Best Study Guides For CISSP Exam 2023

Best Study Guides for CISSP Exam 2023| Know CISSP Certification Path

You’ve undoubtedly already heard of the CISSP certification if you’ve been working toward a career in IT security. But what precisely is it, and why is it so important to IT specialists working in systems security cybersecurity and want to become cissp exam?

Also, what steps should you take to obtain this certification? It seems to sense that every credential requires a test, and every exam requires preparation. How then can you get ready for the CISSP? You next construct a study plan, gather some CISSP exam study materials, and begin your studies.

Depending on your needs, you may choose between online or offline CISSP certification training if you want to earn your certification. You will benefit from the course since it will provide you with the greatest CISSP exam preparation.

CISSP Exam 2023

To succeed on the CISSP certification test, you must be dedicated and driven. Earning this credential could be challenging if you don’t develop a strategy for the CISSP exam preparation and don’t set a deadline for finishing your studies. Or to put it another way, you have to stick to the CISSP study guide.

We’ve included some of the top books in this post to support you work toward earning your worth of CISSP certification cost. You’ll be able to choose the best book for you and learn how these books will aid in your test preparation.

CISSP Exam Cost

RegionCISSP Exam PriceCISSP
Americas and all other regions not listed belowUS $749 US $ 599
Asia Pacific (INDIA)US $749US $ 599
United KingdomGBP 585GBP 479
Middle EastUS $749US $ 599
AfricaUS $749US $ 599
EuropeEUR 665EUR 555

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All IT security workers should get the Certified Information Systems Security Professionals credential, or CISSP, as it is known more often.

A master’s degree in cyber security is the equivalent of getting this qualification. It shows that you are capable of easily and effectively developing and managing top-notch security procedures. As a result, you can prove your abilities to both yourself and others, which will enable you to find better positions that pay more. You might be wondering why having this qualification is so important.

You must be recommended by a CISSP holder, have at least five years of relevant work experience, and pass a challenging test administered by the (ISC)2 to get certified. Your experience in the field of IT security will be beyond dispute if you can, so to speak, tick all the boxes.

Pass the CISSP Test

To obtain a certificate, candidates must pass a theoretical test covering security-related topics in eight categories. Only a few of the topics covered by the domains include networking, encryption, physical security, IT and software architecture, and legal considerations.

Additionally, proof of several years of IT security expertise must be provided in writing.

Perks of being a CISSP Certified

A CISSP certification is currently held by roughly 160,000 members of ISC2, which demonstrates just how in-demand this certification is. But why is the CISSP so sought-after by individuals looking to work in IT security?

Well, to begin with, the CISSP may offer customers and companies a quantifiable method of verifying your expertise in cyber security. In essence, it demonstrates to them that you are both knowledgeable about the material you need to know and capable of applying it.

As a result, with this qualification, you’ll have a far higher chance of progressing in your profession. Indeed, whether you want to specialize in the following spectrums, you’ll need the CISSP

  • Cyber defense analysis
  • Cyber incident response
  • Cyberdefense infrastructure support
  • Vulnerability assessment and management

The same is true if you want to be an information security analyst, systems analyst, enterprise architect, IT project manager, information security systems manager, or cyber security executive. You won’t be able to get such positions without the CISSP because they normally require all applicants to have one.

CISSP Job and Salary

Should you pursue your CISSP if you’re not very interested in those aspects? Absolutely

Why? The CISSP can raise your income potential, to put it simply. Here are a few interesting facts for you: recent research found that possessing an advanced certification, such as the CISSP, may lead to a 26% income rise and best cissp certification job On a list of the top 100 occupations for 2022, a cybersecurity position came in the first place.

Aside from enhancing your IT security knowledge and efficiency, holding the CISSP certification also helps you remain up to date-with new developments in the industry. However, the most crucial aspect is that it lends credibility to you and your work in the eyes of any potential customer or employer.

Top 6 Books that can help you pass the CISSP Exam

It’s important to realize that the CISSP test is not designed to be passed by a novice. Although the test isn’t technical, it nonetheless assesses your skills as a seasoned IT worker. Therefore, there isn’t a single book or piece of study material that can guarantee a beginner’s success.

