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Microsoft PowerApps (MS55265) Course

Master Designing Your App and Complex Features with Microsoft PowerApps Course!
Isn't it impressive that you can sketch your app designs on a small piece of paper and then convert them into an actual application? Learning the Microsoft PowerApps course will take you to an advanced level of Microsoft courses and its field. It allows you to make mobile and web apps from various inputs, PDFs and paper forms, whiteboard sketches, and even expert assets. You can add innumerable screens you wish to your app, consistently join your data, and publish apps from wireframes and graphics.  

With Vinsys’ instructor-led training sessions, you learn several concepts in an engaging way and stay ahead of your colleagues in hands-on experiences and conceptual clarity!


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55265: Microsoft PowerApps Course Overview

The 55625: Microsoft PowerApps is a two-day, instructor –led training course. You will learn how to configure PowerApps in ways other than using automatically generated shortcuts. The training explains the complex components and corrects usage of every feature and setting of PowerApps. After completing the course, you can import class data from Excel, design an app from a blank pattern, and associate with a scope of data providers from Excel to Azure SQL. You could also boost professional development and design skills with Microsoft PowerApps (55625) course. 
You can create a new app from data sources, inquire about an app, share and publish apps, use PowerApps mobile apps, and design a response screen in PowerApps. There are a lot of solid commands and features that you will be learning with the Microsoft PowerApps course. 

Course Curriculum


The training is open for every level, from novice to forward learner. From a beginner who plans to contrive data entry points in SharePoint to a leading learner who requires the use of exceptional formulas to take their apps to a higher level, this training is transparent to everyone.


As this course is accessible to everyone from inexperienced to advanced level learners, there is no need for any past practicality of PowerApps for taking this course. But there should be an immediate insight into designing flowcharts, tables, data management, and applications' operations.


  • Brand PowerApps
  • Describe the components of PowerApps and their correct use
  • Integrate PowerApps with other Office 365 systems – including Teams and SharePoint Online
  • Create PowerApps from existing data sources
  • Administer and Maintain PowerApps
  • Connect to a range of data sources from Excel to Azure SQL
  • Understand when to use PowerApps
  • Customize PowerApps beyond just using the automated wizards
  • Understand the difference between canvas apps and model-driven apps

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  • Experienced Subject Matter Experts
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  • 24*7 Leaner Assistance And Support


Customized According To Team's Requirements

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Course Outline

  • What is PowerApps?
  • The benefits of apps
  • How to get PowerApps
  • Canvas Apps and Model-Driven Apps
  • License Options and Costs
  • Discover PowerApps with Templates

Lab 1: Introduction to PowerApps

  • Try the Cost Estimator App
  • Download and Review App Design
  • Sample App of your choice
  • Building a new app from a data source
  • Add, edit and remove controls
  • Intro to Formulas
  • Testing an app
  • App Settings
  • Publish and Share Apps
  • Version History and Restore
  • PowerApps Mobile App

Lab 1: Getting Started

  • Create App from an existing Data Source
  • Publish and Share
  • View an app on your mobile device
  • Less is more
  • Duplicate Screens
  • Fonts
  • Screen Colors and Matching Colors
  • Screen Backgrounds
  • Buttons and Icons
  • Hide on Timer
  • Size and Alignment by reference
  • Show and Hide on Timer

Lab 1: Branding and Media

  • Backgrounds and icons
  • Import Class Data from Excel
  • Duplicate Screen
  • Text Controls for Data Entry and Display
  • Controls - Dropdowns, combo box, date picker, radio button, and more
  • Forms - Add and edit data in underlying data sources quickly
  • Charts - present information in pie, line, and bar charts

Lab 1: Build Apps from Blank

  • Create an App from the blank template
  • Add Controls to collect and display data
  • Add Formulas to allow the controls to interact
  • Data Storage and Services
  • How do I decide which database to use?
  • Connect to on-premises data - Gateway
  • What is Delegation?
  • Specific Data Examples
  • Displaying Data

Lab 1: Data Source and Logic

  • SharePoint List connects to App
  • Flow to collect tweets to SharePoint
  • Display Tweets in PowerApps using the Twitter service
  • Create a reply screen in PowerApps
  • What is a model-driven app?
  • Where will my data be stored?
  • Creating a model-driven app
  • Canvas vs. model-driven summary

Lab 1: Model-Driven App

  • Switch to Model-Driven mode in PowerApps
  • Navigate the Model-Drive app interface
  • Test a Sample App
  • Edit the Sample App
  • Embed PowerApps in Teams
  • Embed PowerApps in SharePoint Online
  • Start a Flow from a PowerApps

Lab 1: PowerApps Integration

  • Embed your app in Microsoft Teams
  • Embed your app in SharePoint Online
  • Identify which users have been using PowerApps.
  • Reuse an app in another location (move from testing or development to production)
  • Review app usage
  • Prevent a user from using PowerApps
  • Manage environments

Lab 1: Administration and Maintenance

  • Export an app for use in another location
  • Review current PowerApps users in your test environment

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Mastering advanced features of PowerApps will boost your employability in the industry.