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What is ITIL Certification

IT is an important part of the 21st century. Even businesses require the support of IT frameworks like ITIL to maintain accurate service delivery for the software industry. Here is when ITIL certifications come in.

ITIL certification address the methods, processes, and terminology used in the IT sector. It is vendor-neutral. ITIL stands for IT Infrastructure Library with IT Service Management Framework. The purpose of ITIL foundation certification is to ensure that IT professionals are updated with IT service management’s best practices. ITIL V4 certifications are rather popular.

When IT is combined with businesses, expensive rework can be avoided with the ITIL framework. ITIL course teaches people the business aspects combined with IT. Let us find out certain aspects of ITIL training and the benefits of ITIL.

The ITIL service lifecycle has 5 practice phases. They are as follows –

  1. Service strategy
  2. Service design
  3. Service Transition
  4. Service operation
  5. Constant improvement of service.

What is Incident Management in ITIL

ITIL Incident Management (IM) is the practice of restoring the services as quickly as possible after an incident. It is the most important component to detect and record the incident.

ITIL Certification Overview

ITIL offers five levels of certification. They are as follows-

  • ITIL Foundation (ITIL V3, ITILV4)
  • ITIL Practitioner
  • ITIL Intermediate
  • ITIL Expert
  • ITIL Master

Each of these phases has multiple supporting policies, principles, and principles within it.

ITIL uses a credit system for the first four levels. The candidates earn a certain number of credits for each level. They need a total of credits to achieve ITIL Expert certification. Let us know about each level in details-

ITIL Foundation Certification

ITIL Foundation certification is the first step towards learning ITIL. There are no prerequisites for appearing for this certification. Anybody interested in the subject may appear for it.

This phase includes all the five practice areas of the ITIL service lifecycle. The candidates also need to understand how the different stages are interlinked with one another. This exam has forty multiple-choice questions. All the questions need to be answered within sixty minutes. The candidates need to score either 65 percent or provide twenty-six current answers to clear this exam.

ITIL Practitioner Certification

The ITIL Practitioner certification is based on practical knowledge of ITIL processes.

An ITIL practitioner knows how to use the ITIL framework for supporting business objectives. It provides three credits towards the ITIL certification exam. A person who wants to appear for an ITIL practitioner’s designation has to clear the ITIL practitioner exam.

The ITIL practitioner focuses on managing organizational changes, measurement, and communication. Interested candidates may prepare for the certification assessment through in-person classroom learning, online classes, distance-learning, or self-study.

An ITIL practitioner knows how to use the ITIL framework for supporting business objectives. It focuses on managing organizational changes, measurement, and communication. The practitioner exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. People need to score a minimum score of 70 percent or provide twenty-eight correct answers to pass this exam.

ITIL Intermediate Certification

The ITIL intermediate certification is based on certain modules. Each module focuses on a separate aspect of IT service management. The relevant modules are divided into two categories.

They are as follows-

  • Service Lifecycle
  • Service Capability

Interested candidates are not allowed to have self-study if they want to appear for an intermediate exam. AXELOS needs people to have a minimum of two years of experience in IT service management. They also need to complete a training module from an accredited training organization (ATO). The category of Service Lifestyle includes-

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual service improvement

The category of Service Capability includes-

  • Operational support and Analysis
  • Planning, protection, and Optimization
  • Release, Control, and Validation
  • Service Offerings and Agreements

Axelos allows people to achieve qualifications in a category. Alternatively, the candidates may select modules from both categories.

ITIL Expert Certification

The ITIL Expert certification is advanced in nature. It is a prerequisite for ITIL Masters certification. It involves all the depth and breadth of ITIL processes across all ITIL disciplines.

The following qualifications are necessary to apply for the ITIL expert certification-

  • Obtain at least seventeen credits from the Foundation, Practitioner, and Intermediate modules
  • Pass the Managing across the Lifecycle exam. It helps them earn at least 22 credits.

ITIL Master certification

This certification proves the capability of the person to apply the ITIL framework to real-life scenarios. An ITIL Master certification testifies that the person has attained the highest qualification in the field.

An ITIL Master certification needs to complete the following-

  • Clear the ITIL Expert certification
  • Submit a proposal for improving any service
  • Show a minimum of five years of ITIL experience in any leadership or management role.
  • Submit any work package which demonstrates the ability to apply ITIL principles in real-life business. It should include a positive impact on any business service.


Every ITIL training webpage shares links about relevant study guides and syllabus. Candidates who are pursuing the ITIL foundation certification must go through a three-part blog series. It contains relevant information about preparing for the ITIL Foundation exam. People who are pursuing the ITIL Intermediate certification must use the ITIL Intermediate Training Navigator. Matches the modules with the skills and job roles.

 Non-accredited ITIL training is available. However, only the ITIL Authorised Training Provider like Vinsys is recommended while studying for ITIL. ITIL is not limited to any particular business. It is a part of the IT sector. It also provides information about the concept of service management.

Formal ITL training is available through self-paced modules, online courses, and virtual instructor-led training courses.

Benefits of ITIL certification

ITIL certification is expensive. Many people want to know why they should invest in an ITIL certification on a priority basis.

The benefits of ITIL certification are as follows

>> Higher pay-scale

  • An ITIL certification is good for the CV as well as in career growth. It is one of the most rewarding certifications in the IT sector. ITIL certified personnel add value to the business. It is common knowledge that ITIL certified managers earn a handsome salary after choosing ITIL certification after MBA degree. They generally earn six figures. So, an ITIL certification is worth an investment. They also receive multiple job opportunities.

