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Salesforce ANC301 Certification

Level up your Tableau CRM skills with the 3-day Salesforce ANC301 course. Our industry-experienced accredited trainers cover relevant aspects and help you develop/implement a Tableau CRM environment containing Salesforce or non-Salesforce data.


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Tableau CRM Course Overview

Vinsys' experts-led Salesforce course takes you through Tableau CRM features, settings, and user setup. In addition, the training explains loading/transforming data and data security. Finally, you learn to modify queries for customizing dashboards, resulting in better efficiency, spotting of all the trends, and faster prediction of outcomes. 

Course Curriculum

Course Objectives

  • Determining your user, data, and security requirements.
  • Establishing a development process.
  • Setting up apps.
  • Controlling what users can do in Tableau CRM by assigning them licenses, permission sets, and app permissions.
  • Loading external data to Tableau CRM.
  • Creating/Running dataflows to load Salesforce data and joining it with data from other datasets.
  • Understanding/Using Data Sync effectively.
  • Understanding Recipes and Data Prep.
  • Understanding/Implementing data security in Tableau CRM.
  • Overriding security for implementation and testing.
  • Understanding how filters on dashboards function and using interactions when necessary.
  • Understanding a dashboard’s JSON file.
  • Describing the process of dashboard queries.
  • Modifying a query for meeting specific analytic requirements.
  • Modifying dataset metadata.


  • Integration Specialists or Salesforce Administrators willing to explore connecting/securing data in Tableau CRM. 
  • Business Analysts and Developers who wish to create advanced dashboards.


  • No specific prerequisites

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  • Instructor led Online Training
  • Experienced Subject Matter Experts
  • Approved and Quality Ensured training Material
  • 24*7 learner assistance and support


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  • Customized Training Across Various Domains
  • Instructor Led Skill Development Program
  • Ensure Maximum ROI for Corporates
  • 24*7 Learner Assistance and Support

Course Outline

  • Discovery Meeting.
  • Establish Your Users & Development Process.
  • User Access on the Tableau CRM Platform Overview.
  • Create Tableau CRM Permission Sets.
  • Assign Licenses & Permission Sets to Users.
  • Create/Share Tableau CRM Apps.
  • Connecting Data Overview.
  • Data Mapping.
  • Dataflow Process Overview.
  • Design a Dataflow.
  • Load External CSV Data.
  • Create/Optimize Dataflows.
  • Run/Monitor/Schedule a Dataflow.
  • Prepare Datasets with Recipes with Data Prep.
  • Data Connectors.
  • Additional Transformations.
  • Security in Tableau CRM Overview.
  • Determine Security Requirements.
  • Use Predicate Filters Overview.
  • Implement Ownership-based Row-level Security.
  • Implement Role-based Row-level Security.
  • Implement Team-based Row-level Security.
  • Override Security for Implementation/Testing.
  • Share Inheritance.
  • Extended Metadata (XMD) Overview.
  • Update Field Metadata.
  • Add Quick Action Menus for Records in Tableau CRM.
  • Tableau CRM Dashboard Templates Overview.
  • JSON for Dashboards Overview.
  • Build a Dashboard Using a Template.
  • Optimize Dashboards for a Mobile Device.
  • Understand Filters in Lenses/Dashboards.
  • Multi-dataset Dashboards.
  • Filters with Interactions.
  • Custom Queries.
  • Modify Queries Overview.
  • Maximize the Use of the Compare Table.
  • Salesforce Analytics Query Language (SAQL).
  • SAQL Queries in a Tableau CRM Dashboard.

Course Reviews


Tableau CRM is merely a part of the broader Tableau portfolio. The Tableau platform, an enterprise-wide BI solution, brings end-to-end analytics for various enterprise use cases. On the other hand, Tableau CRM provides analytics deeply integrated throughout the Salesforce CRM, leading to actionable and AI-driven insights. 

No, Tableau CRM was formerly known as "Einstein Analytics."

It certainly appears and behaves like Tableau CRM but offers totally different functionalities. Reports & Dashboards in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud give an instant snapshot of metrics like team performance, lead volume, and conversion rates. 

Tableau CRM extends beyond Reports and Dashboards, gives new views into your pipeline, end-to-end customer insights, and historical analytics. Overall, it proves to be a wiser choice for data-oriented decision-making. 

They are analytics apps for businesses, meant to simplify the setup and onboarding

Tableau CRM lets you connect directly to the CRM data, execute insights instantly in Chatter, automatically analyze millions of rows of data and get predictive analytics with Einstein Discovery. In addition, it allows you to automate actions with prebuilt apps and use the mobile device to act, on both Android and iOS.

The 100% mobile Tableau CRM brings accurate business intelligence to CRM users in your enterprise, ensures you maintain control of your data, utilizes the analytics from Salesforce, and avoids any chances of substandard security.

Yes! Please note that your entire data in Salesforce is available to you in Tableau CRM. However, you must upgrade to the Tableau CRM license if you need to bring data from another system. 

Besides being a globally-respected Individual/Corporate IT training organization, Vinsys is also admired as the top Salesforce learning provider. Its unmatchable offerings, accredited instructors, customizable skilling programs and round-the-clock support ensure the most detailed upskilling experiences, a must for capitalizing on valuable Tableau CRM opportunities.