7 Reasons to Know Before Choosing AWS as Cloud Partner

Top 7 Reasons to Remember For Choosing AWS as Cloud Partner

What Is AWS

Do you realize AWS or Amazon Web Service is the world’s biggest cloud computing stage? It has a worth of approximately 1 million customers and ranking in $10 billion in revenue annually.

This stage incorporates a combination of ‘IaaS’ framework as assistance, ‘SaaS’ bundled programming as a service, ‘PaaS’ stage as a service and due to these services, it is very well known for cloud computing platform.

The most surprising fact about AWS is that it was one of the first companies to introduce a pay-as-you-go cloud computing model. It provides computing power, database storage, content distribution, and other functions that contribute to business growth.

AWS Cloud Computing

If you are a beginner then let’s have a look at what AWS well structured framework allows you to do in simple words as followed:

  • To run serves of the web as well as application in the cloud to host dynamic website.
  • Aid sending tons of email to your customer
  • Delivery uses Content Distribution Network (CDN) to set up static and dynamic files worldwide quickly.
  • Provides ultimate security in storing all your files on the cloud which allows you to assess from anywhere you want.
  • To store information, it uses managed database such as MySQL, Oracle or SQL, PostgreSQL server

So, above was everything regarding AWS or Amazon Web Service. Now, the next question which would pop into your mind would why you should choose AWS as your cloud partner! In the following article, this query of yours would be crystal clear as we have mentioned 7 reasons to go for AWS as your cloud partner.

7 Reasons to Know Before Choosing AWS Cloud Partner

  • Location, Location, and Location!

Location plays the most vital role in cloud computing and AWS knows it very well. Did you know that AWS now operates 44 available zones within 16 geographical regions worldwide!

Additionally, there are more than 14 availability zones in the works. Nevertheless, it is about to implement five more regions including China. So, AWS has you covered no matter whatever your geographical preference is! This reason is itself the decision which you can take by close eyes.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

Flexibility and scalability- these both factors play a ground role in providing the business flexibility to scale up or down as required. This is itself the strong device for executives who are seeking to increase as well as decrease server space in a matter of milliseconds.

Thanks to the huge cloud-based site, because the difficulty of businesses to deal with the constraints of physical computer infrastructure is past the time which is left no more. Such an amazing service has proven very beneficial for most businesses to meet their goals.

  • Automated multi-region backups

AWS has made it very easy and affordable to store important information in many geographic locations with its decentralized nature and global assistance. Additionally, it also offers various backup methods such as AMIs as well as EBS snapshots.

So, in the circumstances where your primary production environment has taken offline due to manmade or natural disasters, you don’t have to stress about your backup. It would be always safe in the hands of AWS cloud computing.

Furthermore, to make the process even better and easier, third-party services like Cloud Ranger allow businesses to schedule backups automatically in AWS regions. In this process, there is no need for in-house scripting which is proven very beneficial according to the survey.

  • Streamlined Disaster Recovery

The term ‘disaster’ in business language means estimated loss due to a small amount of downtime or data loss. Meanwhile, for others, the cost of idle time or data loss is no more than the cost of maintaining a multi-site / hot stand recovery system.

AWS is a very versatile site as it provides the right tools for your disaster recovery plan. Besides, third parties such as Cloud Ranger allow AWS to simplify the disaster recovery process.

  • Consistency and reliability

The above were the top 4 advantages of AWS but yet the list is not ended. According to the survey conducted in 2015, it was known that “AWS is far much better in maintaining its public cloud service running compared to either Google or Microsoft”. In this way, it can be said that AWS is at its best in the factor of consistency and reliability.

  • Pay-As-You-Go pricing

At the starting of this article, it is already mentioned that AWS is one of the first companies who introduced Pay-As-You-Go cloud computing. But what exactly it does? This helps to improve the business’s bottom line. According to a survey, in some cases, it has been observed as much as 70%.

Above all of the reasons to choose AWS, this platform has the ultimate flexible price structure. The customers can only end up paying for whatever they have used. AWS certification cost also very economical so it is the most budget-friendly service provided by AWS.

  • Security

Last but most important factor by which AWS is most famous worldwide and is its security. It doesn’t matter that you’re about to go for a one-man start-up or at an enterprise level. AWS provides the same level of protection for any business.

It offers an extensive security support network through which it offers real-time insight to have look at suspicious activity and potential vulnerabilities.

AWS Cloud – Bottom Line

By the end, we hope that you have selected AWS as your cloud partner by seeing the above positive impacts. To add a cherry on the cake, you can also opt for AWS Cloud training offered by Vinsys which is one of the trusted and authorized training partners. Over time, you would notice that a backup and recovery solution for AWS is much easy with the help of CloudRanger.

Thus, above was everything to know about AWS and why you should go for this cloud computing platform.

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