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Learn how to execute specifications with Cucumber using Ruby, Java, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Groovy, Scala or Clojure by studying for Cucumber Certification. This program is designed to make participants how Cucumber can play a crucial role for testing other software. It is a tool based on Behavior Driven Development (BDD) framework which is used to write acceptance tests for web application. It allows automation of functional validation in easily readable and understandable format (like plain English) to Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, etc. The Cucumber Training program will help professionals familiarize with the concepts and help them implement in the right manner.





  • Fresh Graduates
  • Manual Tester
  • Automation Tester





  • Realizing the importance of acceptance testing using Cucumber Framework.
  • Establishing automation functional validation through the study of Cucumber Training Course.
  • Enrolling for Cucumber Training Program helps understand the framework BDD much better.

Mr.Robert Nadar


Robert Nadar is an International Testing Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer, Speaker, with specialization in Performance Testing , Functional Testing ,Manual Testing and all other Test Management tools. He is an HP Certified Trainer for LoadRunner 11.0



  • Cucumber Framework Experts with more than 10 years of Industry and Training Experience on imparting Knowledge.
  • Trained 10,000+ professionals across the Globe to get familiarized with Cucumber Testing software.
  • Facilitators conducted more than 500 Cucumber Certification Workshops.

What is Cucumber and what are the advantages of Cucumber?

  • To run functional tests written in a plain text Cucumber tool is used. It is written in a Ruby programming language.
  • Advantages of Cucumber
  • You can involve business stakeholders who cannot code
  • End user experience is priority
  • High code reuse

What are the 2 files required to execute a Cucumber test scenario?

  • The 2 files required to execute a Cucumber test scenario are
  • Features
  • Step Definition

What is feature file in Cucumber? What does feature file consist of ?

  • Pre-requisite to use APPIUM is
  • JDK
  • TestNG
  • Eclipse
  • Selenium Server JAR
  • Webdriver Language Binding Library
  • APPIUM for Windows
  • APK App Info On Google Play
  • js

Give an example of behaviour driven test in plain text?

  • Feature: Visit XYZ page in
  • Scenario : Visit
  • Given: I am on
  • When: I click on XYZ page
  • Then: I should see ABC page

Explain what is Scenario Outline in feature file?

  • Scenario Outline: Same scenario can be executed for multiple sets of data using scenario outline. The data is provided by a tabular structure separated by (I I).

What is step definition in Cucumber?

  • A step definition is the actual code implementation of the feature mentioned in feature file.

Give the example for step definition using “Given” function?

  • For example, to make visitor visit the site Yahoo the command we use for given (/^ I am on$/) do Browser.goto end – This will visit

What are the difference between Jbehave and Cucumber?

  • Although Cucumber and Jbehave are meant for the same purpose, acceptance tests are completely different frameworks
  • Jbehave is Java based and Cucumber is Ruby based
  • Jbehave are based on stories while Cucumber is based on features

Explain what is test harness?

  • A test harness for cucumber and rspec allows for separating responsibility between setting up the context and interacting with the browser and cleaning up the step definition files

Explain when to use Rspec and when to use Cucumber?

  • Rspec is used for Unit Testing
  • Cucumber is used behaviour driven development. Cucumber can be used for System and Integration Tests

What is the language used for expressing scenario in feature file ?

  • Gherkin language is used to express scenario in feature files and ruby files containing unobtrusive automation for the steps in scenarios

Explain what is regular expressions?

  • A regular expression is a pattern describing a certain amount of text. The most basic regular expression consists of a single literal character

Explain what is BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) ?

  • BDD or Behaviour driven development is a process of developing software based on TDD (Test Driven Development) which focusses on behavioural specification of software units

What softare do you need to run a Cucumber Web Test ?

  • Ruby and its Development Kit
  • Cucumber
  • IDE like ActiveState
  • Watir ( To simulate browser)
  • Ansicon and rspec (if required)

What does a features/ support file contains?

  • Features/ support file contains supporting ruby code. Files in support load before those in step_definitions, which can be useful for environment configuration

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Mr. Pravin Pawar

Senior Engineer

I had aspired of becoming a software tester. It was not until I had graduated that I found a curiosity to get a cucumber certification done which is a software tool for testing other software. I found my solution in Vinsys’ Cucumber Software Training Program. Due to this I was able to procure a job without any hindrances. Thank you Vinsys.


Nirvritha satheesh

IAssistant Manager

Getting to study about Cucumber through the training program providing by Vinsys help increase my prospects. Seeing the importance of learning those software I started finding out ways that were cheaper and useful. Thus I found about the Cucumber boot camp organized by Vinsys. I was able to learn the basics in just a couple of days and was able to save myself from spending a horde of money.


Mr.Clemente Gatbonton

Technical Lead

Learning the Cucumber software is important for every technological aspirant such as me. However, such training programs are very low in availability. After some initial struggle, I found out about Vinsys imparting the courses which matched my requirements. I would happily recommend it to all my acquaintances.

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