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This Selenium Certification Training program is designed to get participants familiarized with the web testing tool. The Selenium Certification teaches in depth concepts of Selenium WebDriver 3 and Java. It focuses on the basics first and then moves towards the advance concepts of Selenium, Java and Framework development. Comfortable to understand, the functional automation testing using selenium java web driver. and understand the basic features of java web driver method. As a professional, you can implement automation framework using Selenium Training Course.



  • Learn about the features of java webdriver.
  • Selenium IDE ,RC, GRID,WebDriver.
  • Java Web Driver Method.
  • How to Record & Replay the Automated script.
  • How to implement TestNG framework in IDE.
  • How to conduct JUnit Test.

  • Fresh Graduates
  • Manual Tester
  • Automation Tester
  • Java Developer

Selenium Basics:

  • What is selenium?
  • Why selenium?
  • Selenium tool suite
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium web driver
  • Selenium Grid
  • Different Automation tool

Selenium Trainings:

  • Describe selenium and its purpose
  • Understand selenium Ide
  • Explain Junit
  • Explain Locators
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium testNG framework
  • TestNG Report

Selenium WebDriver:

  • Introduction to selenium web driver
  • Different types of web driver
  • Overview of WebDriver method
  • Setup WebDriver method in Eclipse Project
  • Creating script in java using selenium Web Driver
  • Identify and understand the object
  • Different Web Driver method
  • Working with buttons, checkbox, radio button
  • Handle popup windows

Selenium WebDriver Advance:

  • Implicit and Explicit wait
  • Working with proxy and profile
  • Taking screenshot
  • HTML5
  • Grid implementation



  • Practice Selenium basics through the Selenium Training Course Program
  • Grasp Selenium features and Components
  • Attain knowledge on Selenium Java Web Driver through Selenium Certification.
  • Master the use of Selenium Java Advanced Web Driver
  • Gain insight of Selenium IDE

  • UFT
  • RFT

Mr.Robert Nadar


Robert Nadar is an International Testing Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer, Speaker, with specialization in Performance Testing , Functional Testing ,Manual Testing and all other Test Management tools. He is an HP Certified Trainer for LoadRunner 11.0



  • Selenium Experts having more than 10 years of Industry and Training Experience in imparting Selenium Training Course.
  • Trained over 10,000 Professionals across the Globe to clear Selenium Training Exam
  • Facilitators conducted more than 100 Selenium Certification Trainings.

What is automation and Advantages of automation?

  • The process of converting the manual test cases to test scripts by using any automation tool is known as Automation
  • Advantages:
  • It saves time by executing the test cases without manual effort
  • CTC(Cost to the company) can be saved
  • We can maintain Accuracy by repeating the same task in same manner
  • Bugs can be identified
  • We can report the bugs to the developer
  • We can ensure for quality

What are the components available in Selenium?

  • Selenium contains 4 components
  • Selenium IDE 2. Selenium RC 3. Selenium WebDriver 4. Selenium Grid

Why should we go for Selenium instead of QTP (or) How is Selenium different from commercial browser automation tools?

  • Selenium is an opensource automation tool
  • It supports multiple languages like Java,C#,Perl,python,Ruby,HTML and PHP
  • It supports Firefox, IE, Google chrome, Safari and Opera
  • Supports Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Supports Web and mobile Applications
  • Its very flexible and extendable

What is Selenium IDE?

  • IDE stands for integrated Development environment
  • It is for Record and Run the Scripts
  • Selenium IDE is an add on for Firefox
  • Its accountable for user actions
  • Recorded script can be viewed in the supported languages like HTML, JAVA, C#, Ruby, Python
  • Recorded script can be run against other browsers also by using Selenium RC or Webdriver

How to capture screen shot in web driver.?

  • We can capture screenshot by using below two lines:
  • File scrFile = ((TakesScreenshot)driver).getScreenshotAs(OutputType.FILE);
  • FileUtils.copyFile(scrFile, new File(“D:\screenshot.png”));

How to maximize the browser in web driver.?

  • driver.manage().window().maximize();

How to run selenium server from command prompt.?

  • Go to command prompt
  • Give the path, Where the selenium server is saved ex: cd E: Library
  • Use the command “java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.42.2.jar”

What is Selenium RC?

  • RC stands for Remote Control. It is a server and it launches browsers. It acts as API and library. It controls the entire automation

How many test cases can be automated per day.?

  • It always depends on the application and test cases. But on and average we can automate 5 to 6 test cases per day. Ex: 1. For analysing the test cases 2. Developing the script 3. Debugging and executing the script 4. Stabilizing the script

What challenges you have faced with Selenium.?

  • Challenge means problems or issues
  • Maintaining synchronization is a challenge in Selenium
  • Handling Desktop, Flex, Flash elements is challenge with selenium.
  • Proving the user defined Results a challenge
  • Taking the data from the application is a challenge

How to handle SSL Certificate issue in Firefox with Webdriver (or) How do you handle the secured connection error in HTTPS?

