Oracle SQL 12 c

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This Oracle SQL 12 c Certification Course will help you understand the advanced features of SQL. Learning these features will help you query and manipulate data within the database. Using the dictionary views to retrieve metadata and create reports about their schema objects will be made possible through Oracle SQL12 c Certification. Some of the date-time functions available in the Oracle Database are also covered. This Oracle SQL 12 c Training program also discusses how to use the regular expression support in SQL through expert instruction.



This course is intended for:

  • Individuals who want to know basics of dbms, rdbms and sql programming.

  • Application Developers
  • System Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Warehouse Administrator
  • PLSQL Developer


This course covers the following concepts:

  • Identify the major structural components of the Oracle Database 12c.
  • Manage objects with data dictionary views.
  • Manage schema objects.
  • Use scalar and correlated sub-queries and Utilize views to display data.


This course teaches you how to:

  • Oracle SQL 12 c Course enables you to write sub queries, combine multiple queries into a single query using SET operators
  • SQL 12c Certification is all inclusive in familiarizing you with report aggregated data using group functions

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  • Oracle SQL 12 c Training Program covers over 8 hours of instructor-led training
  • Procure knowledge on database development tools through Oracle SQL 12 c Certification program
  • Oracle SQL 12 c study material encompasses hands-on exercise for better understanding by the professionals

Amruta Dhaval Phansalkar

Sr. Subject matter Expert

Experience as an Oracle SME and Corporate Trainer .Around 1500+ Man Days of experience in delivering Corporate Trainings on SQL,PLSQL,Advanced SQL,Advanced PLSQL, Forms And Reports,Oracle ADF,Oracle SOA Suite.Masters Degree in Computer Management.

  • Oracle 11g Certified.

What is SQL?

  • SQL stands for Structured Query Language , and it is used to communicate with the Database. This is a standard language used to perform tasks such as retrieval, updation, insertion and deletion of data from a database.Standard SQL Commands are Select.

What is a Database?

  • Database is nothing but an organized form of data for easy access, storing, retrieval and managing of data. This is also known as structured form of data which can be accessed in many ways.Example: School Management Database, Bank Management Database.

What is a primary key?

  • A primary key is a combination of fields which uniquely specify a row. This is a special kind of unique key, and it has implicit NOT NULL constraint. It means, Primary key values cannot be NULL

What is a unique key?

  • A Unique key constraint uniquely identified each record in the database. This provides uniqueness for the column or set of columns.A Primary key constraint has automatic unique constraint defined on it. But not, in the case of Unique Key.There can be many unique constraint defined per table, but only one Primary key constraint defined per table.

What is a foreign key?

  • A foreign key is one table which can be related to the primary key of another table. Relationship needs to be created between two tables by referencing foreign key with the primary key of another table.

What is a join?

  • This is a keyword used to query data from more tables based on the relationship between the fields of the tables. Keys play a major role when JOINs are used..

What is a query?

  • A DB query is a code written in order to get the information back from the database. Query can be designed in such a way that it matched with our expectation of the result set. Simply, a question to the Database.

What is subquery?

  • A subquery is a query within another query. The outer query is called as main query, and inner query is called subquery. SubQuery is always executed first, and the result of subquery is passed on to the main query.

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Mr. Pravin Pawar

Senior Engineer

Training was good. Trainer was excellent and maintained a high degree of professionalism through out the training.He had great patience in clarifying all the questions and quoted very good examples to explain the concepts. Overall it was a great experience.


Nirvritha satheesh

IAssistant Manager

It was an overall good experience and the teaching infrastructure offered was excellent. The instructor was very good. The examples and knowledge he shared will help us all in our day to day life. The entire training helped me understand the concepts which I’m sure will be helpful in a long run.


Mr.Clemente Gatbonton

Technical Lead

The certification program was 100% successful and the training was awesome. The instructor was enthusiastic and helped us all to understand and learn the concepts. The course was properly conducted and delivered. In short, it was a wonderful experience.

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