Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (SC-300T00)

Microsoft SC-300T00 Training Course

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The Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (SC-300T00) 04-day program is designed for individuals who want to specialize in providing identity solutions and access management systems for Azure-based solutions. The program will explore how to design, implement, and operate an organization's identity and access management systems using Microsoft Entra ID.
Learn how to set up the users, groups, and external identities to run solutions in this official training and reap numerous appealing benefits. Listed below are a select handful of them:
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Round-the-Clock Help

 After-Course Support

Extensive Training Resources

Personalized Career Guidance

Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (SC-300T00)

The Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (SC-300T00) course provides IT Identity and Access Professionals and IT Security Professionals with the expertise and competencies needed to establish identity administration based on Microsoft Azure AD and its associated identity techniques. This course will teach you how to set up and maintain identity and access management systems in small and large enterprises. The courses include information on Azure AD identity content, conditional access, enterprise application registration, identity governance, and other identity technologies. Participants can master critical Azure security concepts like identity protection and access management by enrolling in this four-day course. Additionally, you will learn how to organize and carry out an identity governance strategy. Upon finishing this course, you will be competent in configuring and debugging Microsoft IAM solutions in the cloud, creating and executing security policies on IAM, and managing applications in Azure Active Directory.
Using various instructional methods, Vinsys delivers Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (SC-300T00) course instruction. Learners practice implementing identity and access management solutions through instructor-led classes and interactive lab exercises. Participants can identify managerial solutions through cooperative problem-solving exercises and group discussions. Through interactive group conversations, learners can study real-world situations and improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills while receiving a solid theoretical basis from the trainers through classes. Self-paced learning resources and online courses are offered to accommodate different learning styles. Exams and assessments given regularly help students learn and track their development. You can select training periods that suit your schedule, and our instructor-led online training ensures close supervision. So, come on board with us to guarantee your seat and lead the way in defining contemporary digital security.

Course Curriculum


This course is for the Identity and Access Administrators planning to take the associated certification exam or performing identity and access administration tasks in their day-to-day job. Basically, the target audience consists of the following.
•    IT Professionals
•    System Administrators
•    Network Administrators
•    Security Analysts
•    Cybersecurity Professionals
•    Cloud and Infrastructure Specialists
•    DevOps Professionals
•    Microsoft Ecosystem Users
•    Professionals working with Microsoft 365
•    Azure Administrators
•    Aspiring IT Specialists


Learners who want to pursue Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (SC-300T00) must have prior knowledge and comprehension of the following:
•    Industry security standards and best practices for security include shared accountability, zero trust models, least privileged access, and defense in depth.
•    Understanding of identity principles, including active directory, authorization, and authentication.
•    Expertise in setting up Azure workloads. The course material expands on prior understanding of Azure administration by including security-specific information rather than covering the fundamentals of Azure administration.
•    While not necessary, some familiarity with the Windows and Linux operating systems and scripting languages is beneficial. Course labs may use PowerShell and the CLI.
•    Basic understanding of web technologies, as the course may cover single sign-on and authentication aspects.
•    Comfortable using Microsoft Office applications.


Upon the completion of the Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (SC-300T00) program, learners will be able to:
•    Design, implement, and operate an organization's identity and access management by using Microsoft Entra ID
•    Configure and manage the entire cycle of identities for users, devices, Microsoft Azure resources, and applications
•    Provide seamless experiences and self-service management capabilities for all users
•    Plan and implement identity, authorization, and access to connect applications and resources in Azure
•    Troubleshoot, monitor and report on identity and access
•    Implement identity governance
•    Collaborate with many other roles in the organization to drive strategic identity projects.
•    Modernize identity solutions
•    Implement hybrid identity solutions
•    Automate the management of Microsoft Entra ID using PowerShell
•    Analyze events using Kusto Query Language (KQL)

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Online Training

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  • Experienced Subject Matter Experts
  • Approved and Quality Ensured training Material
  • 24*7 leaner assistance and support

Corporate Training

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Course Outline

  •  Understanding Identity and Access Management
  • Overview of Microsoft Entra ID

•    Implementing User Identity Management
•    Implementing Device Identity Management
•    Implementing Microsoft Azure Resource Identity Management
•    Implementing Application Identity Management

•    Provisioning User and Device Accounts
•    Managing Identity and Access
•    Configuring Identity and Access Policies

•    Implementing Authentication Solutions
•    Implementing Authorization Solutions

•    Implementing Identity Governance
•    Implementing Access Governance

•    Analyzing Identity and Access Data
•    Troubleshooting Identity and Access Issues

•    Automating Identity and Access Management Tasks
•    Implementing Automation Solutions

•    Implementing Hybrid Identity Solutions
•    Managing Hybrid Identity Solutions

•    Migrating Identity Management Solutions to the Cloud
•    Implementing Modern Identity Management Solutions

Course Reviews


This course offers participants how to administer and deploy identity and access management systems in small and large businesses. Discover Azure's key security features, like access control and identity protection. Additionally, you will learn how to organize and carry out an identity governance strategy.

The participants will have access to the following throughout the course delivery
•    Microsoft documentation and resources
•    Training videos and tutorials
•    Online articles and blogs
•    Textbooks and reference books
•    Practice exams and quizzes
•    Sample scripts and code snippets

The Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (SC-300T00) certification requires learners to have an in-depth knowledge of industry security standards and best practices. Furthermore, the participants require knowledge of identification principles such as active directory, authorization, and authentication.

Pursuing a profession as a Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator is undoubtedly an excellent decision. It equips learners with abilities employers highly value as they prioritize strong security measures and are pertinent in today's IT environment. This course benefits various professions, including Security Analysts, Azure Administrator, Cybersecurity Specialist, and IT Security Consultant.

With the most up-to-date knowledge and abilities, Vinsys' trainers are professionals in their industry. Training programs have been updated per the new Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (SC-300T00) Curriculum. 

Vinsys is an excellent location for training because of its outstanding support system and authorized training programs. Apart from resources to aid them in maximizing value for the client, superior assistance is consistently available. Vinsys professionals are adept at recognizing the importance of technology and incorporating it into the overall business strategy. Vinsys maintains a comprehensive view while paying meticulous attention to details to guarantee that the system meets and exceeds requirements.