Best Certification Courses in India
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The Best Certification Courses in India

The world is a giant classroom. Continuous learning is vital if you want to make the most of this life. Reskilling and upskilling hold great power to prepare you for what’s ahead. This futuristic decade is going to bring in the next level revolution and digital transformation and to be ready to deal with that, today’s workforce has literally doubled its learning goals. Best Certification Courses in India for high paying jobs.

According to the LinkedIn Learning Report 2020, 94% of employees would stay with their organization longer only if it invested in their learning and development. With a perennial learning culture developing across industries, it is now a ‘trend’ to stay ahead of the crowd which is quite a rewarding one indeed.

Why go for Certification Courses

There are numerous reasons to go for high quality online and classroom certification training courses, but we have summed it up to the top four. Here they are:

#1 Knowledge is a powerful thing. Learning to expand your horizons is the greatest thing you’ll ever do for yourself. Attending these workshops will keep you updated on the current trends and market disruptions. Moreover, the tactics learned will last you forever and in any part of the world.   

#2 You gain reliability and acceptability. Did you know, portfolios without any certifications and licenses gain much lesser attention and credibility than the ones with at least one solid credential mentioned in them? Certification acts as robust proof that you are highly skilled in your field of expertise.

#3 Increase your earning potential. As a certified employee, you have more chances of getting promoted than your non-certified peers. New opportunities come looking after you and employers offer generous hikes on your current pay. After all, organizations benefit largely from proficient, well-trained candidates.

#4 Be committed and boost your stature. Your career achieves focus when you update yourself. It shows that you’re committed to your field of mastery which in turn, puts you in an upper rank at work and in job interviews.

Top 20 Certification Training Courses in India for you

We asked our L & D experts, customer support officers and trainers, which are the most relevant, practical and leadership-inspiring training solutions, and we discovered the top 20 fortune-making certification courses. This list of courses will certainly help you choose the right path to the paradisiac success you yearn for.

1. AI & Machine Learning

AI and machine learning courses are the most trendings at present. Organizations are using AI to amplify their business. Through a well-designed course in Artificial Intelligence, you can build intelligent machines and smart apps to instill the utmost efficiency across various organizational operations. It works wonders with customer support, product development, product optimization, inventory management, and diverse other domains.

AI is creating hundreds of job opportunities every day and this Artificial Intelligence Course will be an outstanding beginning to your career in AI and ML.

2. Big Data Hadoop

Big data and Hadoop courses train you on the tactics of handling a large amount of data. Hadoop is a tool that makes managing big, complex data possible. In this Datamatic world, organizations make decisions only based on data and insights. Since there is a humongous amount of data getting generated every single day, the world needs more Big Data specialists. Big Data jobs are on the rise because there is a huge skill gap in the market.

With some methodical training in this, you will contribute and improve the decision-making of your organization. With these two courses: Big Data Hadoop and Certified Big Data Analyst, you would be able to start afresh as a Big Data Engineer, Data Analyst or Database Administrator and use your skills to analyze massive-sized data.

3. Data Science

Data Science is one of the most sought after career options today. To make the data work for you is a powerful skill that enables data-driven innovation solutions. Managing and visualizing data is an arduous set of tasks and it takes a skilled data scientist to execute all the statistical analysis.

A mid-level data scientist’s salary is, on average, around $128,700 per annum, and that would be only in the beginning. There are absolutely no boundaries to growth once you have entered the world of data science.

This very comprehensive, well-structured Data Science Certification Training will equip you with strong data analytics skills along with a hands-on approach to data science.

4. IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is a vast, deep ocean full of powerful insights. IoT has proven that it can deliver exceptional results with the help of wireless networks and computer chips. Learning IoT grants you the ability to excavate all the data you need without any human to human or human to computer interaction. IoT makes the world smarter every minute.

In the IoT Certification Training at Vinsys, you will imbibe the most significant IoT functions, components that make up the IoT devices and everything else vital to make you an efficient IoT professional.

5. PMP

PMP certification is considered the topmost project management credential that is recognized all over the world. PMP is the certification of Project management Institute, USA and gaining this influential identity on your CV means that you are well-versed with the PMP processes and principles.

As per a report by PMI, Pulse of Profession, every $1 billion project loses the massive amount of $122 million due to poor project execution. This shows how wide of a skill gap we are running when it comes to having proficient and adept project managers available across industries. This PMP Certification Training Course is one of the best project management courses in India. Learn from the internationally renowned experts and gain knowledge from the PMBOK Guide 6th edition.

