Red Hat Application Development I (AD184)

Red Hat Application Development (I) Training

This course exposes Professional Java Regular Version (Java SE) programmers to the domain of Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE). Red Hat® Professional Software Platform 7.0 is the foundation of this curriculum.
It is a holistic program that will help you develop skills in JAVA EE specifications. Knowing about significant Java EE guidelines, such as Enterprise Java Beans, Java Persistence API, Java Messaging Service, JAX-RS for REST solutions, Environments and Dependency Injection (CDI), and JAAS for software security will allow you to convert Java SE task track software into a cross corporation proposal across practical learning research facilities.

Vinsys’ innovative instructional approach coupled with 24* 7 support will serve as a foundation for achieving the highest certification- Red Hat Certified Architect.


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Red Hat Application Development I (AD184) Course Overview

Enroll for a 5-days (40 hours) course from Vinsys accredited by Red Hat. Through hands-on learning blended with lab experiments and interactive classes, you will learn to transform a simple Java SE command line application into a multi-tiered enterprise application. The course will help you learn various Java EE specifications, which help manage distributed queues and make interactive web pages. 

Course Curriculum


Java experts willing to explore and learn more about specifications comprising Java EE. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Expertise with an IDE like Red Hat Developer Studio or Eclipse. 
  • More than two years of knowledge in creating Java SE applications. 
  • Maven expertise is preferred, though not mandatory.

Course Objectives

  • Creating multi-tiered applications using Java EE.
  • Utilizing various technologies, prepare Java EE programs for deployment to Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Gateway.
  • Making an account of an Enterprise Java Bean.
  • Utilize Java Retention API to control database preservation.
  • Using JAX-RS to build a cloud server.
  • Using the Java Communication System to save and fetch data.
  • Installing and branding Java EE applications. 
  • Creating sense-articled corporate Java beans, among other beans.
  • Using JAX-RS to build REST applications.
  • Implementing Contexts and Dependency Injection.
  • Using JMS to build networking applications.
  • Using JAAS to secure Java EE applications.
  • Establishing verifications for persistent objects


The Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer Exam will help you achieve certification linked to the EX183. The exam evaluates your basic understanding of Java APIs needed to create and implement contemporary business solutions.
Completing the exam will make you Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer. It will further pave the way to the highest certification- Red Hat Certified Architect. Everyone can attempt the test; however, to achieve a Red Hat Certified Enterprise Microservices Programmer, you need to possess either an RHCEAD or an RHCJD.  The examination is built on Eclipse MicroProfile 1.3.

Here at Vinsys, you will

  • Attempt customizable mock exams to track your progress
  • Get access to quality exam material to ease your preparation process
  • Receive continuous feedback and evaluations, which will make you more result-oriented.
  • Catch up with the latest syllabus and other updates.

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Course Outline

  • Differentiate from Java EE and Java SE apps when describing the characteristics of Java EE.
  • Develop software, compress it, and publish it to an EAP domain controller. Explain the structure of Java EE web servers.
  • Create corporate Java beans, particularly beans that are comment-based
  • Establish verifications for persistent objects.
  • Configure the JPA object associations by defining them.
  • Utilize the JAX-RS standard to construct REST APIs.
  • Discuss common CDI usage examples and effectively integrate CDI into a system.
  • Develop unified communications applications that use the JMS API to deliver and collect information.
  • Employ JAAS to protect a Java EE program.
  • Show mastery of the concepts and abilities you learned in training.

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Java is an object-oriented programming language having a specific platform and syntax. Java offers four different platforms, i.e.,  Java EE, Java SE, Java ME, and Java FX. Java EE is the platform that provides an environment to create large-scale and secured network applications. 

At Vinsys, we start from the basic levels and gradually help the professionals to grasp all the complicated programming necessities to ace the Java EE platform usage and implementation. Our trainers have more than 15 years of industry experience, and with their support, you can be ready to land your dream job easily.

No, students don’t have to finish a certain number of classes to qualify for a qualification test.

To complete professional examinations, you have three chances with a professional fee. Assessment timed practice and test sessions are included in the three tries. 

Using the membership site, you may sign up for the certifying assessment. You must undertake single examinations using the membership, wherever you are. Tests can be taken individually or online.