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The lure of low cost, high availability and the sturdy processing power have got many organizations to Hadoop. Doing the Big Hadoop Course business professionals will be able to profile, transform and cleanse data. The Hadoop program will let you understand when IoT needs a specifics requirement and when it will act. You will also be acquainted with some of the popular modules to study such as Hadoop common, HDFS, YARN, and Mapreduce.



This is a beginner’s course in the field of Big Data. In this training you will get a clear understanding of what Big Data is, what its composition is, how Hadoop is the best tool to work on Big Data, the various components of the Hadoop ecosystem like MapReduce, HDFS, Hive, Pig, Sqoop and other tools and technologies..

  • IT, mainframe, data professionals
  • Project managers, software architects
  • Programming Developers
  • Experienced working professionals
  • Project managers
  • Mainframe Professionals, Architects & Testing Professionals
  • Business Intelligence, Data warehousing and Analytics Professionals
  • Graduates, undergraduates eager to learn the latest Big Data technology can take this Big Data Hadoop Certification online training

  • Graduate in Engineering or equivalent (e.g. BE / BTech / 4-year BSc Engg / AMIE / DoEACC B Level) in IT / Computer Science / Electronics / Telecommunications / Electrical / Instrumentation. OR
  • Post Graduate Degree in Engineering Sciences with corresponding basic degree (e.g. MSc in Computer Science, IT, Electronics) OR
  • Graduate in any discipline of Engineering or equivalent, OR
  • Post Graduate Degree in Mathematics / Statistics / Physics / MBA Systems

Data Ingest

  • The skills to transfer data between external systems and your cluster
  • Import and export data between an external RDBMS and your cluster, including the ability to import specific subsets, change the delimiter and file format of imported data during ingest, and alter the data access pattern.
  • Ingest real-time and near-real time (NRT) streaming data into HDFS, including the ability to distribute to multiple data sources and convert data on ingest from one format to another
  • Load data into and out of HDFS using the Hadoop File System (FS) commands

Transform, Stage, Store

  • Convert a set of data values in a given format stored in HDFS into new data values and/or a new data format and write them into HDFS or Hive/HCatalog
  • Convert data from one file format to another
  • Convert data from one set of values to another
  • Change the data format of values in a data set
  • Partition an existing data set according to one or more partition keys

Data Analysis

  • Filter, sort, join, aggregate, and/or transform one or more data sets in a given format stored in HDFS to produce a specified result. The queries will include complex data types. The implementation of external libraries, partitioned data and require the use of metadata from Hive/HCatalog.
  • Write a query to aggregate multiple rows of data
  • Write a query to calculate aggregate (e.g., average or sum)
  • Write a query to filter data
  • Write a query that produces sorted data
  • Write a query that joins multiple data sets
  • Read and/or create a Hive or an HCatalog table from existing data in HDFS


  • The ability to create and execute various jobs and actions that move data towards greater value and use in a system
  • Create and execute a linear workflow with actions that include Hadoop jobs, Hive jobs, Pig jobs, custom actions, etc
  • Create and execute a branching workflow with actions that include Hadoop jobs, Hive jobs, Pig jobs, custom action, etc
  • Orchestrate a workflow to execute regularly at predefined times, including workflows that have data dependencies



  • Explore the core fundamental concepts of big data
  • Nurturing in-depth knowledge and scrutinizing the big data domain
  • Analyze the big data using intelligent techniques through Hadoop Training Program
  • Discovering various search methods and visualization techniques
  • Implementing various techniques for mining data stream
  • Getting assistance from Big Data Hadoop for Map Reducing Concepts
  • Creating effective solution for problems that are conceptually and practically from diverse industries, such as government manufacturing, retail, education, banking/ finance, healthcare and pharmaceutical
  • Utilization of advanced tools/ decision-making tools/ operation research techniques to analyze the complex problems and get ready to develop such new techniques for the future





  • Course includes 40 hours of Instructor led Training
  • Real-life industry projects using Hadoop Training on Yarn, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, Impala, HBase, and Apache Spark
  • Getting hands-on practice on CloudLab through Big Hadoop Data Training camp
  • Big Data Hadoop Certification is globally accepted

Mr.Jayvant Desale

Hortonworks Certified Apache Hadoop 2.0 Developer,certified MapR Developing Hadoop Applications

SME with an uncanny ability to slide into any domain/technology and quickly carve out workable IT solutions that creates value. Has 13 years of proven track record in Enterprise-class Product Development for complex verticals, such Banking (FI and Payment Gateways), IT Governance & Management, Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals.Currently engaged in the field of Big Data Solutions - Committed to enabling IT teams in deployment of Big Data Technologies, by the way of training, consulting and architecting solutions on Apache stack: Hadoop and No-SQL

Towards the end of the training, Once you have successfully submitted your Big Data & Hadoop certification project, it will be reviewed by our expert panel. After a successful evaluation, you will be awarded Vinsys Big Data and Hadoop certificate.

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Mr.Ammar Elkaderi

Senior Business Analyst

Learning of Hadoop courses is a must for people who work as project handlers, it is a very complicated software used for storing large files. I was worried about my chances of learning the course. I found my solution with Vinsys and their Big Data and Hadoop Training Program. I was able to gain the skills in no time.


Mr. Kiran Raghavan

Senior Business Analyst

In big firms and companies, there is a lot if data handling and numerous bills. Being an accountant I had many problems handling my data. This hampered my chance of progress and decreased my productivity. So I joined the training Programs offered by Vinsys which included software courses like Hadoop. After finishing the course I was delighted to see the progress in my work and was promoted within a few weeks.


Ernest Williams


Hadoop courses is the latest trending tool in the IT field. After a bit of researching I zeroed down on Vinsys. Their training programs were very well managed and suited my timings and my budget.

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