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Would you like to take your Project Management profession to another level? Are you wondering about which certification to pick among PRINCE2® and PMP®?

If you are in the Project Management discipline or have always dreamt of plunging yourself in this succeeding field, you have most likely pondered about what steps you are supposed to make to acquire these certifications to propel your career.

Recognized as the most significant industry-perceived certificate for project managers, PRINCE2® 2017 certificate focuses upon customizing the strategy according to the needs and wants of the associations and Project Management conditions. Whereas PMP® certificate emphasizes on boosting the earning capacity of a person while profiting the businesses

Both the PRINCE2® and PMP® (Project Management Professional) credentials are extremely respected in this discipline and can approve your businesses in comprehending the vital Project Management ideas and how to apply them all through the Project Management life process.

Moreover, both certificates offer a pool of great opportunities to move forward in your Project Management career.

So that makes us wonder: which course is “ideal” for you?

It’s not a cup of tea to make this decision, but don’t worry– we have done the homework for you!

This article will offer a rundown of PMP® VS PRINCE2® certifications, vital advantages and career prospects for everyone.

Continue with the article to settle on the ideal decision!

Firstly, let’s talk about both the certifications in brief:

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification

One of the extremely reputed certifications for project managers in the field of Project Management is the Project Management Professional Certification (PMP®). It is a certification program that is being provided by the Project Management Institute. Various organizations utilize PMP® as a standard prerequisite for project managers. Turning into a PMP® enables you to work with any technique or strategy in any enterprise.

The certification program includes a huge range of Project Management methodologies and core competencies that are vital and important for any project manager and can help boost your earning capacity. This certification, regulated by PMI in the USA, has also earned popularity in Asia and Europe.

Qualification of PMP®

  • The course is symbolic of your competence in utilizing the PMBOK® Manual, the Project Management Book of Expertise.
  • It helps in accrediting your skills of “generally acknowledged” best practices and Project Management standards.

The Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2®)

The Projects in Controlled Environments or PRINCE2® credential is a procedure-rooted Project Management technique that delivers a standard way of conveying an effective task with procedures, clear formats, and steps. The course is both procedure and task-oriented. PRINCE2® certification is controlled in the UK by the APMG.

Qualification of PRINCE2®

  • The course is a vast, elevated-level, general structure of Project Management standards, which implies it is suggested for and can be executed on pretty much any task or project.
  • The certification is a systematic and well-laid out way to deal with project managers.
  • PRINCE2® spells out the duties and tasks of every team member in the Project Management field.
  • The accreditation segregates the principal project plan into venture plans, stage plans, and group plans, which takes out equivocalness and makes it simpler to complete the task.
  • The certification is both procedure-oriented and a project.

Before moving on to the parameters, let’s briefly differentiate PRINCE2® VS PMP® certifications on the basis of key points:

PMP® Certification VS PRINCE2® Certification

Basis of Difference (BOD) PMP® Certification PRINCE2® Certification
Certification Bodies The PMP® certification is administered by PMI®, based in the United States (US). The PRINCE2® certification is administered by AXELOS®, based in theUnitedKingdom (UK).
Methodology It emphasizes the knowledge that helps us to handle a project with great practices. Its Project Management techniques control your actions to head successful projects.
Approach It uses an explanatory framework that describes the knowledge zones, including uncertainty, time management, and many more with respect to great practices. It uses an interpretation framework that stresses on procedures for initiating, controlled implementation, and closure of the projects.
Content Every topic/information area included in the PMP® course can be referred to in segregation, in a sort of attachment and play model. It includes a combined set of procedures and topics, which can’t be utilized in segregation. It includes 7 conventions that ought to be followed.
Focus PMP® majorly focuses on the project manager’s part. PRINCE2® certification focuses on all the project roles distinctly.
Flexibility PMP® doesn’t provide flexibility as it centres on knowledge zones. PRINCE2® empowers the system to be extremely adaptable and flexible with its special idea of ’Tailoring Mode’.

Both courses provide a body of information and a demonstrated methodology towards executing projects successfully and productively. There are various parameters that lead to your choice of selecting either PRINCE2® or PMP® accreditation.

Parameters of the Certifications

1. Industrial demand across Nations

If you want to acquire one of these certificates, it is significant that you explore and do research before you start to stroll down one way versus the other.

Every course is more popular in specific locations, so you have to figure out which course out of two will improve your employment capacity.

The PRINCE2® and Project Management Professional (PMP) ® courses have got discrete demands across various nations. Although, the acknowledgment of these courses varies from industry to industry depends upon the geological areas.

Moreover, a couple of industrial sectors incline towards PRINCE2® certification more, while others lean toward the PMP® course.

The demand for both the courses is listed in the following table:

PMP vs Prince2 Certification

The PMP® accreditation is favoured in the USA, Middle East, Canada, and Australia while the PRINCE2® certification is preferred in the UK, Australia, and Europe.

2. Prerequisite

Both courses demand candidates to satisfy certain requirements that vary in specific manners.

