Generative AI for Executives (GAIE) Certification Training

GAIE Certification Training Course

Elevate Leadership with Generative AI: Shape the Future of Your Business

Generative AI is an emerging technology with the potential to transform industries and create new opportunities. As executives, it is vital to understand the capabilities and limitations of generative AI and how it can impact various aspects of business. The two-day Generative AI for Executives (GAIE) curriculum aims to provide an in-depth understanding of generative AI and equip executives with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about its application in their organizations.With Vinsys, learn the technical requirements and resources needed to implement generative AI and reap numerous benefits. A few of these are listed below:
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•    Round-the-Clock Help

•    After-Course Support

•    Extensive Training Resources

•    Ongoing Material Access

Generative AI For Executives (GAIE) Certification Training

With the aid of generative AI, professionals can overcome writer's block, come up with new ideas, and refine existing ones by having a constant partner to bounce ideas off of. It can speed up or automate manual data entry or information synthesis from many sources. This efficiency can enable professionals to focus on higher-value, more creative, or strategic work. The Generative AI for Executives (GAIE) course provides an in-depth exploration of Generative AI, encompassing basic principles, Deep Learning inside Natural Language Processing, and sophisticated Generative Models such as GANs and Transformers. You'll delve into Large Language Models (LLMs) for various applications and examine the vital craft of prompt engineering. You'll also learn how to assess model performance and acquire practical abilities using LangChain and RAG for efficient data interaction. By the end of the course, learners will have gained knowledge of crucial Generative AI tools for real-world implementation, like Hugging Face Transformers and the OpenAI GPT3 API. You will do a capstone project at the end of the course to demonstrate your learning.
With an emphasis on use cases for generative AI across the enterprise value chain, leaders in various roles, industries, and functions will thoroughly understand generative AI and its practical applications through a potent combination of lectures, unique frameworks, case studies, and hands-on learning. You will gain the knowledge necessary to put your organization's AI strategy into action, discover how to integrate AI into essential business operations, investigate competition, governance, and ethical concerns, and, in the end, emerge with the capacity to add value to your company and position yourself for professional growth. Through cooperative group discussions, learners can impart their knowledge and skills concerning AI. Simultaneously, the instructors provide a robust theoretical foundation through lectures, strengthening participants' understanding to make educated decisions on AI adoption and integration inside their organizations. Self-paced learning resources and online courses are offered to accommodate different learning styles. Evaluations and assessments support the learning process and track the progress of learners. You can select classes that fit your schedule and receive comprehensive supervision throughout our instructor-led online training. Vinsys can help you reimagine what's possible for your organization by providing the knowledge and insights necessary to demystify generative models and decipher their practical applications.

Course Curriculum


The Generative AI for Executives (GAIE) course aims to help executives, managers, and decision-makers from various industries comprehend the possibilities of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and how it might affect their operations and business strategy. Since no technical knowledge of AI is required, a variety of professionals can use it, including but not limited to:
•    C-Level Executives
•    Business Leaders
•    Technology Leaders
•    Innovation Officers
•    Entrepreneurs
•    Decision-Makers in Data-Driven Roles
•    Industry Professionals
•    Product Managers
•    Marketing and Sales Managers
•    Innovation and R&D Leaders
•    Strategy and Planning Executive


Although there is no specific course to give as a requirement, learners enrolling in this course should have some prior knowledge of the following.
•    Basic Understanding of AI and Machine Learning
•    Data Literacy
•    Business Acumen
•    Curiosity and Openness to Learning
•    Familiarity with the fundamentals of data and Azure cloud
•    No prior knowledge of Generative AI is required


The course is led by mentors in a dynamic and engaging learning environment, allowing the participants to become experts in the following fields:
•    Examine the concepts of generative AI.
•    Use text preparation and text categorization algorithms.
•    Describe the meanings of variational autoencoders (VAEs) and autoencoders.
•    Put GANs to use in generative AI tasks.
•    Recognize the various kinds of language models and the uses for them.
•    Use transformer-based models for a range of applications.
•    Explain what prompt engineering is and why it matters.
•    Make carefully thought-out prompts for generative AI activities.
•    Make sense of the Large Language Models (LLMs) project lifecycle in Generative AI.
•    Describe how LLMs are used in text production, prediction, and search activities.
•    Carry out LLM pre-training and optimization.
•    Put LLMs into practice and adjust parameters according to particular guidelines.
•    Put into practice LLM-based activities like next-word prediction and search query completion.
•    Make a LangChain application to generate valuable applications.
•    Recognize the elements of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG).
•    Evaluate LLM performance with human assessment and metrics such as BLEU score and perplexity.
•    Examine various generative AI tools and their real-world applications