  • FirefoxProfile profile = new FirefoxProfile();
  • profile.setAcceptUntrustedCertificates(true);
  • profile.setAssumeUntrustedCertificateIssuer(false);
  • driver=new FirefoxDriver(profile);

What is the latest version of Selenium available?

  • selenium-server-standalone-2.42.3.jar

How to handle SSL certication issue in IE?

  • Add the below command after opening the browser.
  • driver.navigate().to(“javascript:document.getElementById(‘overridelink’).click()”);

How to change the port number for Selenium RC?

  • Syntax: -jar seleniumJarfileName -port anyFourdigitNo
  • Ex: -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.33.0.jar -port 1234

How do you start Selenium RC from command prompt?

  • Save the selenium jarfile (Selenium-server-standalone-2.34.0.jar) in any folder (Ex: D:/Library)
  • Open command prompt
  • Navigate to the path where you have saved the jar file and follow the below steps
  • D:
  • cd D:/Library
  • java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.34.0.jar

What locators available in Selenium RC?

  • ID
  • Name
  • CSS (Cascade style sheet)
  • XPATH (Relative xpath and Absolute xpath)
  • Dom

What locators available in Selenium Webdriver?

  • ID
  • Name
  • CSS
  • Classname
  • TagName
  • LinkText
  • Partial Link Text

How to create DefaultSelenium object and what parameters needs to be pass?

  • DefaultSelenium selenium= new DefaultSelenium(“localhost”,4444,”*firefox”,”http://”);
  • localhost – It is the machine name and selenium server should be configured in the specific machine
  • 4444 – It’s selenium port number.
  • firefox – Its is the command to launch firefox
  • http:// – Protocol to open URL

How many types of Xpaths are available?

  • Xpath is two types:
  • Relative XPath
  • Absolute XPath

What is the difference between single and double slash in Xpath.?

  • // is the starting point of the Xpath
  • / will navigate into the tag
  • Ex: //html/head/body/div1/div2/……

How to handle Alerts and Confirmation Alerts in WebDriver?

  • We have to navigate to Alert or Confirmation as below,
  • driver.switchTo().alert()
  • To click OK or Cancel on Alert or Confirmation Alert then follow as below
  • driver.switchTo().alert().accept(); — To click OK
  • driver.switchTo().alert().dismiss(); — To click Cancel

How to Handle Popup in Webdriver?

  • We have to navigate to the popup as below
  • driver.switchTo().window(“Window Name”);
  • To navigate from Popup to main window
  • driver.switchTo().window(“Main Window Name”);

How to handle dynamically changing popup in Webdriver?

  • Dynamic means the Name is not constant. It changes frequently Use the below approach to handle Dynamically changing popup
  • Set s=driver.getWindowHandles();
  • Object popup[]=s.toArray();
  • driver.switchTo().window(popup[1].toString());

Is it possible to handle multiple popups in Webdriver?

  • Yes.We can handle it by using the command
  • driver.getWindowHandles();

How to capture window name?

  • driver.getWindowHandle();

How to launch Firefox, Safari and Opera with Webdriver?

  • Firefox, Safari and Opera we be launch by using below commands.
  • WebDriver driver=new FirefoxDriver();
  • WebDriver driver=new OperaDriver();
  • WebDriver driver=new SafariDriver();

How to create Excel file?

  • FileOutputStream fo=new FileOutputStream(“Path to create xls file”);
  • WritableWorkbook wb=Workbook.createWorkbook(fo);
  • WritableSheet ws=wb.createSheet(“Results”, 0);
  • Label un=new Label(0,0,”Username”);
  • ws.addCell(un);
  • wb.write();
  • wb.close();

How to print data from notepad(txt file)?

  • File f=new File(“E:\data2.txt”);
  • FileReader fr=new FileReader(f);
  • BufferedReader br=new BufferedReader(fr);
  • String str;
  • while((str=br.readLine())!=null){System.out.println(str);}

How to create and write data into txt file?

  • File f=new File(“E:\data2.txt”);
  • FileWriter fw=new FileWriter(f);
  • BufferedWriter bw=new BufferedWriter(fw);
  • bw.write(“Nagesh”);
  • bw.newLine();
  • bw.write(“hyderabad”);
  • bw.newLine();
  • bw.write(“AP”);
  • bw.close();
  • fw.close();

What are the disadvantages of using Selenium as testing tool?

  • It doesn’t support desktop or windows based applications.But we can overcome by using the tool SIKULI
  • FileWriter fw=new FileWriter(f);

How do you handle Ajax controls using selenium? i. Eg. By typing in search engine how do you capture the auto suggestion?

  • Ajax control means when we enter some text in the google text box, it display the auto suggested values. That text box is an ajax control.Type the value in the textbox and capture all the suggested values in a string.Split the string and take the values

How do you select the 2nd item in a List box or drop down.?

