PL-200 Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant

PL 200 Exam Certification

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PL-200T00: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant is a 04-days Power Platform course for which professionals must have an in-depth understanding of the platform's key products and additional attributes. The learners will use the provided design in collaboration with the solution architect and artifact the user experience designers establish. Third-party applications and services can then be connected upon learning the concepts. You can create application enhancement, process automation, reporting, and tailoring the user experience. With Vinsys, learners will get the below-mentioned benefits after enrolling for the course:  
•    24/7 support is available throughout the entire course
•    Continuous assistance and periodic course updates
•    Access to comprehensive course material
•    Customized expert training resources tailored to your specific needs
•    Engage in a classroom approach driven by inquiries


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24/7 support is available throughout the entire course

Continuous assistance and periodic course updates

Access to comprehensive course material

Customized expert training resources tailored to your specific needs

PL-200 Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant

PL-200T00: The Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant course is instructor-led, ensuring learners are connected with customers efficiently. With the support of the Microsoft Power Platform, organizational professionals can automate business processes, leading to the development and enhancement of customer app experiences. With the platform, you can connect with the target customers efficiently and fast. The course learners shall execute discovery, engage the subject matter experts, capture requirements, translate requirements, engage stakeholders, and configure the Microsoft Power Platform Solution. 
Our instructor-led course is designed by experts who enhance the professionals' learning experience and ensure that they are not confused at any point in the course. The contents are designed in a simple manner to ensure that the learners will not face any difficulty in learning them. Along with the theoretical concepts, the course includes a hands-on lab session that will improve application enhancement, system integration, customer user experience, customer process automation, data conversions, and custom visualizations. The Microsoft Power Platform includes four main products: Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, Power BI, and Power Automate. These four key products will be covered in the course concepts, making learners develop an in-depth skill for it. Additional sections like portals, Microsoft Dataverse, connectors, and AI builder are covered in the course. You will understand the process of making model-driven apps with the use of Power Apps and design a simple chatbot using Power Virtual Agents.

Course Curriculum


The professional working as the Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant is responsible for creating and configuring the apps, solutions, and automation. They work as the connecting force between the implementation team and users and hence can take this course. Learners will have the responsibility of promoting the utilization of solutions in their respective organizations. 


Upon taking the course, functional consultants might also indulge in performing discovery, capturing requirements, engaging subject matter experts, and mapping requirements of the features present on the platform. In order to enroll for the course, learners must fulfill the below-mentioned criteria:
•    Prior experience of taking PL-100 or similar courses having the equivalent learning experience. 
•    Microsoft Power Platform's working knowledge, along with the key components of the platform, is required to create applications driven by models, Canvas applications, and automation applications in link with the business rules.
•    Having prior experience working as an application-building professional or IT professional.
•    Having a clear understanding of Microsoft Dataverse along with the security concepts to generate modeling components of data.


After the successful completion of the course, learners will be able to:
•    Create model-driven portal and canvas applications.
•    Execution and creation of the Power Automate Flows.
•    Designing a simple chatbot using Power Virtual Agents.
•    Work with the respective organization in order to gather requirements and utilize the Microsoft Power Platform solutions. 
•    Analyze the collected data with the use of the Power BI dashboard and visualization.
•    Collaborate with cross-functional teams to apply advanced virtualization techniques.
•    Learn to iterate solutions and refine the results.
•    Integrate with the Power Platform to build a cohesive and interconnected ecosystem.

About The Certification

PL-200T00 Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant Examination Certification measures your ability to describe Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, visualize data, define an environment strategy, create and manage process automation, and more. Your ability to configure Dataverse is being measured in this exam so that you can interface and effectively communicate with the members of a delivery team and customer teams at the organization. The certification related to the PL-200T00 exam is Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate, which makes you an effective resource for projects and other engagements with no code or low code.