6. ITIL 4

ITIL 4 is a solid framework that standardizes planning, execution, delivery, and maintenance within an enterprise IT. ITIL 4 offers cost-effective, visionary, strategical, and growth-accelerating solutions. It also focuses on navigating digitalization and value creation into IT service management.

An ITIL 4 Certification Training will prepare you for the most dynamic and ever-changing IT environment. The ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Training is the best if you wish to learn the fundamentals of this framework. Whereas, the ITIL 4 Managing Professional (MP) provides more advanced and in-depth training, emphasizing each one of the four segments of ITIL specialist.


PRINCE2 is a structured, process-based method used for effective and systematic project management. The framework allows you to scrutinize one project in multiple, manageable stages which makes controlling risks less complicated.

This project management framework has two levels: PRINCE2 Foundation Certification and PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification. In the foundation-level training, you will familiarize yourself with the terminology, learn the basics of managing a project successfully and some fundamental tools and techniques. Practitioner-level training would lead you through the expert-level usage of the PRINCE2 methodologies and practices that will stimulate organizational development.

8. Lean Six Sigma

Maximizing customer satisfaction, reducing errors and the improvement of the product are the significant purposes of the existence of Lean Six Sigma. Six Sigma practices are a boon to the business world today, as they are extremely reliable. Organizations have saved millions of dollars because of this set of quality management practices.

Six Sigma follows a belt-level expertise hierarchy and with each advanced-degree belt, the implementations of the principles vary. Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification is the most ideal if you are a newbie in Quality Management. Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training is what you must undergo in case you wish to further your career in the field and work as a Quality Auditor, Production Engineer or Quality Assurance head.

9. AWS

Amazon Web Services provide some of the best cloud base services. AWS training courses facilitate techniques to host IT services on this platform.

Through this AWS Certified Developer Associate Course, you will be able to develop secure cloud applications. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course introduces you to specialized AWS solutions, preparing you for building complex architecting solutions.

This AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Training Course focuses on advanced architecting on AWS and enhances the performance of your solutions. In the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Training, you can grasp the DevOps methodology and design and implement an AWS infrastructure using those DevOps practices. 

10. CCNA 

CCNA ( Cisco Certified Networking Associate ) Certification is a globally renowned credential. It lays a robust foundation for your growth in the networking domain. It is the first-level certification of Cisco networking credentials. After achieving this credential, you can easily gain the other expert-level networking certifications in the future such as CCNP, CCDP, CCIE, etc.

This CCNA Certification Training Course ensures to provide adequate guidance for all the fundamental elements of computer networking. It trains you on all the basics of Routing and Switching. You will learn to efficiently work around installing, operating, configuring, and troubleshooting small and medium-sized networks. This credential truly grants you a competitive edge over others and attracts good pay hikes.

11. CISM

Want to study what is information security really all about? CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) is just the right program to learn core theory and information security strategy development. The CISM Certification course also covers information security governance, security architecture, and develops your working knowledge of the four security domains as per ‘The ISACA Exam Candidate Information Guide 2018’.

Better IT operations and top-notch IT security is something every IT enterprise aims for. A CISM certification in hand will be a wonderful opportunity to understand and design security policies for a business. You will use all the principles taught in this course to align your business goals with the organization’s IT safety and security in order to generate more business value.


With a huge demand for Cyber Security professionals everywhere, CISSP, an expert-level security professional credential, is a recommended pathway for those in the field of information security. CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional ) defines security architecture and management for your organization and aligns overall operations with high-level security implementations. Safeguarding assets and maintaining overall confidentiality takes enhanced security standards and measures and that is exactly what is taught in this CISSP Certification Training.

The theory and implementations you learn from this course are as per the knowledge in the eight domains prescribed by the CISSP Common Book of Knowledge, 2018. CISSP is a perfect pick to maximize your career potential as expert cybersecurity professional.


COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and (Related) Technologies) is not an IT management or business process-related framework. It is a specially created framework for IT Governance. It assists businesses with better clarity in their vision and stronger governance system for better alignment with other frameworks such as ITIL, TOGAF or CMMI. It is the most reliable and the most celebrated IT Governance framework widely used worldwide.

Most Change Managers, Audit Compliance Officers, Program and Project Managers, Business and IT Auditors are COBIT certified. The COBIT Certification Training will be a fantastic start to your rewarding career ahead.


CGEIT (Certified Governance of Enterprise IT) is an IT Governance framework made of principles and practices to support an organization’s governance strategies. This methodology plays a significant role in managing and advising an IT enterprise. The CGEIT Certification Training largely focuses on risk optimization and strategic management. Resource optimization and benefits realization are also two considerably good segments of this framework. It aims at good governance, leaving no room for abruptness and miscalculations. It develops leadership abilities and grants you the credibility to handle the high importance responsibilities.

