Oracle Middleware 12c: Build Rich Client Applications with ADF Ed 1

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Build Rich Client Applications with ADF Ed 1 Training teaches you how to use the powerful, declarative features of ADF Business Components to build and test reusable business services. The Oracle Middleware 12c Course will help you expose yourself in the user interface using ADF Faces client components. Each ADF Faces component offers complete customization, skinning and support for internationalization and accessibility, as well as a rich set of visualization components capable of rendering dynamic charts, graphs, gauges and other graphics that provide real-time updates.



This course is intended for:

  • Individuals who want to design J2EE components using ADF.
  • Who wish to learn and use new capabilities of Oracle JDeveloper
  • Developers who wish to build end-to-end web applications

  • Application Developers
  • J2EE Developers
  • Java EE Developers

This course covers the following concepts:

  • This training teaches you how to use the powerful, declarative features of ADF Business Components to build and test reusable business services,.
  • To expose the user interfaces using ADF Faces client components.


This course teaches you how to:

  • Generate JSF pages and use rich client components in JSF pages learning the Oracle Middleware 12c course
  • Learning to add validations to ADF applications and Securing web applications through Build Rich Client Certification
  • Test, debug, and deploy the ADF Business Components and the web application
  • Build and customize a business service by using ADF Business Components

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  • Procure knowledge on database development tools through the certification program
  • Build Rich Client Applications study material encompasses hands-on exercise for better understanding by the professionals

Amruta Dhaval Phansalkar

Sr. Subject matter Expert

Experience as an Oracle SME and Corporate Trainer .Around 1500+ Man Days of experience in delivering Corporate Trainings on SQL,PLSQL,Advanced SQL,Advanced PLSQL, Forms And Reports,Oracle ADF,Oracle SOA Suite.Masters Degree in Computer Management.

  • Oracle 11g Certified.

What is Oracle ADF?

  • The Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) is an end-to-end application framework that builds on J2EE standards and open-source technologies to simplify and accelerate implementing service-oriented applications. If you develop enterprise solutions that search, display, create, modify, and validate data using web,wireless, desktop, or web services interfaces, Oracle ADF can simplify your job. Used in tandem, Oracle JDeveloper 10g and Oracle ADF give you an environment that covers the full development lifecycle from design to deployment, with drag-and-drop data binding, visual UI design, and team development features built-in.

What is actionlistener?

  • An action listener is a class that wants to be notified when a command component fires an action event. An action listener contains an action listener method that processes the action event object passed to it by the command component.

What is Top Link?

  • Top Link is an Object-Relational Mapping layer that provides a map between the Java objects that the model uses and the database that is the source of their data.By default, a session is created named default. In the following steps, you create a new session.

What is Managed Bean?

  • JavaBean objects managed by a JSF implementation are called managed beans. A managed bean describes how a bean is created and managed. It has nothing to do with the bean’s functionality.Managed bean is about how the bean is created and initialized. As you know, jsf uses the lazy initialization model. It means that the bean in the particular scope is created and initialized not at the moment when the scope is started, but on-demand, i.e. when the bean is first time required.

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Mr. Pravin Pawar

Senior Engineer

Constant updating on the new trends works in favor of a web designer. I was introduced to Build Rich client application training program. I chose to complete my courses with Vinsys. The courses that I chose were very well managed and the timings suited mine. Also I was able to learn the skills of using a coding software named Oracle Middleware 12c. This has now made me a better web designer.


Nirvritha satheesh

IAssistant Manager

When I became a successful IT Professional, I was usually asked the key to my success. My only answer to them is Vinsys. The courses that I had selected were not so easy to learn and very difficult to master. But thanks to their excellent faculty I was able to upgrade my skills without any hindrances and obtained the Certification.


Mr.Clemente Gatbonton

Technical Lead

The main software used for coding nowadays is the Oracle Middleware 12c. The courses for these are very few and people like me search for professional assistance. I turned towards Vinsys where the training courses for Oracle were available. After completing the course, I was able to obtain my certification with much ease. Later getting a job was a lot easier.

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