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Course Outline

•    Microsoft Power Platform Overview
•    Background understanding of Power apps, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Virtual agents 
•    Identify the key components of the Microsoft Power Platform
•    Validate lab environment

•    Work with tables
•    Configure security settings
•    Understand data types and behavior
•    Create relationships
•    Create an app
•    Create tables and columns
•    Work in an environment within the Microsoft Power Platform admin center
•    Understand tables, columns, rows, and relationships
•    Additional table settings
•    Configure a data model in Dataverse

•    Forms and views
•    Building blocks of model-driven apps
•    Modify forms
•    Design model-driven apps
•    Connect to data in Power Apps
•    Modify views
•    App designer
•    Design an application user experience
•    Build a Power Apps model-driven app

•    Configure user experience in a canvas app
•    Power Apps studio
•    User experience
•    Understand the building blocks of a canvas app
•    Build a Power Apps canvas app
•    Canvas apps capabilities
•    Build a canvas app
•    Work with data and services

•    Recognize types of Power Apps portals for different audiences
•    Power Apps portals architecture
•    Register users for portal access
•    Authentication and user management
•    Understand how to use Dataverse data in a portal
•    Access Microsoft Dataverse in your portal

•    Create security roles
•    Business rules
•    Create users and grant security roles
•    Create and configure advanced business rules
•    Power Automate overview
•    Configure a new business rule
•    Advanced business rules
•    Create users
•    Create and configure security roles

•    Use triggers and actions
•    Fundamentals of cloud flows
•    Create a flow
•    Triggers
•    Create cloud flows
•    Actions
•    Build an approval flow
•    Understand the fundamentals of cloud flows

•    Identify when to use desktop flows and how to process advisor can help
•    Build desktop flows
•    Use desktop flows
•    Process advisor
•    Understand the value of desktop flows

•    Using business process flow designer
•    Why use business process flows
•    Build a branching business process flow
•    Build a business process flow
•    Automating your business process flow
•    Know how to add automation to a business process flow
•    Create business process flows
•    Use the business process flow designer

•    Include a flow in a chatbot
•    Create a chatbot
•    Create topics and entities
•    Build a chatbot
•    Automate and integrate
•    Configure topics
•    Configure entities
•    Test and publish chatbots

•    Use charts and dashboards in Dataverse
•    Get started with Power BI
•    Use tabular reporting options in Dataverse
•    Consume data in Power BI
•    Export data visualizations for stakeholders
•    Create visualizations
•    Model data in Power BI
•    Create visualizations and dashboards
•    Publish and share in Power BI

•    Using solutions
•    Consultant skills
•    Export data
•    Build delete data
•    Build an Excel template
•    Build charts
•    Import data
•    Duplicate detection
•    AI Builder
•    Build dashboards
•    Build a Word template

Course Reviews


Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant is a 04-days course. 

The course will prepare the learners for the PL-200: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant. After passing the certification exam, learners will be eligible for the American Council on Education (ACE) college credits. 

The following tasks are assessed on this exam: setting up Microsoft Dataverse, utilizing Power Apps to create apps, managing and creating process automation, describing Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, importing and visualizing data using dataflows and Power BI, and defining an environment strategy.

The passing score for the exam is 700/1000.

The Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant course is simple with the content and includes hands-on lab sessions that will make sure that the practical application of the Microsoft Power Platform is effectively learned for you. The experts at Vinsys will provide guidance throughout the learning schedule whilst reviewing and managing your queries.

In order to enroll for the course, learners should have prior experience of taking PL-100 or similar experience, working experience at application building or IT professional, working knowledge of the Microsoft Power platform along with the key components of the platform, and have a clear understanding of Microsoft Dataverse along with the security concepts. 

The course is designed for IT professionals who have used the Microsoft Power Platform. 

You can choose your learning path to upskill with Vinsys' subject matter experts upon customizing training needs to ensure 100% results. We boost your odds of success by helping you prepare for required exams and earn the certification.

After clearing the Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant exam, you will be aware of the PL-200T00 Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant certification. Upon then, you will be eligible for the ACE college credits.