AZ-304T00: Microsoft Azure Architect Design Expert Training Course

AZ-304 certification Training

Microsoft Azure Architect Design Expert certification training makes Solution Architects understand how to translate business requirements into scalable, secure, and reliable solutions. This course at Vinsys includes design considerations related to cost analysis, security, governance, migration, authentication, and authorization, and high availability. This role validates the decision-making ability of the credential holder in multiple areas that affects the overall design solution.


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This Azure Architect Design Expert course covers advanced activities on the Azure platform that includes configuration and deployment of virtual machines and networks, management of Azure resources, and data security. In this training, you will also learn how to integrate SaaS service on Azure, identify data storage options, author deployments, and more.

Our Microsoft Azure Architect Design Expert training prepares you for the AZ-104 and AZ-304 exams with a lot of focus on real case studies and hands-on experience.

Course Curriculum


This Azure course is for IT professionals who are experts in designing and implementing solutions on Microsoft Azure. They should have knowledge of IT operations including security, identity, virtualization, networking, disaster recovery, business continuity, budgeting, data platform, and governance. Candidates applying for this course should be experts in Azure administration and should have experience working with DevOps processes and Azure development processes. Azure Solution Architects use the Azure Portal and as they become more adept, they use the Command Line Interface.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates are required to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Expert-level skills in Azure administration and exposure to DevOps processes and Azure development processes.
  • Understanding of network configuration, including Domain Name System (DNS), TCP/IP, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), encryption technologies, and firewalls.
  • Knowledge of on-premises virtualization technologies, including virtual hard disks, VMs, and virtual networking.
  • Understanding of Active Directory concepts, including domain controllers, domains, forests, replication, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), and Kerberos protocol.
  • Knowledge of resilience and disaster recovery, including backup and restore operations.

Course Objectives

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Design an Azure Site Recovery solution
  • Recommend a solution for using Azure policy
  • Recommend solutions to minimize costs
  • Recommend a solution that includes Azure AD Managed Identities
  • Recommend a solution for a hybrid identity including Azure AD Connect and Azure AD Connect
  • Recommend a solution for Conditional Access, including multi-factor authentication
  • Recommend a solution for containers
  • Recommend a solution for migrating applications and VMs
  • Recommend a solution for network security
  • Recommend a solution for migration of databases
  • Recommend a solution that includes KeyVault
  • Recommend a storage access solution
  • Recommend a solution for autoscaling

Certification Exam AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design

Exam Type: Multiple choice questions

Exam Duration: 150 minutes

No. of Questions: 40-60

Passing Score: 700/1000

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Course Outline

  • Recommend a Solution for Compute Provisioning
  • Determine Appropriate Compute Technologies
  • Recommend a Solution for Containers
  • Recommend a Solution for Automating Compute Management
  • Recommend a Solution for Network Addressing and Name Resolution
  • Recommend a Solution for Network Provisioning
  • Recommend a Solution for Network Security
  • Recommend a Solution for Internet Connectivity and On-Premises Networks
  • Recommend a Solution for Automating Network Management
  • Recommend a Solution for Load Balancing and Traffic Routing


  • Assess and On-Premises Servers and Applications for Migration
  • Recommend a Solution for Migrating Applications and VMs
  • Recommend a Solution for Migration of Databases
  • Tips for Identity and Access Management    
  •  Recommend a Solution for Multi-Factor Authentication
  •  Five Steps for Securing Identity Infrastructure
  •  Recommend a Solution for Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  •  Recommend a Solution for a Hybrid Identity
  •  Recommend a Solution for B2B Integration
  •  Recommend a Hierarchical Structure for Management Groups
  • Recommend a Solution for using Azure Policy
  • Recommend a Solution for using Azure Blueprint
  •     Select an Appropriate Data Platform Based on Requirements
  •     Overview of Azure Data Storage
  •     Recommend Database Service Tier Sizing
  •     Dynamically Scale Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instances
  •     Recommend a Solution for Encrypting Data at Rest, Transmission, and In Use
  •     Understanding Storage Tiers
  •     Recommend a Storage Access Solution
  •     Recommend Storage Management Tools
  • Recommend a Data Flow
  • Recommend a Solution for Data Integration
  • Azure Monitoring Services
  •  Azure Monitor
  •     Recommend a Recovery Solution for Hybrid and On-Premises Workloads
  •     Design and Azure Site Recovery Solution
  •     Recommend a solution for Recovery in Different Regions
  •     Recommend a solution for Azure Backup Management
  •     Design a Solution for Data Archiving and Retention
  •     Recommend a Solution for Application and Workload Redundancy
  •     Recommend a Solution for Autoscaling
  •     Identify Resources that Require High Availability
  •     Identify Storage Types for High Availability
  •     Recommend a Solution for Geo-Redundancy of Workloads
  • Recommend Solutions for Cost Management
  • Recommended Viewpoints for Minimizing Costs
  •     Recommend a Microservices Architecture
  •     Recommend an Orchestration Solution for Deployment of Applications
  •     Recommend a Solution for API Integration
  •     Security for Applications and Services
  •     Recommend a Solution using Key Vault
  •     Recommend Solutions using Azure AD Managed Identities

Course Reviews


Vinsys is a Microsoft Silver Learning Partner. We have Microsoft-certified trainers who ensure content delivery is in alignment with the certification exam. Our Azure training are relevant to the existing exam guidelines while our training methodologies are a balanced approach of theory and practical knowledge-sharing. Our students understand concepts clearly and exhibit 98% success rate in exams.

The Microsoft AZ-303 has questions on how to implement technologies while the AZ-304 exam tests the candidate’s ability to pick the best suited technology for a given scenario. While the former includes questions based on customer requirements, the latter includes questions based on technical operations and its implementations. The Microsoft AZ-304 exam focuses on selecting solution implementations, capturing business needs using business objectives and real-world examples. On the contrary, the AZ-303 exam focuses on using those solutions to ensure that they are properly migrated and implemented.

Usually, Azure architects choose to take the AZ-303 exam before the AZ-304 because the concepts learned in the AZ-303 course will help you build the foundation required to master the concepts of the AZ-304 course.

The AZ-304: Azure Architect Design Exam is $165.00 USD plus tax. This fee is paid to Microsoft when you register for your exam.

Azure exams are definitely not easy. The Microsoft AZ-304 exam is difficult than the Microsoft AZ-303.

Hands-on labs were not required for certification exams due to the pandemic but Microsoft may re-introduce them in the future.

Azure is one of Microsoft’s largest and fastest-growing businesses and is well-positioned for continued growth in one of the most significant areas in tech. Azure manages to build an esteemed reputation among users and businesses counting on a rewarding future in the coming years. So, if you are keen to earn certifications in the Microsoft Azure platform, you can expect to have a great career.