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This Appium Training Program is designed to make participants comfortable to understand the distributed open source mobile application UI testing framework. Through Appium Certification, one can set up an Appium environment, deploy an Android or iOS application, and then use Appium to inspect and interact with the app. You will also be able to write your first Appium script and run it locally and on Sauce Labs. Our instructor-led classes are absorbed on getting you learn at a fast pace. Our classes are interactive, with a combination of lecture, demos, and hands-on exercises; our focus is on Java for now.



  • Appium design concepts
  • Appium Inspector
  • Appium installation on windows
  • First Appium testcase

  • Fresh Graduates
  • Manual Tester
  • Automation Tester

  • Appium design concepts
  • Appium Inspector
  • Appium installation on windows
  • First Appium testcase for Native Android application.
  • Limitation using Appium.
  • Common encounters error and trouble shooting steps in Apium.



  • Understand Native, Hybrid, Web application testing through the Appium Training Certification.
  • Familiarize with Emulator and Simulator functions 3 Appium Design concepts.

Mr.Robert Nadar


Robert Nadar is an International Testing Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer, Speaker, with specialization in Performance Testing , Functional Testing ,Manual Testing and all other Test Management tools. He is an HP Certified Trainer for LoadRunner 11.0



  • Experts with 10+ years of Industry Training and Teaching Experience for Appium Program
  • Mentored 10,000+ Professionals across the Globe for mastering Appium
  • Facilitators have already conducted 500+ Appium Certification Trainings

Explain what is Appium?

  • Appium is a freely distributed open source mobile application UI Testing framework.

List out the Appium abilities?

  • Appium abilities are
  • Test Web
  • Provides cross-platform for Native and Hybrid mobile automation
  • Support JSON wire protocol
  • It does not require recompilation of App
  • Support automation test on physical device as well as similar or emulator both
  • It has no dependency on mobile device

List out the pre-requisite to use APPIUM?

  • Pre-requisite to use APPIUM is
  • JDK
  • TestNG
  • Eclipse
  • Selenium Server JAR
  • Webdriver Language Binding Library
  • APPIUM for Windows
  • APK App Info On Google Play
  • js

List out the limitations of using Appium?

  • Appium does not support testing of Android Version lower than 4.2
  • Limited support for hybrid app testing. E.g., not possible to test the switching action of application from the web app to native and vice-versa
  • No support to run Appium Inspector on Microsoft Windows

Explain how to find DOM element or xPath in a mobile application?

  • To find the DOM element use UI Automateviewer to find DOM element for Android application.

Explain the design concept of Appium?

  • Appium is an HTTP Server written using Node.js platform and drives iOS and Android session using Webdriver JSON wire protocol. Hence, before initializing the Appium Server, Node.js must be pre-installed on the system
  • When Appium is downloaded and installed, then a server is setup on our machine that exposes a REST API
  • It receives connection and command request from the client and execute that command on mobile devices (Android / iOS)
  • It responds back with HTTP responses. Again, to execute this request, it uses the mobile test automation frameworks to drive the user interface of the apps. Framework like
  • Apple Instruments for iOS (Instruments are available only in Xcode 3.0 or later with OS X v10.5 and later)
  • Google UIAutomator for Android API level 16 or higher
  • Selendroid for Android API level 15 or less

What language does Appium support?

  • Appium support any language that support HTTP request like Java, JavaScript with Node.js, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, etc.

What language does Appium support?

  • Pros:
  • For programmer irrespective of the platform, he is automating ( Android or iOS) all the complexities will remain under single Appium server
  • It opens the door to cross-platform mobile testing which means the same test would work on multiple platforms
  • Appium does not require extra components in your App to make it automation friendly
  • It can automate Hybrid, Web and Native mobile applications
  • Cons:
  • Running scripts on multiple iOS simulators at the same time is possible with Appium
  • It uses UIAutomator for Android Automation which supports only Android SDK platform, API 16 or higher and to support the older API's they have used another open source library called Selendroid

Explain what is APPIUM INSPECTOR?

  • Similar to Selenium IDE record and Playback tool, Appium has an Inspector to record and playback. It records and plays native application behavior by inspecting DOM and generates the test scripts in any desired language. However, Appium Inspector does not support Windows and use UIAutomator viewer in its option.

Mention what are the basic requirement for writing Appium tests?

  • For writing Appium tests you require,
  • Driver Client: Appium drives mobile applications as though it were a user. Using a client library you write your Appium tests which wrap your test steps and sends to the Appium server over HTTP.
  • Appium Session: You have to first initialize a session, as such Appium test takes place in the session. Once the Automation is done for one session, it can be ended and wait for another session
  • Desired Capabilities: To initialize an Appium session you need to define certain parameters known as desired capabilities like PlatformName, PlatformVersion, Device Name and so on. It specifies the kind of automation one requires from the Appium server.
  • Driver Commands: You can write your test steps using a large and expressive vocabulary of commands.

Mention what are the possible errors one might encounter using Appium?

  • The possible errors one might face in Appium includes
  • Error 1: The following desired capabilities are needed but not provided: Device Name, platformName
  • Error 2: Could not find adb. Please set the ANDROID_HOME environment variable with the Android SDK root directory path
  • Error 3: openqa.selenium.SessionNotCreatedException: A new session could not be created
  • Error 4: How to find DOM element or XPath in a mobile application?

Do you need a server machine to run tests on Appium?

  • No, you don't need server machine to run tests on Appium. Appium facilitates a 2-tier architecture where a test machine connects to a test server running Appium and automating the whole thing. You can have Appium running on the same machine where your test runs.

Is it possible to interact with my apps using JavaScript while I am testing with Appium?

  • Yes, it is possible to interact with App while using JavaScript. When the commands run on Appium, the server will send the script to your app wrapped into an anonymous function to be executed.

Mention what are the most difficult scenarios to test with Appium?

  • The most difficult scenario to test with Appium is data exchange.

While using Appium can I run my tests in a multithreaded environment?

  • Yes, you can run the test in a multithreaded environment, but you have to ensure that no more than one test runs at the same time against the same Appium server

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Mr.Ammar Elkaderi

Senior Business Analyst

Joining the Appium Training Program at Vinsys was a wise decision. After the completion of the program, I was able to run scripts and test native applications and mobile-web applications on ios and android using a web driver. This skill of mine was found to be appealing to my interviewer and I was offered a job with a good salary.


Mr. Kiran Raghavan

Senior Business Analyst

Working and studying simultaneously made it difficult for me to focus on a certification. The Appium Online Training Program offered a solution. I was able to learn the course at my own pace and at my preferred location. I am now confident to get the certification with the examination given.


Shyamal Saxena

Team Lead

The Appium course is an ideal platform for Students or Graduates like me to kick start a career. Vinsys provides a great way to access this training program with experts teachers guiding the subject in the best way possible.

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