CISSP Certification Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Earn a CISSP Certification?

In this tech driven era, the CISSP certification is considered one of the highest and most demanding certifications in IT. This certification is acknowledged for its ability to continually design, implement, and manage best-in-class cybersecurity suites; the fact that some organizations don’t currently have one. Because of this, organizations are in dire need of CISSP certified professionals. Therefore, you need to know to prepare for the exam. So, you can earn this robust credential on your first try but at what cissp certification cost?

CISSP Certification Cost

The CISSP certification fee is divided into three sections which are listed below

CISSP Certification Cost = Course fee + Exam Fee + Preparation time (hidden fee)

Course fee: US$ 300 to US$ 3200

Exam Fee: $699

Preparation time (hidden fee): 50 to 70 hours

What is included in the CISSP exam cost?

CISSP is a highly technical and in-depth credential that some of the other credential related to security exist today. It covers topics based on security issues like asset security management, security engineering, network security, access management, risk management, security testing and so on.

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Therefore, after obtaining your CISSP, you can probably get recruit as a safety engineer, safety auditor, security system engineer or safety consultant. As a certified professional, you develop plans and processes to ensure network information security works. They integrate the processes needed to protect assets from outside threats into the IT network.

In fact, CISSP is a useful and attractive certification for IT professionals. Once you have it, you can rest assured that you have earned the trust and recognition that you have the skills to successfully manage information security. You can experience good growth in your career and earn more money henceforth. 

However, certification is not free. The term “work expense” may not be the most appropriate. You will invest money towards something which will enable you with new and better opportunities for job as an ROI.

Read on to learn about these three components of this certification fee individually.

Detailed breakdown of CISSP exam cost

  • CISSP Certification Fees : Course Fees

Let’s start with the cost of the course that is the part of the CISSP cost.

Once you have decided to take the CISSP certification, the initial step is to sign-up for a CISSP certification course. You must take the course, as self-study is not recommended, nor is it efficient and effective to pass the CISSP exam.

The CISSP course syllabus varies from various other IT certifications. It covers topics that are not usually covered or addressed in IT operations every day.

That’s why you should sign-up for the CISSP certification course and make sure it’s comprehensive. This means that the course must fully cover all the specified topics. You must have access to all types of material related to CISSP such as the mock tests and other valuable materials to help you prepare for the exam.

CISSP certification cost vary by state and in some cases by city. Even if you search the prices of CISSP courses in your location, you will find various training providers with different price ranges.

We have looked into CISSP Certification Course Costs of a few countries and below are the results. Below are the low and high course fees of CISSP in different countries.

CISSP Training Cost

LocationCISSP Course Fee
USA / CanadaUS$ 2000 – US$ 2800
India40000 INR
EUUS$ 2600 – US$ 3200
UAE / Saudi ArabiaUS$ 800 – US$ 1300
New Zealand / AustraliaUS$ 2000 – US$ 2600

If you want to take a face-to-face course, there are various course providers in almost all locations that offer CISSP courses. They may offer regular CISSP training, and some may also offer customized one-on-one training.

You can ask for these options with them and choose the best available option working for you. However, CISSP classroom training is costly. This kind of training is significantly more costly than online in-person training and online self-study opportunities. Therefore, this type of training can enhance your overall CISSP exam cost.

  • Online learning at your own pace

CISSP courses are also available online for self-study in addition to classroom training. This is the best choice for people with limited availability during the day and a busy work time. Self-paced online learning enables you with the flexibility to watch video lectures as per your comfort.

The cost of a standalone online CISSP varies widely.

Have you noticed the price changes? Since online self-paced courses are cost-efficient than classroom and even live online training, your overall CISSP certification costs will be lower if you choose this option. So if you think this learning approach is right for you, well worth the money.

  • Live Online Course

Many education providers also offer CISSP courses. In a live class, you may be the only person in the room, or someone else may be online with you. This will be an interactive session where you can ask questions and get answers on time.

The cost of live online classes also varies greatly. Online CISSP training courses can cost anywhere from $600 to $1,500.

CISSP certification: Exam Fee

The exam fee is the second part of the CISSP credential cost. The current CISSP exam fee is $599. The cost is the same regardless of the country where you apply for the exam.

PearsonVue is an official ISC2 training centre, offers all examinations related to ISC2. You can make payment to PearsonVUE digitally or at the franchise locations near at your area to sign-up for exam.

CISSP Certification Cost: Time of Preparation

Study time for the CISSP exam is not included in the CISSP certification fee that you must pay. However, the time you spend on exams will cost you money.

Time is money, and it may take you up to 70 hours to fully prepare for the CISSP exam. If you are working professionally, you may need 50-60 hours to prepare for the exam, while someone with no general IT experience may need 60-70 hours.

How long does it take to prepare? It’s uncertain! It all depends on how much time you have each day or every week to prepare for the CISSP exam. People have completed their training in as little as a month and some have even taken six months.

Other factors that influence how long it will take you to complete your education, such as: B. Previous work experience, level of competence and the need to get certified as soon as possible.

As a result, you spend a lot of time studying for the CISSP exam. Calculate this time as part of the CISSP certification fee.


CISSP is an information security certification that is recognized across the globe. Professionals who have in-depth knowledge and understanding about how to protect applications, IT assets and information from threats are in huge demand in the modern tech-driven world. The CISSP is the most qualified professional to deal with information security problems.       

Vinsys is one of the leading institutions offering cybersecurity corporate certification training digitally. We have experienced trainers who assist and teach professionals so that they can clear the exam in the first attempt.

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