However, if you have enough expertise, several books can assist you in completely preparing for the test. These books will explain the fundamentals of each area and provide a comprehensive list of resources to aid in your understanding of those subjects.

As a result, you’ll be able to brush up on your knowledge and increase your level of comfort with the subject. When you combine this with your field experience, your chances of passing your test on your first attempt will be significantly improved.

1. 11th Hour CISSP

11th Hour CISSP

The third edition of Eric Conrad, Seth Misenar, and Joshua Feldman’s Eleventh Hour CISSP

This book is arranged for ease of last-minute studying and is solely intended to provide crucial certification topics. It has been updated for the most current CISSP examination. The complete and succinct treatment of all CISSP domains offers users the best chance of passing the exam.

What do we like most:

  • For the last-minute study, the most significant concepts are given simply while the key ideas are highlighted
  • Respond to some of the trickiest test questions
  • Nothing more, just substance
  • The best time to study is the week before the test

2. CISSP Study Guide

CISSP Study Guide

Eric Conrad, Seth Misenar, and Joshua Feldman’s The CISSP Study Guide:

The CISSP Study Guide is a popular and reliable tool for CISSP candidates.

What do we like most:

  • With only 600 pages, this study guide is shorter than average and easier to finish.
  • Three of the most accomplished and competent specialists in CISSP have merged their expertise for this book’s benefit, and all three writers have a wealth of experience in the field of information security.
  • Comprehensive without being intimidating: in contrast to the CBK, this book offers a comprehensive overview of all topics for the CISSP exam and beyond without focusing excessively on the technical aspects.

3. CISSP Cert Guide


Troy McMillan and Robin Abernathy’s CISSP Cert Guide:

The CISSP Cert Guide is a fantastic book that will aid you in mastering the fundamental ideas required for your test.

Although it is fairly extensive, particularly in the areas of personal security and cryptography, it is presented in a straightforward manner that makes it easier to follow and understand.

What do we like most:

  • Written in a comprehensible, straightforward style
  • Details on operational, cryptographic, and personal security are offered
  • Ready for tests


Michael Gregg’s third-edition CISSP Exam Cram:

The best study guide for the demanding new electronic version of the CISSP test is CISSP Exam Cram, Third Edition.

The cutting-edge test engine on the CD provides in-the-moment practice and feedback, and the book comes with a vast array of study tools, such as quizzes, Exam Alerts, and two mock examinations.

What do we like most:

  • Contains a study manual to assist pupils in memorization of the test’s essential ideas
  • Includes several mock tests
  • 640 pages make it a manageable length

5. CISSP For Dummies

Lawrence C. Miller’s CISSP For Dummies:

The ideal spot to start your journey is with CISSP For Dummies, one of the top CISSP guides of 2023. It offers you a warm and approachable foundation for learning for this highly sought-after certification.

What do we like most:

  • Simple, friendly, and easy to read
  • Includes use of the test engine and the Dummies website
  • Contains advice on creating a two-month study schedule, a mock exam, and test-taking strategies

6. The CISSP All-In-One Exam Guide

Shon Harris’ The CISSP All-In-One Exam Guide:

This up-to-date self-study guide provides thorough coverage of all eight test topics and sufficiently gets learners ready for the challenging CISSP exam.

The 2021 CISSP Common Body of Knowledge has been extensively revised in this version, and it has also undergone reengineering to better allow self-directed learning.

What do we like most:

  • A video training class and a digital eBook are also included with the paperback edition
  • A Windows-based test engine with more than 1400 practice questions is included in the bundle. The content and style were carefully designed

CISSP Masterclass Guidance By Vinsys

It’s quite appealing to pursue a career in IT security. Even though it’s one of the most rewarding careers available, it’s also one of the least stressful. And if you possess a CISSP certification, your earning potential may even increase.

That qualification, though, is not inexpensive. To obtain it, you must make the necessary effort. You must thus prepare and do your homework with Vinsys for CISSP Training Course.

Apart from that, the books and study guides we’ve mentioned are the finest of the best, so you need to select the one that will put you on the proper road. So pick the one you prefer, and once you’ve reviewed the entire essential material, try to earn your CISSP certification.

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