To start with, the prerequisites or requirements for PMP® certification requires a couple of credentials to be accomplished dependent on the degree that you possess.

The criteria are explained below:

1. candidates possessing an associate’s degree, high school diploma or global equivalent;

Least 5 years or 60 months of experience in exclusive non-overlapping professional Project Management

  • You are required to hold a minimum of 5 years or 60 months of experience in exclusive non-overlapping professional project management.
  • You have to spend a total of 7,500 hours driving and coordinating tasks.
  • You have to finish 35 hours of project management knowledge
  • You have to finish 35 hours of Project management knowledge.

2. Candidates possessing a 4-year degree;

  • You need to have 36 months of exclusive non-overlapping professional project management experience.
  • You are required to work for 4,500 hours of driving and coordinating the projects.
  • You have to finish 35 hours of Project management knowledge.

NOTE: On the contrary, the PRINCE2® course doesn’t require the candidates to satisfy any requirements. Although, you should hold a PRINCE2® Foundation certificate as essential to take up the PRINCE2® Practitioner affirmation.

3. Examination Format

It is vital for a contender to comprehend the examination format before giving an exam for any certification course. PRINCE2® and PMP® certifications have distinct examination formats dependent on the least score required, number of questions, and the time given for answering the sheet.

The differences are listed below:

Categories PMP® Certification PRINCE2® Foundation PRINCE2® Practitioner
Minimum scores required to pass the exam Decided by the difficulty level of the paper 33 out of 60 38 out of 68
Time allotted 4 hours 1 hour 2.5 hours
Exam Fee $405 (across the world for PMI professionals) $555 (across the globe for non-PMI professionals) £ 236.00 (India) £ 389.00 (India)

4. Langauges available for certification

It’s so comfortable to take an examination in your mother tongue, isn’t it?

PRINCE2® Practitioner and PRINCE2® Foundation exams are regulated in a couple of global dialects.

On the other hand, the PMP® certification exam is globally conducted in the English language but offers language aids to 14 worldwide dialects namely, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Brazilian, Polish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Hebrew, German, Korean, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish, and many more.

You can select from among 6 dialects to show up for your PRINCE2® Practitioner and PRINCE2® Foundation certification. They are:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Polish

5. Examination Application

PRINCE2® and PMP® certifications are administered by two different certified bodies. PMP® is controlled and administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®, on the other hand, PRINCE2® is regulated by AXELOS.

With different regulatory bodies, the exam application process for both the courses also differs from one another.

Once you have satisfied the set eligibility criteria, you are required to apply for both the examinations by filling the application.

The process is as follows:

Project Management Certification Examination

Step 1: Register for Project Management Institute (PMI) membership at their official website.

Step 2: Complete all the steps of the Online Application.

Step 3: Wait for the Confirmation Receipt, once you’re done completing your application.

Step 4: After the confirmation, wait for the acceptance of your application, until you get audited.

Step 5: If your application gets approved, make your Online Payment.

Step 6: Book your examination centre or venue.

Step 7: You’re ready to take the examination.

6. Maintain your Certification

Both PRINCE2® and PMP® certifications are rational for three years. However, there are various criteria that you are required to follow so as to keep up with both the certifications.

You are required to earn 60 PDUs by satisfying the educational prerequisites and deploying back in the profession to keep up with your PMP® certification at regular intervals.

Turning into a PMI® member simplifies your procedure of maintaining your required PDUs through its unique seminars, workshops, and study materials. For that, you have to pay $139 to turn into a PMI® member, while the yearly renewal fee for the same is $129.

Besides, you can keep up with your PRINCE2® Practitioner certification by either appearing for the exam again or by buying into “My PRINCE2®”. You are required to fulfil the following standards within the period of three years to maintain your certification:

  • You need to buy the subscription of “My PRINCE2®” within three months of finishing your exam and renew your membership package every year to stay subscribed for the three-year time frame.
  • Maintain your PRINCE2® advanced badge by recording 20 CPD points every year under the recommended classification for the badge to be stretched on restoration.

7. Preparation Time

PMP and Prince 2 Training

Getting familiarized with the examination pattern is the initial step in preparation for the examination. But for the real exam preparation, you should make a comprehensive timetable based on the time and syllabus you’re left with.

However, merely making plans won’t work, sticking to it, is an absolute necessity for the successful execution of the exam. So, for your ease, I have included a rough framework of preparation time required for both the certification examinations.

8. Average Salary

The ultimate goal of every person is to earn more and more money. The thriving element that drives the individuals to take these accreditations is the salary parameter.

Below we have summed up the average salaries for experts possessing the courses between PRINCE2® and PMP®.

Project Managers Salary

9. Exam Pattern

Summary Of Certification
  • Earlier in PMP® certification, the passing marks criteria were set at 61% or 62%, but now the administration is using a complicated structure that is not based on a predefined passing score criterion. Although, now the passing score is kept at somewhat close to 62%.
  • If the candidate is not giving the exam in their local language, they might take more time than others to complete the examination. However, the certified bodies have modified the framework and facilitated the candidates with 6 dialects.
  • The candidate can actually give the examination at any exam centre or place. But the centre needs to be approved by the concerned certified bodies of the certifications and an official proctor will be available at the time of the examination.

