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Hack the Hackers with Pen Test Ultimate Boot Camp!
The Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (C)PTE) 05-day course empowers you with a skill set to examine the threat landscape while developing techniques that ensure framework security and stability. The extensive curriculum of this program will help the learners gain and improve their ability to master the highly sought-after cybersecurity talents. As a certified penetration tester, you will evaluate security flaws, conduct penetration tests independently, and offer suggestions for enhancing security.
Along with providing the learners with a comprehensive curriculum to become cybersecurity specialists, Vinsys offers a range of services, a few of which are listed below:
•    Hands-On Penetration Testing
•    Comprehensive Penetration Testing Toolkit
•    Real-World Simulations
•    Threat Intelligence and Analysis
•    Compliance and Reporting
•    Advanced Penetration Testing Methods


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•    Comprehensive Penetration Testing Toolkit

•    Compliance and Reporting

•    Real-World Simulations

•    Threat Intelligence and Analysis

Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (C)PTE)

Businesses must take preventative action as cyberattacks on the internet and mobile apps are becoming more common. The goal of the Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (C)PTE) course is to provide students with the abilities and know-how required for ethical hacking and penetration testing. Network security, online application security, and ethical hacking are some of the subjects covered in these courses. After completing the course, students can recognize and take advantage of security flaws in networks and systems. The five main components of pen testing—information gathering, scanning, enumeration, exploitation, and reporting—will be covered in this course. The learners will learn about the most recent vulnerabilities and malevolent hackers' methods to get and delete data. You will also learn further about the business abilities required to discover protection possibilities, support testing initiatives, and optimize. With the help of this program, you will get the knowledge and abilities to use offensive cybersecurity to improve the reliability and security of IT systems. 
Our custom-designed training programs are intended to meet your demands and advance your penetration testing profession. While the trainers provide a solid theoretical foundation through lectures, cooperative group discussions enable students to investigate real-world problems, enhancing their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Online courses and self-paced learning materials are available to support various learning methods. Assessments and tests are given to students regularly to help them learn and monitor their progress. Following the course, students will have access to certification tests that will confirm their knowledge and increase their chances of landing a job in the competitive information technology and cybersecurity sectors. Our instructor-led online training guarantees thorough supervision; you can choose training times that work with your schedule. By the time it's through, you'll be equipped to tackle the difficulties of contemporary cybersecurity, bolster your company's defenses, and positively impact the constantly changing field of digital security. Participate in an intensive study program with us to obtain the title of Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (C)PTE) and become a cybersecurity champion. Together, let's safeguard the future.

Course Curriculum

Target Audience For Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (C)PTE)

The target audience for a Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (C)PTE) course typically includes individuals and professionals who are interested in or actively working in the field of cybersecurity, particularly in the role of penetration testing and ethical hacking. This course is designed for a wide range of learners, including:
•    Aspiring Ethical Hackers
•    Information Security Professionals
•    Cybersecurity Enthusiasts
•    IT Professionals
•    Penetration Testers
•    Network and System Administrators
•    Law Enforcement and Incident Response Teams
•    Security Managers and Decision Makers
•    Compliance and Regulatory Professionals
•    Experienced IT Professionals

Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (C)PTE) Prerequisites

Even if they aren't obligated, students enrolled in the Certified Penetration Testing Engineer C)PTE course will be at an advantage if they are conversant with the following:
•    Basic IT Knowledge
•    Networking Knowledge
•    Operating System Familiarity
•    Security Fundamentals
•    Cybersecurity Foundation
•    Programming and Scripting Knowledge
•    Hardware and Software Experience
•    Practical IT Experience

Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (C)PTE) Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the professionals will be competent in the following areas:
•    Proficiency in Penetration Testing techniques.
•    Learn to apply repeatable methodologies.
•    Grasp over adherence to the ethical code.
•     Use structured reports to present the outcomes of the analysis.
•    Comprehend the many forms of penetration testing and the industry norms that govern the sector.
•    Understanding the common attack routes that penetration testers use in their exploits.
•    Use software and command-line utilities for exploitation, enumeration, and scanning.
•    Recognize the impact of web-based threats on penetration testing procedures.
•    Discuss the use of social engineering approaches to penetration testing tactics.


