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Common Pitfalls to Avoid with PRINCE2

In this blog, learn about the most common pitfalls to avoid with PRINCE2.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” – Plato

Project Management is essential for the survival of smooth operations of processes that leads to project accomplishment. Currently, most of us live in the world of unsuccessful projects, lack of risk management, unattainable targets, and imprecise processes.

Ever wonder why?        

We often forget to focus on the very basic element that is a NECESSITY to change. Only then can we successfully invent new ideas, gain technical support, and get trained. Only then, we implement the theories and expect that change to instantly take place in reality.

Project Management is crucial, no matter what field you operate in.

There is no shortage of frameworks and methodologies for project management and in fact, anyone can opt for Project Management training courses, especially those who wish to enhance technical acumen and job prospects.

PRINCE2 is a unique certification that gives you extensive knowledge and expertise in project management. The acronym denotes PRojects IN Controlled Environments. Developed primarily by the Government of the UK and now managed by AXELOS.

PRINCE2 is now widely used by companies in the IT and other sectors worldwide. PRINCE2 Certification is very much in demand and thousands of aspirants opt for this exam every year.

Let’s see what features and benefits you gain from a PRINCE2 Certification training.

The main features of a PRINCE2 certification are:

•          Product-oriented planning approach

•          Well-defined organization structure meant for the team managing projects

•          Stress on business justification

•          Emphasis on segregating projects into controllable, manageable stages

•          Flexibility to accommodate almost all types of projects

What are the benefits of PRINCE2 Certification?             

Organizations prefer hiring candidates with PRINCE2 Certification as these professionals perform better at project management than others. They are capable of multi-tasking, and can proficiently handle crisis and take prompt decisions. These qualities help the organizations cut down risks, expenses and evade complications.

Successfully clearing the PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner supports and adds up to your competency points of handling projects. How do you perform and implement PRINCE2 Project Management principles at work defines your skillset.

PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certified professionals get better remuneration, global job opportunities, freedom to explore diverse fields and many other benefits.

Now that you are aware of the things you can expect to go well, wouldn’t hurt to learn the ones that may go wrong too.

After all, it’s great to practice that Effective Risk Management they teach in PRINCE2 in real life as well, right?

So, these are some of the ‘risks’ you might want to identify. You can also try to comprehend the possible impact of these factors on your project management career as you complete your PRINCE2 course.

Let’s learn about the most common pitfalls of PRINCE2:

While the advantages of deploying PRINCE2 processes and principles are obvious, you should be careful Unless you have a balanced approach in deploying its processes and policies, risks of making certain mistakes exists.

Setting vague goals is bad Project Management.

Every project must have a crystal-clear goal. Along with it, the project manager must ensure the clarity of the scope of reaching that goal. If there are issues hindering that scope, one must eradicate them right away which is known as Change Control in PRINCE2. Keeping your project on-scope is very important.

Considering timelines that are not practical.

While it is important to deliver projects/ services to the clients on time, project managers should not opt for unrealistic timelines. Trust me, nothing kills projects like unrealistic timelines! Making use of the project plan and project assurance to make sure the project timeline is kept on a realistic level is the one and only solution.

Micromanagement creates an environment full of flaws.

In the race of keeping up with the Joneses, many budding managers fall into the trap of micromanaging their teams. Being alarmed and taking actions only when there are process deviations is fine, but babysitting is not! Positive communication plays a big role here.

Leaving the rest of the team behind is never healthy.

All of the workforces may not be well versed in the processes and policies of PRINCE2. Facilitating and hand-holding to a certain extent is recommended, but leaving your team out of the game is not very prudent. Teamwork matters everywhere.

Do not compete with the existing procedures.

It is not recommended to hurriedly deploy the PRINCE2 processes in a project, more so if you are new in the team/ company. You must understand that things take time to change. The company may already be following other methods and deploying PRINCE2 processes without testing the waters may lead to complications and wastage of resources and money.

Depending only on the certification can be really hazardous.

Businesses have to understand that just the certification is not enough to guarantee the success of any project. PRINCE2 is a set of methods and policies to manage projects and just obtaining a certification does not make an employee error-proof. Skills like analytics, crisis management, and conceptualization are needed for successful projects apart from qualifications and degrees.

To sum up, studying PRINCE2 processes and strategies is an excellent way to observe Project Management practices in the most significant industries, regions of the world. PRINCE2 certification training can very well prepare you for the actual, fruitful implementations of all the theories in Project Management.

So, wait no more!

Become an affluent PRINCE2 Project Manager and say hello to a world of rising opportunities! 🙂

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