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Microsoft Power BI Training Course

The Microsoft Power BI certification will help you learn Power BI concepts as BI reports, dashboards, Power BI DAX commands, dashboard, and Power BI desktop layouts. Our hands-on Power BI training course lets you master the Power BI tool. In this course, participants will learn Power BI architecture, visualizations, reports, and methods to derive meaningful business insights.


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Microsoft Power BI Course Overview

Power BI is an analytical tool to help business enterprises extract useful insights from the enormous amount of data they have. The Microsoft Power BI tool is a cost-effective solution that allows the extraction of data from multiple unrelated sources and converts it into a set of information, charts, graphs, and interactive dashboards. In this Power BI certification course, you will get to learn ways of representing data in simple and understandable patterns to the senior management of your organization for future predictions and data modeling.

Vinsys provides practical Power BI training with exposure to handling real data and performing actions on the data with real-time access to the tool. This fosters participants’ learning experience and gives them the confidence to operate within the tool. We lead your journey from creating your first graph to the latest advanced technique in Power BI.

Course Curriculum


Power BI training is ideal for professionals who:

  • Aim to occupy positions such as Business Development Managers, Business Analysts, etc.
  • Want to utilize their statistical skills to derive useful business insights
  • Require extensive business intelligence knowledge in areas such as sales, marketing, or finance

Eligibility Criteria

You do not need any specific knowledge to take this Microsoft Power BI training.

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Course Outline

Introduction to Microsoft Power BI

The key features of Power BI workflow

 Desktop application

 BI service

File data sources

Sourcing data from the web (OData and Azure)

 Building a dashboard

 Data visualization

 Publishing to the cloud

 DAX data computation

 Row context

 Filter context

 Analytics pane

Creating columns and measures

Data drill-down and drill-up

Creating tables

 Binned tables

 Data modeling and relationships

Power BI Components such as Power View, Map, Query, and Pivot

Power Q&A

 Understanding advanced visualization

Learning about Power Query for self-service ETL functionalities

 Introduction to data mashup

 Working with Excel data

 Learning about Power BI Personal Gateway

 Extracting data from files, folders, and databases

 Working with Azure SQL database and database sources

 Connecting to Analysis Services

 SaaS functionalities of Power BI

Installing Power BI

Various requirements and configuration settings

 Power Query

 Introduction to Query Editor

 Data transformation – column, row, text, data types, adding and filling columns, number column, column formatting, transpose table, appending, splitting, and formatting data, pivot and unpivot, merge join, relational operators, date, time calculations, working with M functions, lists, records, tables, and generators

 Filters and slicers

Index and conditional columns

 Summary tables

 Writing custom functions and error handling

M advanced data transformations

Introduction to Power Pivot

 Learning about the xVelocity engine

 Advantages of Power Pivot

 Various versions and relationships

 Strongly typed datasets

 Data analysis expressions

 Measures, calculated members, rows, filter and evaluation context, context interactions, context over relations, and schema relations

 Learning about table, information, logical, text, iterator, and time intelligence functions

 Cumulative charts, calculated tables, and ranking and rank over groups

Power Pivot advanced functionalities

 Date and time functions

 DAX advanced features

 Embedding Power Pivot in Power BI Desktop

Deep dive into Power BI data visualization

Understanding Power View and Power Map

Power BI Desktop visualization

Formatting and customizing visuals

Visualization interaction

 SandDance visualization

Deploying Power View on SharePoint and Excel

Top-down and bottom-up analytics

 Comparing volume and value-based analytics

 Working with Power View to create reports, charts, scorecards, and other visually rich formats

 Categorizing, filtering, and sorting data using Power View


 Mastering the best practices

 Custom visualization

Authenticating a Power BI web application

 Embedding dashboards in applications

Introduction to Power Q & A

Intuitive tool to answer tough queries using natural language

Getting answers in the form of charts, graphs, and data discovery methodologies

Ad-hoc analytics building

Power BI Q&A best practices

Integrating with SaaS applications

Getting to understand Power BI Desktop

Aggregating data from multiple data sources

How Power Query works in the Power BI Desktop environment

Learning about data modeling and data relationships

Deploying data gateways

Scheduling data refresh

Managing groups, row-level security, datasets, reports, and dashboards

Working with calculated measures

Power Pivot on the Power BI Desktop ecosystem

Mastering data visualization

Power View on Power BI Desktop

Creating real-world solutions using Power BI

Analyzing data with Power BI

  • Analytics is integral in decision-making for more than 70% of the leading corporates – ISM Survey
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence market is ever-growing - Gartner
  • Business Intelligence Analysts earn US $89,000 in the United States – PayScale

Power BI is a tool that provides you power to enable enterprises gain business insights. With expertise in Power BI, you can easily work with multiple data sources and convert it into reports, graphs, or data visualizations. With the Microsoft’s Power PI, you can deliver and deploy real-time insights faster than other BI tools in the market. This Power BI certification training prepares you to land in your dream companies and will help grow your career at a rapid pace.

Course Reviews


Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool. Power BI is used to find useful insights from an organization’s data. The tool can help connect to multiple data sources, transform and clean the data in order to prepare insightful reports, interactive visualizations and predictive models.

Power BI is extremely easy and simple to learn. You can see to it as Excel formulas on steroids.

Power BI Desktop is a free application that can be installed on your local computer and allows you to connect to, transform, and visualize data. Users use Power BI Desktop to create reports, graphs, and visualizations.

Power BI community is a growing online community in the field of data analytics. The tool is popular among nearly 20,000 organizations and counts to over 5 million subscribers.

Microsoft’s Power BI certification provides candidates an extra edge over the others during a job interview. With a certificate to validate your skills, you definitely gain privilege to display your potential and also can demand higher salaries.

Microsoft certifications are globally recognized and are worth pursuing to land into a job of your dream company. Employers prefer to employ professionally certified candidates to ensure results and with this certification training in one of the world’s leading BI tools, you are sure to grab some amazing job opportunities.

Yes, Vinsys offers a valid Microsoft certification to all those who successfully clear the certification exam.

Vinsys trains and empowers candidates with the necessary job-ready skills such as Power BI and thus guarantees a prospective career path. With over 21 years of expertise in the field, Vinsys onboards trainers who have more than 15 years of relevant industry exposure to bring in a skill-driven approach to learning. The course material as well as practice material is curated as per the latest industry updates and guidelines.

People trust us because of our dedication to learning empowerment:

  • We have trained 750,000+ professionals till date
  • Our learning hours are flexible and convenient
  • Our trainers are highly qualified and possess relevant industry exposure
  • We focus on hands-on skill enhancement
  • We conduct multiple practice tests