About The Certification

Students who complete the five-day Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (C)PTE course will be able to simulate real-world hacking scenarios and will be equipped to evaluate the security posture of your business, assist in putting controls in place to secure your network infrastructure better and learn how to defend against viruses and/or hackers. Additionally, the student will be ready to take the Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (C)PTE test. The Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (C)PTE certification exam evaluates a candidate's proficiency in conducting network penetration tests. To gain knowledge on attacking the network effectively, the student must do Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). Once inside, the student's task is to compromise the test domain controller using their skillsets in Active Directory exploitation. To obtain a passing grade and certification following a successful compromise, the student must submit a thorough written report and conduct a live debrief in front of our assessors. The learners receive their certification only after completing all required assignments and exams, showing up to every training session, and actively participating in all training activities. This certification will benefit your career as a Security Engineer, Penetration Tester, Security Manager/Director, or Chief Information Security Officer.

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Course Outline

•    Understanding the Penetration Testing Process
•    Scope and Legal Aspects of Pen Testing
•    Setting Up a Penetration Testing Lab

•    Passive Reconnaissance Techniques
•    Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering
•    Identifying Target Assets and Vulnerabilities

•    Active Reconnaissance Methods
•    Network Scanning and Enumeration
•    Detecting Live Systems and Services

•    Banner Grabbing Techniques
•    Enumerating Services and Users
•    Information Gathering for Targeted Exploitation

•    Introduction to Vulnerability Assessment
•    Vulnerability Scanning Tools
•    Scanning and Identifying Vulnerabilities

•    Exploiting Operating System Vulnerabilities
•    Gaining Unauthorized Access to Systems
•    Post-Exploitation and Maintaining Control

•    Advanced Penetration Testing Methods
•    Privilege Escalation and Exploitation
•    Pivoting and Lateral Movement

•    Techniques to Evade Detection
•    Antivirus and Anti-Malware Bypass
•    Anonymity and Covering Tracks

•    Harnessing the Power of PowerShell
•    Scripting for Exploitation and Post-Exploitation
•    Security Implications and Countermeasures

•    Network Analysis and Sniffing Basics
•    Packet Capture and Analysis
•    Sniffing for Sensitive Information

•    Web Application Testing Fundamentals
•    Web Exploitation Methods
•    Cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection

•    Mobile Application Security Assessment
•    Hacking Mobile Devices and IoT Devices
•    Security Considerations for the Mobile and IoT Ecosystem

•    Importance of Penetration Test Reports
•    Structuring and Formatting Pen Test Reports
•    Communicating Findings and Recommendations

Course Reviews


A PTE certification, like the one provided by Vinsys, is quite valuable since it attests to your knowledge and experience in the industry and shows prospective employers or clients that you have the necessary abilities. Getting a PTE certificate will help you progress in your profession by increasing your credibility, bringing in new business, and possibly paving the way for higher-paying positions in the quickly expanding cybersecurity industry.

Participants in the Certified Penetration Testing Engineer program get practical security expertise that helps them identify vulnerabilities, take advantage of system flaws, and fend against attackers.

With the most up-to-date knowledge and abilities, Vinsys' trainers are professionals in their industry. Training programs have been modified according to the new Certified Penetration Testing Engineer Curriculum.

To satisfy your demands for professional growth, Vinsys offers training programs that are affordable, practical, flexible, and approachable. Our dedicated training coordinators make a great effort to create training programs that specifically address the upskilling needs of your organizational teams. We have trained over 800,000 students globally through our specialized training programs and helped over 3,000 corporate clients achieve their organizational goals. 

The Certified Penetration Testing Engineer program from Vinsys, a respectable training provider, is meant to provide trainees with valuable skills. The industry recognizes the certification and the practical knowledge acquired, which could strengthen participants' employment chances.

Vinsys' Certified Penetration Testing Engineer Programme is intended to provide participants with technical know-how and abilities in high demand. Completing the program can prepare you for careers such as Chief Information Security Officer, Security Manager/Director, Penetration Tester, Security Engineer, and others, while precise career results will rely on individual variables, including experience and market conditions.

Participants can select from various courses in the program according to their interests and learning goals. They can personalize their training journey.

Vinsys provides adaptability in the way courses are delivered. There are three different ways to take the course: group instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, and instructor-led. The optimal choice for you will rely on your availability and areas of interest in studying. Interactive virtual platforms are used to conduct online classes.