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Our CertNexus CyberSAFE Certification training course helps you become aware of the potential risks to your data and also introduces you to protection measures you can implement to save loss of critical information. This training is a step ahead in your cybersecurity career and provides a fundamental understanding of technical cybersecurity concepts that are possibly overlooked and may lead to irrecoverable losses.


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CertNexus CyberSAFE Course Overview

Today’s cybersecurity threats are much advanced and deceive well-aware users too. They seem so real that even knowledgeable professionals fall prey to cyber-attacks. A single email can lead to a multi-million-dollar breach in seconds, and the employee responsible may not even be aware of their mistake. The problem lies in the fact that many end users aren’t aware of the dangers accompanying today’s most common cybersecurity threats, much less how to detect them.

This CyberSAFE training is offered as both an instructor-led environment and a self-paced e-learning format. In this course, you will use discussions, case studies, and the experiences of your instructor and fellow students to explore the hazards and pitfalls of technology and learn how to use that technology safely and securely.

Course Curriculum


This course is designed for end users with practically no technical expertise of working on mobile devices, computers, networks, and the internet. It prepares you for the Certified CyberSAFE credential.

Course Objectives

In this course, you will identify many of the common risks involved in using conventional end-user technology, as well as ways to use it safely, to protect yourself from those risks.

You will learn to:

  • Identify the need for security
  • Secure devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones, and more
  • Use the Internet securely

Eligibility Criteria

To ensure your success in this course, you should have experience with the basic use of conventional end-user technology, including desktop, laptop, or tablet computers; mobile phones; and basic Internet functions, such as web browsing and email.

About The Examination

The CyberSAFE™ assessment will certify that the successful candidate has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to use computers, mobile devices, networks, and the Internet in a way that minimizes digital risks to themselves and their organization.

Exam Code: CBS-310

Format: Multiple Choice/Multiple Response/True-False

No. of questions: 10

Duration: 15-30 minutes

Passing Score: 8 out of 10 (80%)

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  • Blended Learning Delivery Model (Self-Paced E-Learning And/Or Instructor-Led Options)
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Course Outline

  • Topic A: Identify Security Compliance Requirements
  • Topic B: Recognize Social Engineering and Avoid Phishing and Other Attacks
  • Topic A: Maintain Physical Security of Devices
  • Topic B: Use Passwords for Security
  • Topic C: Protect Your Data
  • Topic D: Identify and Mitigate Viruses, Ransomware, and Other Malware
  • Topic E: Use Wireless Devices Securely
  • Topic A: Browse the Web Safely
  • Topic B: Use Email Securely
  • Topic C: Use Social Networking Securely
  • Topic D: Use Cloud Services Securely

Appendix A: Mapping Course Content to CyberSAFE 2019: Exam CBS-310

Course Reviews


Vinsys has the right trainers and provides an optimum learning environment to enhance learning. The entire team is highly focused on delivering training to its candidates in a precise manner with ample amount of subject discussion, interaction, and practical skill development. The CertNexus CyberSAFE training is full of insightful learnings about potential cybersecurity risks.

This course certifies your knowledge, skills, and abilities to use networks, computers, mobile devices, and the internet in a way that minimizes digital risks to your organizations.

This course is designed for individuals (end users) who do not have much technical knowledge. However, attendees must have certain know-how about the basic use of conventional end-user technology, including desktop, laptop, or tablet computers; mobile phones; and basic Internet functions, such as web browsing and email.

The CyberSAFE certificate is offered by CertNexus.

The CertNexus CyberSAFE certificate is valid for 1 year from the time the certificate is granted.

In case, you have more queries about the certification, please connect with us or write to us at enquiry@vinsys.com.