  • new Select(driver.findElement(“id”))).selectByIndex(index);

Brief about your framework?

  • Its Hybrid framework where its a combination of Keyword driven (TestNG) and DataDriven framework.Advantage of Hybrid framework is, we can utilize the advantages of both Keyword driven and Datadriven frameworks

What is the difference between assert and Verify Commands?

  • Verify command will not stop execution of test case if verification fails. It will log an error and proceed with execution of rest of the test case.
  • Assert command will stop execution of test case if verification fails. It will log an error and will not proceed with execution of rest of the test case

Explain about your reporting method?

  • Bug Reporting is always a manual process. Getting the test report from the automation tool and analyze the report for bugs. If identified, report the bugs by using QC or Bugzilla or JIRA

What is the difference between Selenium RC and Webdriver?

  • We can access all the latest browsers
  • Not necessary to start Selenium server to run the webdriver programs
  • Webdriver by default maintains page load synchronization, for page refresh we need to handle it
  • Its having auto scroll down action into the application while executing the script
  • We can develop both webdriver commands and RC in a single class
  • We can effectively take the information from application

What are all things can not be done through selenium IDE?

  • We can’t perform below testings
  • Regression testing
  • Retesting
  • Static Testings like GUI and Validations
  • DB Testing
  • It doesn’t provide Test Report

Brief about Selenium Grid.?

  • It is for parallel execution. We can launch all the browsers parallelly and the scripts can be executed on it parallelly

How to use selenium for performance testing?

  • Selenium is functional testing automation tool. Its not for performance testing. We can generate only the load by using Selenium.

How to get all the links in

  • Link means anchor tag in any application.Identify all the links by using FindElements and tagname.Get all the links to List variable and take the targetted link by using for loop and if condition

Is it possible to handle multiple popups in selenium?

  • Yes we can handle it with the command getWindowHandles().Take all the window names into Set variable and convert it to array.
  • Use the array index to navigate to specific window by using driver.switchTo().window(ArrayIndex);

Difference between Junit and TestNg framework?

  • We need to implement all the test methods very independently in Junit. Not necessary in TestNg
  • JUnit contains very limited annotations like @Beforeclass, @Before, @Test, @After and @AfterClass. TestNG contains multiple annotations like @BeforeSuite, @BeforeTest, @Beforeclass, @BeforeMethod, @Test, @AfterMethod @AfterClass, @AfterTestand @AfterSuite
  • TestNG provides html result file by default where as in JUnit it wont provide html result file by default

If the default port of selenium is busy then which port you use?

  • Selenium by default uses 4444 port no. If the port is already used by any other server then we can change it to any other 4 digit no.Ex: 5555 or 1234 or 6666

Write a program to get all the text boxes in register page with webdriver?

  • List str=driver.findElements(By.tagName(“textbox tagname”));
  • System.out.println(str.size());
  • for (int i = 0; i < str.size(); i++) {System.out.println(str.get(i).getAttribute(“id”)); //To prnt ids}

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I generally review any trainer and corresponding training program on the basis of the value it adds to the participants. Must say, this training course (my first with a corporate training company like Vinsys) added a lot of value and I had a lot of clarity on the subject. The fact that the trainers actually discussed several industry scenarios helped me to relate to a lot of things pretty easily. Overall, I am delighted that I attended this program and upgraded myself in the right way!


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I stopped attending training programs almost 5 years back as I could never survive the whole length of a training session with my eyes wide open – my engagement levels dropped pretty soon once a professional trainer started talking without being highly interactive. But, I realized that for my current role in my organization, I had to attend this training session sooner or later. And to my surprise, I could survive the entire duration of this training course, which for me was a great achievement. I have to thank the wonderful trainer provided by Vinsys who was able to keep us engaged for every second of the training program – definitely not an easy task to do!Also, the study material shared was comprehensive and the combination of trainer talk and notes, helped me to get a solid understanding of this topic. This fulfilling learning experience has made my resolve stronger to continue attending more training programs in near future – preferably from Vinsys. In fact, I have already started browsing through their upcoming training calendar to spot any relevant certification trainings that may suit my job profile.


Ernest Williams


Had a satisfying learning experience with this training at Vinsys. Pros:Simple language used by the trainer to explain the concepts.Strong hold of the subject for the trainer which enabled him to clear the tiniest of doubts easily. Good pace maintained throughout the program.Innovative demonstration of few relevant case studies.Highly interactive session.Cons:Wish this program was a bit longer. Got to learn a lot and wanted to learn more!


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Training is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is an art of communicating the right things, in the right manner, and to the right audience. The trainer for this programme was able to do exactly that. He possessed immense knowledge and was able to communicate most of it to all the participants (including me) that attended the highly effective training programme. A well-organized learning session that upgraded everyone – can easily say this on behalf of all the participants based on the feedback post the session!

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