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Redefine your career growth & drive powerful cloud-based digital transformation by gaining in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft Azure platform. The Vinsys Azure 104 course takes participants through extensive training to seamlessly provision and manage virtual networks, cloud storage, and resources according to the requirements of the Microsoft Azure platform through AZ 104 Certification Training. Book your az 104 exam with preparation from az 104 dumps, azure 104 dumps, az 104 exam topics.

The skills and objectives covered are strictly as per AZ 104 certification in Hyderabad and as per the syllabus listed on the official Microsoft website. To achieve the best learning experience, Vinsys offers the above services to students:

•    Regular AZ 104 mock tests
•    Follow up after the AZ 104 Certification Training Course
•    Inquiry-based teaching approach
•    Advanced practical labs az 104 learning path



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Microsoft Azure 104 training overview, Gachibowli , Miyapur, Hyderabad

Microsoft Azure 104 training in Hyderabad is specially designed for professionals who want to learn Azure infrastructure. By enrolling in this course, participants can easily navigate through training to manage security identities and Azure subscriptions, establish system connections, and configure digital networks. This course also helps participants acquire the skills to seamlessly manage virtual network extensions, network traffic, data backup and sharing, network traffic, and more.

This course is designed to prepare you for the Microsoft Certified: Azure 104 exam. Bridge the skills gap to launch your career with the Azure AZ-104 Administrator Training.

Course Curriculum

az 104 target audience

  • IT professionals aiming to be Azure admins.
  • IT Professionals Prepare for the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam
  • IT professionals want to become Microsoft Azure Administrator after passing az 104 

AZ 104 Course Objectives

After finishing AZ 104 course, learners will;

•    Identity management and Azure management
•    Storage implementation and management 
•    Deploy and manage Azure computing resources 
•    Set up and manage virtual networks 
•    Azure resource monitoring and backup

About AZ 104 Exam & AZ 104 Exam Cost

AZ 104 Exam Microsoft Azure Administrator validates skills of the candidate related to the deploying and managing Azure computing resources, identity and administration, setting up virtual networks, implementing and managing storage, and managing Azure resources. To clear the Azure 104 exam in 1st attempt , it is suggested to take Azure 104 training in Hyderabad. 

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Training Options

AZ 104 Online Training Hyderabad India

Online Live Interactive Training

  • 4 days Instructor-led Online Training
  • Experienced Subject Matter Experts
  • Approved and Quality Ensured Training Material
  • 24*7 Leaner Assistance And Support

AZ 104 Corporate Training

Customized to your team's need

  • Customized Training Across Various Domains
  • Instructor-Led Skill Development Program
  • Ensure Maximum ROI for Corporates
  • 24*7 Learner Assistance and Support

Course Outline

•    Azure Active Directory
•    Users and Groups
•    Lab: Manage Azure Active Directory Identities

•    Subscriptions and Accounts
•    Azure Policy
•    Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
•    Lab: Manage Subscriptions and RBAC
•    Lab: Manage Governance via Azure Policy

•    Azure Administrator Tools
•    ARM Templates
•    Lab: Manage Azure resources by Using the Azure Portal
•    Lab: Manage Azure resources by Using ARM Templates
•    Lab: Manage Azure resources by Using Azure PowerShell (optional)
•    Lab: Manage Azure resources by Using Azure CLI (optional)

•    Virtual Networks
•    Network Security groups
•    Azure Firewall
•    Azure DNS
•    Lab: Implement Virtual Networking

•    VNet Peering
•    VPN Gateway Connections
•    ExpressRoute and Virtual WAN
•    Lab: Implement Intersite Connectivity

•    Network Routing and Endpoints
•    Azure Load Balancer
•    Azure Application Gateway
•    Network Watcher
•    Lab: Implement Traffic Management

•    Storage Accounts
•    Blob Storage
•    Storage Security
•    Azure Files and File Sync
•    Managing Storage
•    Lab: Manage Azure storage

•    Creating Virtual Machines
•    Virtual Machine Availability
•    Virtual Machine Extensions
•    Lab: Manage virtual machines

•    Azure App Service Plans
•    Azure App Service
•    Container Services
•    Azure Kubernetes Service
•    Lab: Implement Web Apps
•    Lab: Implement Azure Container Instances
•    Lab: Implement Azure Kubernetes Service

•    File and Folder Backups
•    Virtual Machine Backups
•    Lab: Implement Data Protection

•    Azure Monitor
•    Azure Alerts
•    Log Analytics
•    Lab: Implement Monitoring

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Yes, it is possible. You can take the Azure 104 course in Hyderabad before taking the AZ-104 exam. Enroll for Exam by Paying AZ 104 Exam fees The training courses provided by Vinsys are very helpful in preparing you with crucial concepts and helping you pass the exams.

Yes, learners can get end-to-end assistance. 

The mode of the course is instructor-led online training. and Yes offline mode and classroom az 104 micrsoft azure also available.