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Course Outline

•    AI Overview
•    Traditional Systems vs Machine Learning-based AI
•    Taxonomy of AI
•    Capabilities & Use Cases
•    AI & Data Science
•    Types of Machine Learning
•    Understanding ML Algorithms in an Intuitive Way
•    Introduction to Deep Learning
•    Ways to Implement AI
•    Demos on Sentiment Analysis of Tweets and Pictures

•  Introduction to Generative AI
•    Evolution of Generative AI
•    How Generative AI Differs from Other AI Technologies
•    Understanding Generative AI and its Capabilities
•    Distinctions Between Generative AI and Traditional AI/ML
•    Exploring the Generative AI Value Chain
•    Current Trends in Generative AI, including ChatGPT
•    Applications and Use Cases of Generative AI
•    Demos to give a broader perspective about Bard, ChatGPT, MidJourney, and more

•    Organizational Requirements for Generative AI Adoption
•    Preparing the Organization for Generative AI Integration
•    Skillsets and Expertise Required for Implementing Generative AI
•    Overcoming Challenges and Managing Risks in Generative AI Adoption
•    Strategic Initiatives for Incorporating AI
•    Building an AI-First Company Culture
•    Vision, Risks, Assumptions, Acceptance and more
•    Integrating Generative AI into Business Processes
•    Exploring Opportunities for AI Innovation and Growth
•    Adopting Generative AI Strategy

•    Importance of Well-Defined Prompts in Generative AI
•    Strategies for Crafting Effective Prompts
•    Leveraging Prompt Engineering for Desired Outputs
•    Lab Exercise on better prompt design

•    Cloud Computing and its Impact on Generative AI
•    Data Collection, Privacy, and Security Considerations
•    Leveraging Data for Improving Generative AI Performance
•    Ethical and Responsible AI
•    Understanding Ethical Concerns in Generative AI
•    Responsible Use of Generative AI Technologies
•    Building Trustworthy AI Systems
•    Future Trends and Opportunities in Generative AI
•    Exploring the Potential of Generative AI in Different Industries
•    Anticipating Advancements and Innovations in Generative AI
•    Identifying Opportunities for Business Growth and Competitive Advantage
•    Demo on Cloud AI

•    Implementing a Generative AI Strategy
•    Key considerations for integrating Generative AI into existing workflows
•    Identifying use cases and projects suitable for Generative AI adoption
•    Evaluating ROI and cost-benefit analysis of Generative AI implementation

•    Addressing biases and fairness in Generative AI models
•    Understanding the potential societal impact of Generative AI
•    Developing ethical guidelines for using Generative AI responsibly

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Vinsys works with you to identify the areas where you need to develop and receive training. We provide a variety of training alternatives, such as private group training, on-site instruction at your convenience, and virtual training. Our training courses and certification programs align with the goals of your business.

Vinsys faculty have an average of twenty years of practical experience in information technology. Trainers spend at least twenty-five percent of their time studying new and developing courses and technology to stay current.

The curriculum will be presented with live software exercises, practical assignments, and interactive lectures. Working on individual and group projects will be necessary for learners to gain expertise in Generative AI for Executives (GAIE).

The trainers get 30 to 180 days to use the lab after the course. A lab training key will be provided to each participant so they can connect to a remote lab environment during and after the course.

Vinsys is an excellent location for training because of its outstanding support system and authorized training programs. Apart from resources to aid them in maximizing value for the client, superior assistance is consistently available. Vinsys consultants are adept at recognizing the value of technology and incorporating it into the overall business strategy. Vinsys maintains a comprehensive view while paying meticulous attention to details to guarantee that the system meets and exceeds requirements.

According to a recent survey by the global professional services network KPMG, over three-quarters of CEOs consider generative AI a "top investing priority." It is worthwhile investing in AI to boost the companies' profitability, innovation, and security.