire organization towards clear goals and a better understanding of the need to increase value/workflow from strategy to execution.
SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Training also prepares you for the coveted SAFe Agilist certification exam.

Course Curriculum

SAFe Agile Certification Course Hyderabad Objectives

•    Know how Lean, Agile, and the product development process form the fundamental of the extensible agile framework. 
•    Apply SAFe® values of Lean-Agile thinking to grow Lean/Agile in your business. 
•    Identify/Apply Lean-Agile principles/mindset and become a Lean-thinking manager. 
•    Integrate, deploy, and unlock value to support PI planning and events during program execution. 
•    Empower the Lean portfolio by applying Lean-Agile principles to the SAFe® role/principles. 
•    Understand the seven core skills of SAFe® 5.1 and collaborate on developing great solutions. Improve Lean-Agile leadership skills. 
•    Create targeted, high-performance agile teams. 
•    Drive Lean-Agile transformation in your business through the SAFe® Implementation Roadmap. 
•    Ensure alignment/implementation with Lean portfolio management and strategy topics.

SAFe Agile Course Target Audience

•    Individuals who are the beginners to the Scaled Agile Framework®. 
•    Anyone who wants to scale Agile across multiple teams and drive change on a Scrum team. 
•    Those who want to be a part of large-scale product/solution development using SAFe. 
•    Professionals seeking to keep pace with rapidly changing market trends by obtaining SAFe Agilest certification.

Prerequisites for SAFe Agilist Certification

•    There are no specific mandatory prerequisites for following the course.  
•    Exam suggested for those who have minimum of 5 years of experience in testing, business, software development, and analysis or product/project management and have prior basic understanding of Agile Scrum.

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Training Options

SAFe Agile Certification Hyderabad Training Course

Online Live Interactive Training

  • Instructor led Online Training
  • Quality Ensured training Material
  • 24*7 leaner assistance and support
  • Experienced Trainers

SAFe Agile Framework Corporate Training

Customized to your team's need

  • Customized SAFe Training Across Various Domains
  • Instructor Led Skill Development Program
  • Ensure Maximum ROI for Corporates
  • 24*7 Learner Assistance and Support

Course Outline

Scaled Agile Framework's motive is to align/collaborate, synchronize, and coordinate the release of solutions created by various Agile teams. In an Agile development environment, the SAFe framework lets the team increase/decrease the requirement depending on the organizational needs. It enables cross-functional/organizational teams to deliver products on time using the necessary scaling support.

•    Explaining What's Essential for Thriving in the Digital Age.
•    Acknowledging SAFe as an Operating System for Business Agility.
•    Summarizing the Core Competencies of Business Agility.

Nine fundamental SAFe Principles:

•    Economic Approach.
•    Relating to the System Thinking Method.
•    Presuming Inconsistency and Maintaining the Choices.
•    Building Increments Quickly and Using Incorporated Learning Cycles.
•    Evaluating the Objective of the Working System and Marking them as Milestones.
•    Controlling the Backlog Size, Minimizing the Batch Size, Foreseeing and Restricting WIP.
•    Coordinating with the Cross-domain Planning and Maintaining an Appropriate Tone.
•    Releasing the Natural Enthusiasm of Skilled Team Members.
•    Distributing the Decision Making and Allowing Every Individual to Think.

Cross-functional Agile teams promote Agility, and they are also the basis of any Agile framework.

•    Preparing to Form Cross-functional Agile Teams.
•    Describing Built-in Quality Practices.
•    Recommending Organizing Around Value with Agile Release Trains (ARTs).

The Agile Release Train (ART) distributes incremental value in the form of developed/tested software and system in a time-boxed duration. This is known as Program Increment. Each PI uses harmonization to smoothen the progress in planning, summarizing the value for feedback, restricting the work in progress (WIP), and guaranteeing program-level retrospectives with consistency.

Get used to the PI planning methodology with better portfolio management and road mapping scope. Learn the best ways for applying DevOps to build/maintain a constant delivery pipeline. This provides the workflow, activity, and automation needed for offering a constant release of value to the customer.

•    Exploring Customer Needs.
•    Integration.
•    Deploying with DevOps.
•    Releasing on Demand.
•    Improving Results.

Know the correct way for scaling SAFe practices/principles across multiple SAFe portfolios.

•    Explaining the Purpose/Elements of a SAFe Portfolio.
•    Constructing Well-written Strategic Themes.
•    Employing the Portfolio Canvas for Describing the Current/Future State.
•    Creating Epic Hypothesis Statements to Inform the Vision.
•    Distinguishing Traditional and Lean Budgeting Approaches.
•    Constructing a Portfolio Kanban.

Leaders, executives, and managers are responsible for the adoption, success, and improvement of Lean-Agile development. They carry authority for changing and continuously improving the systems that govern work-performance.

•    Learning the Behaviors Required for Leading by Example.
•    Exploring Techniques for Leading Successful Change.
•    Identifying the Steps in the SAFe Implementation Roadmap.

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In addition to being a well-known IT training service provider for individuals/enterprises in the industry, Vinsys is also considered a top destination for SAFe courses. Its unparalleled services, vendor-approved instructors, customizable skills program, and round-the-clock learner support ensure the most intensive skill-enhancing experience needed to open up for valuable agile business opportunities.