>> Be ready for the future-

  • An ITIL certification prepares people for the future. The demand for ITIL-certified professionals is on the rise. ITIL certified professionals with a strong understanding and good skill-set get well-paid opportunities and designation. Recruiters take feedback from ITIL certified professionals. They have the liberty to choose job preference at a good salary.

A person who attains a certificate in each of the five levels has to be competent. An ITIL certified professional has a flawless understanding of ITIL management. Such a person also knows how to use the IT infrastructure for implementation purposes. Since they have ideas about the ITIL best practices, they become a valued resource. Such people play their roles with confidence. They get the liberty to choose among a variety of skill sets. People who are certified in any of the higher levels of ITIL have a clear preference.

Cost of ITIL Certification

ITIL certification is inexpensive. The registration fee for both ITIL 3 and ITIL 4 certification varies across locations. It ranges from $150 to $500. The option of self-study is available for a few levels of ITIL certification. However, it is recommended that people attend classes to have in-depth knowledge about the curriculum. They may attend classes physically or virtually. The fees for the classes may differ according to the center or the location.

Differences between ITIL V3 and ITIL 4

ITIL 4 is more flexible than ITIL 3. It concentrates on customization and collaboration.ITIL 4 treats the customers as an integral part of creating and sustaining value. It is designed for integrating with other popular ITSM methods and standards.

ITIL V4 Explained

How does an ITIL certification help the business?

An ITIL certification is globally recognized. It has several powerful benefits for a business. They are as follows-

  • Understanding of customers- ITIL certification provides a better understanding of customers. It helps businessmen build long-term relationships with customers. As a result, the business is improved. The ITIL certified businessmen deliver services to suit the needs of individual customers.
  • Risk Management- ITIL certified professionals manage risks carefully. They do not sabotage or disrupt the service unintentionally. They know how to predict and eliminate service disruptions.
  • Ensure better alignment- ITIL certification ensures greater alignment between the IT team and other business departments. There is little chance of a lack of communication between the different departments.
  • Improved productivity-ITIL-certified professionals improve the productivity of the organization. They know how to use the available resources, save time, and reduce unnecessary expenses. They deliver quick improvements to the process.
  • Strategic Business Management- The ITIL certified people do not focus on IT development only. They also focus on strategic business management. User experience is an example of strategic business management. It reduces the cost of IT. However, it improves IT services through best practices processes.
  • Rapid adaptability to changes– The ITIL certified people rapidly adapt to technological and compliance-related changes. For example- a brokerage firm known as Pershing restructures its service response time according to ITIL guidelines. This way, it reduced its incidence response time by half within a year. So, the users got back to work much faster. It establishes cost-effective approaches.
  • Improved customer satisfaction- ITIL certified employees drastically reduce the wastage of time and money within the organization. At the same time, they improve the quality of the end product. This, in turn, results in improved customer satisfaction. They understand the needs of customers. So, they are capable enough to deliver services according to their needs. The organization forms cost-effective guidelines. The approach to service delivery is so professional that customer satisfaction improves drastically. Skills and experience are used in a better way. The customer care executives deliver efficient services that satisfy the needs of customers.
  • Good salary package-An ITIL certification Improves the prospect of an employee with a good salary package. Many project managers have admitted that they have got a hike in their salary after getting ITIL certified.
  • Approach– ITIL certified professionals learn a systematic approach to the best practice methodology. They focus on the highest value activities to help the organization.
  • Globally recognized certification-ITIL certification is globally recognized. Top-notch service providers identify ITIL certification as a prerequisite for service management. It provides an international boost to the career.
  • Refined capability- ITIL certification courses are designed in a particular way. They improve the skills of the employee. As a result, they are ready to face a host of challenges but emerge victoriously.
  • A significant contribution to the organization’s growth- ITIL certified employees are more competent and efficient than their counterparts. As a result, they optimize the available resources to make the process more cost-effective.
Why is e-learning an integral part of ITIL certification?

Several e-learning modules about ITIL certification are available. Peoplecert accredits all the courses. E-learning offers modules at flexible hours at a low budget.

Principles of ITIL certification

ITIL 4 has nine guiding principles. All the principles were adopted from the latest ITIL practitioner exams. The principles are as follows –

  • Focus on value
  • Holistic working
  • Transparency
  • Direct observation
  • Keeping it simple
  • Collaboration
  • Begin where you are
  • Design for you are
  • Progress iteratively

Many organizations are keen to know how much savings will be possible if ITIL certified employees are hired. The reports are incredibly good. Many organizations, who had hired ITIL certified employees, reduced their business-critical incidents significantly within two years. A reputed IT firm recorded a ten percent gain in operation stability due to ITIL certified employees.

Who benefits from ITIL certification?

ITIL certifications are good for IT professionals who are looking for change management roles and service designers. They are also beneficial for level 1 engineers.

Conclusion – An ITIL certification helps build a stable IT environment that supports growth and change. ITIL 4 certifications have been introduced recently. The certification scheme of ITIL 4 is more streamlined than ITIL 3 certifications. People may prepare for ITIL 4 certification in different ways. This preparation varies according to familiarity with course materials. This course is meant for professionals who wish to combine business with IT. People who want to get upskilled also opt for ITIL certification. This certification is a smart choice for IT consultants.

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