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Program management is one step ahead of project management. Therefore this certification is one of the most niche credentials that PMI® offers. As per the information available on, till date there are only 1100 certified PgMP® professionals around the globe. Vinsys is PMI® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) Global 2739, conducts training for this course that will help you acquire advance skills as a program manager.

Programs management is different from project management. Programs can be of longer durations and seems to be on-going and whereas projects are ended with successful closures. Project managers generally manage a single medium or large project at a time while a Program Manager manages multiple projects parallel having common objectives. Managing Programs demands the involvement of portfolio management in terms of long-term strategic planning to effectively deliver positive results that enhances organization’s growth rate. PGMP Training Online exam preparation training facilitates the international standard guidelines and helps you to accomplish this valued certification.

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Vinsys is quality education provider globally in Project Management Education.


PMI® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) Global 2739
Facilitators conducted 500+ Project Management Training Programs worldwide.
We have certified instructors with 20+ yrs of Industry and Training Experience.
Till date, we have trained 30,000+ Professionals in Project Management across industries and across the globe.
Our participants success ratio of passing exam in 1st attempt is very high.
Along with interactive sessions, we provide mock exam practice tests & case study material.
We have developed a Mock Exam Practice CD to boost the confidence levels of our participant’s.
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This course teaches the tools and techniques for program governance, program planning, effectively managing stakeholders and ensuring the portfolio managers that the program is aligned to the business objectives of the organization. This program covers 5 domains listed as: Program Strategic Management, Program Benefit Management, Program Stakeholder Engagement, Program Governance and Program Life Cycle.

  1. Defining Program Management and Related Concepts
    • What are programs, portfolios and projects?
    • Relating programs, portfolios and projects
    • The five phases of the program management life cycle
    • Conducting pre-program preparations
    • Initiating the program
    • Setting up the program
    • Delivering program benefits
    • Closing the program
    • The program manager’s role in delivering programs
    • Module 2 Sample Exam
  2. Program Management Life Cycle
    • Program governance and the program management office
    • Program management processes
    • The stages of program management
    • Monitoring and controlling program changes
    • Sample Exam
  3. Program Planning
    • The program management plan
    • Define program goals and requirements
    • Developing a program schedule
    • Monitor and control program status
    • Sample Exam
  4. Program Reporting
    • Identify and analyzing program risk
    • Effective program reporting
    • Program stakeholder management
    • Effective program auditing
    • Sample Exam
  5. Program Financial Management
    • Identify a program financial plan
    • Control program financials
    • Managing program benefits
    • Sample Exam
  6. Evaluating the Program
    • Developing the Benefits Realization Plan
    • Establishing alliances with other departments and organizations
    • Evaluating organizational capabilities
    • Requesting authorization to proceed
    • Sample Exam
  7. Executing the Program
    • Outsourcing program components
    • Establishing program contracts
    • Procuring projects
    • Executing the appropriate program contracts
    • Motivating the program team
    • Ensuring product quality
    • Closing the Procurements
    • Sample Exam
  8. Controlling the Program
    • Monitoring and measuring performance
    • Analyzing variance of costs, schedule, quality and risks
    • Identifying potential corrective actions
    • Managing and Adapting to change
    • Addressing program level issues and risks
    • Sample Exam
  9. Closing the Program
    • Managing program completion
    • Conducting the stakeholder post-review meeting
    • Completing component projects
    • Closing and archiving projects
    • Sample Exam
  10. Project and Program Facilitation
    • Program Time Management
    • Program Cost Management
    • Program Quality Management
    • Program Human Resource Management

Globally accepted and demanded, the PGMP Certification Training has incredible competency that empowers you to manage multiple projects at a time in order to achieve strategic business goals. The rigorous training you receive enhances your leadership skills to a vast extend and solidifies you to improve organization’s performance. At the end of the training, in true sense you walk out as an effective program manager. If you are already a PGMP Training Online holder then this is your next target to achieve perfection.

PgMP® certifies individuals as having the requisite experience in program management. It demonstrates their competency to oversee multiple, related projects in order to achieve the strategic goals of the organization.

Here are some benefits you get along with the credential:
  1. Solidifies and enhances your Program Management skills
  2. Makes you stand-out in the competitive job market
  3. Aligns your knowledge with the current trends
  4. Your ability to handle multiple projects at a time
  5. Establishes you as a credible and reliable leader
  6. Gives you a global recognition and enables you to tap global market
  7. It adorns you with universally accepted Social and Professional behavior
  8. Enables you to demand a pay raise
  9. Helps you grow and enables you, to help increase your company’s business
  10. Opens up great network opportunities

Frequently asked questions about this course.

1. Who should apply?
If you have the proven ability to manage multiple, related projects and navigate complex activities that span functions, organizations, regions or cultures and to align results with organizational goals, then you’re a potential PgMP®.
2. How to achieve & maintain your PGMP Certification Training?
•Evaluation 1—Panel Review: The initial evaluation occurs through an extensive application review during which a panel of credentialed program managers will assess your professional experience based on your responses to the Program Management Experience Summaries provided on the application.
•Evaluation 2—Multiple-Choice Examination: The next step occurs with the multiple-choice examination in which you will be called upon to demonstrate your competence in both situational and scenario-based questions.
3. What are the prerequisites?
•Secondary degree (High SchoolDiploma, Associate’s degree or the Global equivalent)
•6,000 hours of project management experience
•10,500 hours of program management experience
•Four-year degree
•6,000 hours of project management experience
•6,000 hours of program management experience
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