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15 Appraisal Questions and Answers To Prepare For Performance Review 2023

Appraisal Means a lot especially after a pandemic, Do you feel the same?

Appraisal Meaning

Performance appraisal is a discussion between an employee and employer. It provides an opportunity for the employees to highlight their achievements throughout the past year. The employers give them feedback so that the employees may improve their performance.

All the employees have the potential to prepare for improving their performance. However, all the supervisors do not have the capability to provide constructive feedback or motivate the employees.

The performance reviews may make all the employees nervous. Once the employees know the answers to a few interview questions, they will be able to project themselves as ready to take on additional roles and responsibilities. They will also be able to uphold themselves as people who are willing to learn and grow for the sake of the organization.

So, a few appraisal questions for performance reviews and their answers are as follows-

Golden Question on Goal Setting

1.What are your short-term and long-term goals for the company and your career?

You need to prepare a list of your long-term and short-term goals as a part of the performance appraisal preparations. You could also make use of that time to check in on your career progress while preparing this list. You could add your personal and professional goals to the list. However, you also need to mention the timeline within which you will achieve them.

You may plan out a few specific goals along with your manager. Besides that, you may be asked about your individual goals during the performance review. You need to answer such questions in such a way that you can show how you wish to learn and grow in the company and in your career. Here, you need to do some homework thoroughly.

For example, you may prepare a list of technologies that you want to master, through online certifications during the upcoming year. It is a good idea to discuss the plans with your manager. During these discussions, you could emphasize that you want to participate in these online courses, so that you can achieve the long-term and short-term goals.  Also, mention that you are participating in these courses, so that you become more capable to shoulder your responsibilities at work.

Typical Questions On Job and Job Rotation

2.Which parts of your job do you enjoy the most and the least?

This type of question needs to be handled carefully. It is a good idea to project yourself
in a good light while answering such questions. The best answer would be to say
that you enjoy the challenge of learning new skills and handling new duties. On
the other hand, you could point out that you do not enjoy the prospect of some
new change or your equation with a colleague.

However, the parts of your job that you enjoy the least need to be discussed in an objective manner. If possible, you could write down the questions or talk about the points as early as possible.

Art Of Storytelling

3.Which aspect of the job have you found the most challenging and why?

This question may provide you with a suitable opportunity to showcase any courses you would like to take for upskilling your career. You could point out that you had felt challenged by the evolving dynamics within the IT department. Due to such changes, you might have faced issues, as you are not familiar with a coding language.

It may mean that now is the correct time to learn it. Or, you might have felt challenged by the absence of teamwork, or some communication issues. It may mean that you need a team-building program.

4.How could you have done your job differently?

It is a good idea to stop crying over spilled milk. You could start with acknowledging a few points about the ways in which you messed up, However, the focus is on the future. If you mention two points about what went wrong, mention five points about how you can re rectify your performance next year. This constructive approach is bound to be much more effective during a performance review. Appraisal

5. Do you feel that your current job and responsibilities are aligned with your future goals?

The answer to this question determines whether you are the right candidate for the profile. So, you need to answer this question accordingly. You need to answer the questions accordingly.

It is important for you to highlight your current job and responsibilities that are aligned with your future goals. The right answer to this question may help you get the relevant responsibilities and offer you a position that is compatible with the goals.

Classic Questions on Organisation and Organisation Culture

Organisational Culture

6.How could you contribute more to the organisation? 

You may use this question as a lead to display your enthusiasm to do more. You could also take this question as an opportunity to project your career goals. However, for this, you need to do thorough research before time, to find out about the needs and how they may unite with your career. Appraisal

This question is appropriate for people who are keen to take on more responsibilities or play some leadership role in the team. Why wait for your manager to guess whether you are willing to do more?

Instead, you could express your willingness to do the same. While answering this question, you could point out that your organization will need to invest a lot of time and money, if they hire a new person for a role. On the other hand, if you master the required skills, the management of the organization will end up saving a lot of money.

You could find out whether your organization is switching to cloud computing. Does it need someone to master Microsoft Azure? Is there any chance for you to learn machine learning in the wake of changes in the organization? Is cybersecurity an area of concern? Does someone have the skillset to tackle the issue?

