Strategic Thinking Skills

Strategic Management Training

Strategic Management Training

In its simplest form, strategic thinking is the ability to plan for the future. It’s the capacity to prepare strategies and conjure ideas that will both cope with changing environments and consider the various challenges that lie ahead. Candidates that possess strategic thinking skills will be seen as top talent, and it’s a quality that makes many managers, directors, and executives the successful leaders they are.


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Strategic Thinking Training Skills Course Overview

Strategic thinking in business enables organisations to identify new trends, to bolster their position accordingly in the market, monitor and improvise their internal work processes, comprehend requirements for change and manage change. It is a cognitive activity involving processes that bring competitive advantage to an organisation. Be it Sales & Marketing, HR, Production or Finance and Accounting, all the business domains involve strategic thinking. The teammates or managers endowed with this skill set always remain ahead of the curve. BMS brings to you trainings on various aspects, which are critical to the development of a strategic mindset.

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LDP = Leadership Development Program

MDP = Manager Development Program

SDP = Supervisor Development Program

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Course Outline

While discussing or tackling issues, it often happens that the thought process goes astray sending cognition on a wild goose chase. Critical thinking enables you to observe things thoroughly and analyse the information objectively, in order to achieve prudent judgement. Per se, it is crucial to think critically in the recurrent business processes of solving problems, making decisions and designing strategies. With our training program, understand the steps for enhancing your cognitive processes with critical thinking and finding business solutions using your creativity. This program can be customised to accommodate a variety of goals, depths and competencies depending on your requirements.

Pioneers always create a lasting impression in any field. Individuals and organisations, who conceive and successfully implement novel ideas get a competitive edge over their peers. The benefit of creative thinking lies therein that it opens new horizons for and expands the portfolio of a company. Even problem solving process is greatly enhanced, when those involved think creatively. Our training program takes you through the details of techniques and methodologies that enable you to use and develop your creative potential and also to identify and eradicate the factors that are curbing it. This program can be customised to accommodate a variety of goals, depths and competencies depending on your requirements.

Though creativity and innovation are two disparate concepts (while creativity is conceiving something new, original and hitherto unknown, innovation is about implementing some new process or design – the outcome of both being a game changer for an organisation), the factors inhibiting creativity and innovation in business are pretty much common. Our training program imparts the knowledge about the hindrances in innovation and creativity at work (e.g. comfort zone, resistance to change) and techniques for honing and unleashing the participants’ creativity and innovation skills. This program can be customised to accommodate a variety of goals, depths and competencies depending on your requirements.

A strategic mindset is a great asset because it facilitates problem solving and decision making and enhances managerial and leadership skills. When you have to decide SMART goals and design actionable plans towards their achievement, you have to think strategically. An organisation’s success depends heavily on the strategies it has decided and acted upon. Strategic thinkers not only provide vision, but also the roadmap for its attainment. Our training program explains the cognitive and analytical processes involved in designing strategies meant to identify issues and to tap coming opportunities. This program can be customised to accommodate a variety of goals, depths and competencies depending on your requirements.

Entrepreneurial thinking is a skill that isn’t restricted to persons aspiring to establish their own business. Even an individual contributor, who can think like an entrepreneur, is in more likelihood to climb up the ladder than the one lacking this quality. When a team is entrusted with a task of New Product Development (NPD), its managers and members have to think like an entrepreneur. Our training program acquaints you with some principles of design thinking, whose inculcation will bring more customer satisfaction and team collaboration to your organisation. This program can be customised to accommodate a variety of goals, depths and competencies depending on your requirements.

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