AIOps Foundation (AIOF) Certification Training

AIOps Foundation Online Course

Learn strategies to handle alerts and future innovations efficiently in AIOps!

AIOps Foundation is a 02-days course aiming to cover the origins of AIOps, encompassing the historical development of the term and technological context in many different ways. You will gain insights into the amalgamation of big data analytics and automation concepts. The concepts address the essential technologies underpinning AIOps certification. Through Vinsys, you can delve into the fundamental principles of the AIOps Foundation as an important tool in the contemporary IT Operational landscape. You will get the below-mentioned benefits after enrolling for the course:  

    Benefit from ongoing support and frequent updates
    Receive round-the-clock support throughout the duration of the course
    Enjoy access to specialized expert training resources tailored to meet your requirements
    Gain unlimited access to a wealth of course material post-completion of the program.
    Experience a personalized learning journey encouraging active participation in courses.


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•    Customized expert training resources tailored to your specific needs

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•    Continuous assistance and periodic course updates

AIOps Foundation (AIOF) Certification Training

The certification course confirms your knowledge and comprehension skills brought about by digital transformation and the evolution of machine learning. It is an essential tool in the contemporary IT Operational landscape covering big data technologies, fundamentals of artificial intelligence concepts, and various other implementable machine learning models. You can learn the interconnectedness of AIOps with MLOps, Site Reliability, and DevOps. The expert-led training course will ensure all core technologies are addressed to boost your knowledge in the IT environment at your organization. 
The course covers key steps with a robust understanding that will help you implement AIOps in the organization. You can successfully integrate AI into day-to-day operations to offer well-rounded information technology solutions. Learners and professionals will be able to recognize relationships between the key principles and general concepts to understand the effectiveness of AIOps deployment. Upon the course completion, you will be equipped with a robust understanding of the advantages of incorporating AIOps within an organization. Moreover, you will understand the usual challenges and opportunities of applying AIOps, ensuring that trends and ethical aspects are considered while deploying the AIOps initiative.

Course Curriculum


The target audience for the AIOps Foundation (AIOF) certification course are those who are solely focused on IT Operations and want to take a leap in their careers. Others include-
•    AIOps Architects and Engineers
•    IT Directors
•    Data Engineers and Scientists
•    Anyone interested in software within the contemporary IT environment
•    Cloud Engineers
•    Business Managers and Stakeholders
•    Product Owners
•    Consultants specializing in AI solutions
•    Scrum Masters
•    IT Security Analysts
•    IT Managers
•    Professionals engaged in chatbots
•    Experts in Natural Processing Language (NLP)
•    Software Engineers
•    Site Reliability Engineers
•    DevOps Engineers and Practitioners
•    System integrators
•    Providers of AIOps platform and tools


It is advisable to have practical experience in the field of Information Technology and a strong familiarity with the terminology that is commonly used in the IT environment.


Upon completion of the course, you will be versed in the following course objectives-
•    Attain mastery in utilizing machine learning algorithms
•    Achieve improved outcomes with AI technologies
•    Effectively employ AI for enhancing IT operational performances
•    Efficiently operate and automate various IT processes
•    Acknowledge and assess the impact associated with the implementation of AIOps
•    Strengthen problem-solving skills in intricate and dynamic environments
•    Implement AIOps best practices to achieve optimal results
•    Apply artificial intelligence methods within the realm of IT operations proficiently
•    Enhance organizational resilience by deploying AIOps for rapid response
•    Demonstrate expertise in applying AIOps concepts to drive continuous improvements
•    Utilize AI-driven methodologies for proactive incident management
•    Stay abreast of evolving AIOps trends and innovations
•    Cultivate a profound comprehension of key AIOps concepts

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Course Outline

•    Historical development of AIOps Technology
•    Overview of AIOps
•    Evolution of AIOps
•    Technological contexts in AIOps
•    Significance in IT Operations

•    Key principles shaping AIOps landscape
•    Understanding the fundamentals of AIOps
•    Integration of Big Data in AIOps

•    Optimization in AIOps
•    Operational Excellency with AIOps
•    Concepts and importance of AI technologies integrated with AIOps

•    Explore ML and Big Data
•    Implement ML Models in AIOps
•    Fundamentals of AI Conceptions
•    Core data handling

•    Core technologies of anomaly detection with ML
•    Interconnect MLOps
•    Interconnect Site Reliability
•    Interconnect DevOps

•    Strategies for AIOps integration
•    Ethical considerations and trends
•    Addressing challenges in AIOps deployment

•    Defining roles-specific insights for AIOps professionals
•    Casual analysis
•    Familiarity with IT algorithms

•    Understanding predictive analysis in AIOps
•    Leveraging ML for Trend Identification
•    Prediction models in IT operations

•    Automating alert handling
•    Importance of efficient alert management
•    Best practices for streamlining alert processes

•    Integrating AIOps with evolving data analytics
•    Development and innovation with data analytics
•    Emerging trends in data analytics

•    Coding-based AIOps implementations successfully
•    Hands-on coding exercises
•    Practical applications of AIOps

•    Assessing business impact
•    KPIs for AIOps
•    Continuous monitoring and evaluation

Course Reviews


AIOps Foundation (AIOF) is a 02-days instructor-led training course certification. 

The course aims to measure the learner's ability to understand AI techniques in IT operations. Also, the course validates their experience of analyzing and visualizing data, leading to informed decision-making during AIOps deployment.

AIOF is simple in its content and includes hands-on lab sessions that will make sure that you effectively learn the practical application of the core concepts. The experts at Vinsys will guide the learning schedule while reviewing and managing your queries.

AIOps Certification validates the expertise of a learner in the field of IT operations to apply AI techniques, ML operations, and Big Data Analytics. It provides learners with improved earning potential and recognition in the field of AIOps.

In order to enroll for the course, learners should have prior experience with IT terminologies and an understanding of IT concepts. 

The course is designed for Developers seeking to reinforce their AIOps skills. IT aspirants are looking forward to exploring opportunities in the field of intelligent remediation and automation. Project managers, leaders, data analysts, AI-focused software engineers, content creators, and practitioners of data science can benefit from AIOps certification in practical experience.

You can choose your learning path to upskill with Vinsys' subject matter experts upon customizing training needs to ensure 100% results. Our courses are delivered through instructor-led training (ILT), private group training, and virtual instructor-led training (vLIT). Effective course material accessed throughout the program makes learning about concepts beyond the class easier. We boost your odds of success by helping you prepare for required exams and earn the certification.

AIOPs Foundation Certification is highly relevant in today's industry as it drives IT operation analysts and equips professionals with skills to address modern IT challenges. AI and automation techniques are valued to drive business value through its application.

The certification course opens up a diverse range of job opportunities in the IT field, including system administrators, network engineers, IT architects, project managers, DevOps engineers, Data analysts, and project managers exploring operations projects.

DevOps Engineers with the certification can earn up to $130,000 annually. Experienced individuals can make up to $165,000 per year.