7. Are you comfortable with the organisation’s culture? Where is room for improvement?

Many people blindly admit they are comfortable with the corporate culture. On the other hand, if their idea of a good culture is diametrically opposed to the concept of a good culture, according to the company, it is a major cause of concern. So, the management should try to find out whether the employees who admit that they are comfortable with the corporate culture are being honest.

The answer could provide the management with an opportunity to identify the issues with the cultural gaps in the corporate culture of the office.  Once the gaps are identified, they can be bridged. You, as an employee, should try to point out the gaps in the corporate culture as briefly, but logically as possible. Your answers may help the organization to form concrete steps to identify the problem. The steps that the management takes reveal how dedicated they are to the success of the organization. Do not grumble or point out trivial issues.

Particular Questions On Performance and Feedback

8.What was your biggest achievement this year? Once you have won, you’ll have a variety of withdrawal methods to choose from, in order to get your winnings into 

The performance appraisal provides you with an opportunity to draw the attention of the management to your performance graph over the last year.  It is impractical to assume that the manager will remember all your achievements throughout the year. It is your responsibility to point them out.

You need to get into the habit of documenting all your accomplishments throughout the year.  This documentation would help you to have your data at your fingertips. Your accomplishments in your specific role,  during the previous year, both within the office and outside may be included. Appraisal

You could just go through the data just before the performance appraisal. It would help you showcase the data before the management pointwise. Apart from documentation, you need to check your KPIs and goals.

9.What do you find most challenging about your role?

This is the perfect question you could ask your boss. The answer of your boss or manager gives an idea about the type of challenges you might have to face at different levels of the corporate world.

10.Do you feel that something and someone in the company is hampering your performance?

You need to point out the obstacles within the company that are hampering your performance. However, the way you highlight the obstacles should be diplomatic. Otherwise, you run the risk of sounding petulant and complaining.

Your answer may be the basis for weeding out the deep-rooted problems within the process. The management finds it easier to identify the problems and resolve them at the earliest. Make sure to highlight your problems during your performance review. However, the issues should not sound like shifting the blame or accusatory.

11.Do you have everything you need to improve your performance?

This question allows you to highlight any issues that you are facing or how you could improve your productivity. So, it is an extremely constructive question. If you feel any tool is limiting your performance or a resource could help you perform better, this question is the perfect opportunity.

It is not a good idea to ask for some impossible or impractical help. Such requests will only highlight their incompetence in fulfilling the parameters. You could suggest a few tools or resources that you know will be definitely helpful.

12.Do you think you receive adequate feedback How frequently do you think you should get feedback?

The moment you claim that you feel you receive adequate feedback, you sound overconfident. If you point out that you need lesser feedback, it may indicate that the feedback sessions are not standardized. On the other hand, if you agree to the fact that you need more feedback, it shows that the feedback sessions are effective.

Aspirational Questions on Team and Leadership

Difference Between Mentor & Manager

13.Do you feel the team is working well as a whole?

It is not advisable for you to cover up for any team member. Putting the blame on the shoulders on a team member whom you don’t like, to avoid blame, is equally bad, if not worse.

So, it is good for you to paint an accurate picture of the team working. The team leaders should highlight the strength of each team member, as opposed to the weakness of others. Every manager needs to face a performance review.

14.What are the qualities that you would expect from emerging leaders across the country?

The manager may be testing your level of honesty and transparency. So, it is a good idea not to highlight idealistic or unrealistic qualities. You could highlight qualities like logical and practical thinking.

Also, qualities like the proper articulation of thoughts and rapport building could be highlighted. Being reserved or cagey about the answers is not a wise idea. While being aggressive here is not a good idea,  sugarcoating the words is also not helpful.

15.How do you think the business is going to change next year? What challenges do you think the organization is facing?

These questions will help you understand a few decisions taken by your seniors. It also sends out a message that your job is not the only cause of concern to your boss. It gives you a bigger picture.  You may provide informed information to the bosses about how the business is going to change next year.

Any organization faces certain long-term challenges and short-term challenges. You could highlight any challenge from a neutral point of view. Make sure that the challenges are not for petty gains. Ensure that highlighting the challenges helps you make informed choices for the entire team.

Conclusion- Performance reviews are the backbone of any organization. An annual or quarterly performance review acts as a reality check. It also helps the employees clear their doubts and share their improvement plans. It is important to be aware of the dynamics of the organization, to voice concerns about individual performance. Appraisal Review.

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