ISO 9001 Lead Implementer

Equipped yourself with the necessary skills and expertise to successfully create, manage, and maintain the ISO 9001-based Quality Management System. Vinsys's ISO 9001 Lead Implementer training gives learners an in-depth understanding of best practices related to QMS and helps organizations to enhance customer satisfaction with performance optimization and overall efficiency. 


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    ISO 9001 Lead Implementer Course Overview

    ISO 9001 Lead Implementer course is five-day instructor-led online training designed especially for professionals aiming to develop skills that can help an organization execute successful implementation of ISO 9001:2015-based Quality Management System. With this robust course training, learners will gain thorough knowledge about best practices that can lead to the effective execution of quality processes that can assist in handling risks and opportunities, thus enhancing the overall productivity with sustainable development of an organization. 

    This ISO 9001 Lead Implementer course training is in line with practices specified in ISO 10006 and is based on ISO 9000 quality management principles.

    Course Curriculum


    • Professionals aiming to learn an organization's practices of ISO 9001 LI for Quality Management System (QMS).
    • ISO 9001 auditors aiming to get thorough knowledge about Quality Management System procedures. 
    • Specialists in Quality Management Systems. 
    • Technical experts aiming to prepare for QMS project management function.


    • Fundamental knowledge of ISO 9001 Foundation.

    Course Objectives

    After finishing the course, learners will be able to;

    • Gain deep understanding and skills in quality management best practices to suggest to organizations.
    • Develop a thorough understanding of the concepts, methods, procedures, and approaches needed for an effective quality management system. 
    • Make an organization ready for ISO 9001 audit. 
    • Gain knowledge about QMS implementation as per ISO 9001. 
    • Gain required understanding of team implementation management. 
    • Enhance decision-making capabilities in quality management.

    About Certification and Exam

    The ISO 9001 Lead Implementer certification is for those professionals who are aiming to advance their career level and who are responsible for successful implementing a Quality Management System required for project implementation. To earn ISO 9001 Lead Implementer certification, you need to take the ISO9-LI exam.

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    Course Outline

    • Introduction & suggested reading        
    • What is ISO 9001?        
    • The structure of ISO 9001        
    • Quality management principles in ISO 9001        
    • Introduction to the Quality Management System        
    • Implementing ISO 9001 requirements        
    • Implementing ISO 9001 as a project        
    • Documenting ISO 9001 requirements        
    • ISO 9001 Benefits
    • Introduction & suggested reading        
    • Understanding your organization and its context [clause 4.1]        
    • Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties [clause 4.2]        
    • Determining the scope of the QMS [clause 4.3]        
    • Leadership and commitment [clause 5.1]        
    • Quality Policy [clause 5.2]        
    • Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities [clause 5.3]        
    • Addressing risks and opportunities [clause 6.1]        
    • Quality objectives [clause 6.2]        
    • Resources [clause 7.1]        
    • Competence [clause 7.2]        
    • Awareness [clause 7.3]        
    • Communication [clause 7.4]        
    • Documented information [clause 7.5]
    • Introduction & suggested reading        
    • Operational planning and control [clause 8.1]        
    • Requirements for products and services [clause 8.2]        
    • Design and development of planning and inputs [clause 8.3]        
    • Design and development controls, outputs and changes [clause 8.3]        
    • Control of externally provided processes, products and services [clause 8.4]        
    • Control of production and service provision [clauses 8.5 ]        
    • Post production activities [clauses 8.5 and 8.6]        
    • Control of nonconforming outputs [clause 8.7]        
    • Operating the QMS [clause 8]
    • Introduction & suggested reading        
    • Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation [clause 9.1]        
    • Internal audit [clause 9.2]        
    • Management review [clause 9.3]        
    • Nonconformities and corrective actions [clause 10.1]        
    • Continual improvement [clause 10.2]
    • Introduction & suggested reading        
    • What is your situation?        
    • For consultants: Get more sales meetings with prospects        
    • How to get the interest of top management in your project?        
    • How to present the project        
    • Other techniques for presenting the project        
    • For consultants: Writing a great proposal
    • Introduction & suggested reading        
    • Define the scope of the project        
    • Key stages of the project        
    • Tips for project management        
    • Estimating the project        
    • Communication        
    • Use of tools        
    • Define roles and responsibilities        
    • Project manager beware        
    • Project documentation        
    • Write a Project Plan        
    • Kick-off meeting
    • Introduction & suggested reading        
    • Executing the project work        
    • Work assignment        
    • Managing work assignments and resources        
    • Enabling smooth project execution        
    • Gathering information and recommending changes        
    • Introducing documentation and changes in day-to-day use        
    • Overcoming the resistance to change
    • Introduction & suggested reading        
    • Verifying and issuing a status report        
    • Communication about the project status        
    • Monitor and control meeting        
    • Internal audit        
    • Management review purpose        
    • Management review preparation and execution        
    • Acceptance and implementation closure
    • Introduction & suggested reading        
    • Go for certification or not?        
    • Choose a certification body        
    • Certification process        
    • Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits        
    • Prepare the certification audit        
    • Logistics of the certification audit        
    • Preparing your people for the certification audit        
    • What to expect from the certification auditors        
    • After the certification audit
    • Introduction & suggested reading        
    • Keeping the certification        
    • Improving the management system        
    • Top management leadership and example        
    • Keep the management system updated        
    • Until the next surveillance audit        
    • What is the surveillance audit?

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    This course is an instructor-led online training.

    The duration of the course is 5 days.

    Yes, learners can get best possible assistance by Vinsys experts.

    Yes, candidate needs to inform atleast 4-5 days prior, if you do not wish to continue the course. But, after the course lectures are started no refund will not be initiated.

    The exam code for ISO 9001 Lead Implementer certification is ISO9-LI.

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