The biggest difference between the PRINCE2® Practitioner examination and the other two exams is that the former exam’s questions are formed on the basis of the “Scenario“.

The examination pattern explains a task and you are required to attempt and answer those questions based on the given scenario. The rest of the other two examinations is a combination of normal conceptual or abstract based questions that are entirely autonomous.

Clearing the PRINCE2® Foundation examination is the simplest among these three certifications. The PMP® and the PRINCE2®Practitioner examinations are at a similar level. Still, many individuals consider the PMP® examination bit tough, while others consider the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam harder.

Benefits of PRINCE2® and PMP® Certifications

Advantages Of Certifications

When you join a certificate course, it would 100% benefit you in some way or the other. Furthermore, it assists you with selecting amongst both the courses that fit your ideal career path.

  • Makes you more skilful: You are required to go through a diligent training program to the certifications. It encourages you to get familiar with the nitty-gritty of project management by getting trained and knowledgeable in the five project management procedures that incorporate planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. 
  • Boosts Employability: You can expect a higher salary or a decent increment when you possess such certification. PMI’s Project Management Pay Survey revealed that the PMP® certified experts get the benefit of yielding 20% more than their non-affirmed partners.
  • Career Growth: As globally accredited certificate courses, acquiring a PMP® orPRINCE2®certification will assist you with getting known across the worldwide business network. Furthermore, it supports you to create a cluster with those individuals who are pursuing the PMP® course along with the ones who are already the professionals of PMP® certification. This increases your opportunities for getting a good job directing for your career growth as well as higher pay.
  • Increases Market Value: Boost your opportunities to work with international associations functioning in different locations of the world by adding PMP® orPRINCE2®certification course to your profile. Moreover, the project management assemblies and discussion boards help you to ace your mastery along with different tips and additional information.
Who should apply for PRINCE2® and PMP® Certification courses?

Both the courses expect you to possess a sufficient amount of knowledge, experience, and understanding about the subject to proceed with your certification journey flawlessly. Hence, you must have a good amount of knowledge and experience to undergo PRINCE2® and PMP® certifications effectively.

Who should opt for the PMP® certification course?

According to the certified body of PMP® (PMI®), the course must be opted by the experienced and knowledgeable Project Managers who meet the following requirements:

  • The candidate should be capable enough to work under general supervision and perform the duties of all sorts of a project for the project lifecycle.
  • They should have the ability to guide and lead cross-functional groups to offer tasks within the parameters of assets, financial constraints, and schedule.
  • The candidates should showcase their adequate knowledge and experience to enforce a strategy or technique to the projects properly that include a reasonably good project prerequisite.

Whereas, the PRINCE2® Foundation certification course can be opted by such candidates:

  • Contenders who intend to exhibit their comprehension of the PRINCE2® approach.
  • Candidates who are performing efficiently as a member of a group or with a Project Management team within a PRINCE2® supporting condition.

On the other hand, the PRINCE2® Practitioner certification can be opted up by the candidates:

  • Contenders who intend to manifest their gained knowledge of the approaches to apply and customize the PRINCE2® techniques in a situation.
Is it wise to go for both the courses?

PMP® certification is associated with the experience and knowledge essential to effectively handle a project and its execution.

Whereas, PRINCE2® certification concentrates majorly on the procedures and the structure to execute particular kinds of projects in controlled conditions effectively.

Thus, it is recommended that can go for both the courses as it helps in the skill development of the professionals.

Since you know a lot more about PRINCE2® and PMP® certification courses now, in the following segment, I will deal with the most burning questions, spinning in your head, right from the beginning of this article.

Which certification is the best for you?

As I have already discussed both the certifications and their significance in the field of Project Management. Hence, you can choose either of them to give your career a boost.

However, before you pick your course, there are a couple of prominent parameters that you have to consider first:

Certification PMP, Prince 2 Constrains
  • Firstly, settle on what your area/ location preference is or where you want to work?
  • In your task or project, during which stage you will concentrate on your customers?
  • What work schedule/ routine do you think is best for you?

Once you list out all your priorities on the basis of these parameters, I assure you that your answer to this question will get perfectly clear.

This brings us to the closure of this article on PRINCE2® VS PMP®. And have included all the necessary details about the two certifications in the blog. I hope, I conveyed a crystal-clear concept of both the courses and help you to choose which course to opt for.


Including a Project Management accreditation to a project manager’s profile would enhance various career prospects and would improve employability. These certifications would improve your capabilities and skills to elevate your project performance while upgrading your career.

PRINCE2® and PMP® certifications are established all over the globe as a Project Management structure for project managers. Both these credentials’ motive is to upgrade the performance of the project managers and ultimately the accomplishment rate.

Although, the certifications go along with two different modes.

I hope this blog would help you to pick the ideal and right Project Management certification course to enhance your career prospects.

Good Luck! 🙂

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