Professionals already working as senior security analysts, IT consultants or IT/ IS directors can definitely move up the ladder and become chief information security officers or chief technology officers with the CGEIT credential.

15. CISA

The Certified Information Systems Auditor CISA certification training is an all-inclusive known affirmation for Information Systems review control, confirmation, and security experts. This Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Course exhibits your review involvement, aptitudes, and learning, and further approves your capacities to survey vulnerabilities, cover consistency and foundation controls inside the venture. You’ll likewise pick up ability in the obtaining, advancement, testing, and usage of data frameworks and take in the rules, benchmarks, and best practices of securing them.

16. CBAP

CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) is a professional certification by IIBA, Canada that experienced business analysts can opt for. The CBAP certification course teaches a Business Analyst on how to plan activities to overcome problems in an IT project. It trains on over 50 diverse techniques to perform business analysis tasks. A thorough demonstration of system analysis, requirement analysis, business consulting, and business analysis is provided with actual application and case studies in this CBAP Certification course.

A business analyst course will totally boost your chances of landing a lucrative job in any domain. Some of the world’s biggest organizations are in need of skilled business analyst professionals at present and with a CBAP credential, you can secure a well-paid job anywhere around the globe.

17. AutoCAD

AutoCAD is an excellent tool for building computer software applications in 2D and 3D formats. It is one of the most popularly used aid because of its features such as great speed, storage, accessibility, easy to do 3D modeling and so on. AutoCAD, a product of Autodesk, is beneficial for civil engineers, architects, electrical and environmental engineers, artists, real-estate developers, and interior designers.

The Autodesk AutoCAD Certification Course here would make you a master in drawing, detailing, and in creating 3D designs that sell! If you have the imagination and creativity it takes to become an AutoCAD designer, this training program will strengthen your technical accuracy and calculations by providing multiple simulations and tests.

18. Digital Marketing

An all-encompassing expertly crafted Digital Marketing Course is sure to get your career on the track and on full throttle! Digital Marketing is a booming field and if you are innovative, creative and have a knack for marketing, this is the right time for you to acquire this modern art of selling. This Digital Marketing Course covers Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media campaigns, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), web analytics, email, mobile and content marketing.

Digital marketing is essential for every brand – its online presence and global reach. The cost-effective solutions, tools, relevant market strategies and trends you will learn in this course will gear you up for your duties as a Digital Marketer.

19. CompTIA

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) is a globally credible association that issues IT certifications. CompTIA Security+ Certification Training Course right here is a performance-based course that gives hands-on practice on the fundamental computer and network security.

If you are a security engineer/ administrator or a penetration tester, getting this CompTIA certification will surely be very profitable, as it confirms your knowledge of Windows, Linux servers, networking, core protocols, and troubleshooting tools. The CompTIA Security Course at Vinsys is a highly practical, coherent and interactive program.

20. CAPM

CAPM (Certified Associate Project Manager) is one of the most important, yet underrated PMI credentials. The CAPM Certification Training Course does not just make you well-acquainted with the project management terminology but also addresses the most imperative responsibilities of a project manager that an associate project manager must be aware of.

CAPM would be an ideal first step for your PMP exam prep, especially if you are waiting around to meet the PMP eligibility criteria. Taking the CAPM training and certification exam will definitely shape your skills and make you a more competent project manager. Best Certification Courses in India

We sincerely hope that this list of 20 best certification training courses in India helps you make the right decision for your future. These are the most top-paying credentials worldwide (as per the multitudinous salary surveys we compared to share the accurate information with you), therefore in case you are hesitating to invest your time and money, please don’t. Please keep in mind that it is worth your every minute and penny because you are going to avail of copious amounts of returns for the same. Best Certification Courses in India

Once you have completed a certain certification training, there are many ways to measure the impact of your learning. Collect and store your feedback and assess it every once in a while. Keep implementing the skills you have acquired because only then can you confirm the true value of learning. Best Certification Courses in India

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Activating leadership abilities is a journey that starts after a lot of experience, experiment and learnings yielded along the way, but it is only then when you KNOW what your pathway is. So, choose a road if you haven’t done so yet. Best Certification Courses in India

Transform yourself and your brand in the capacity you want to. Chose Science, Marketing, Security or Design; be ready for the next chapter of your career. Upskilling with some of the most in-demand and best certification courses will greatly benefit. 2020 is a fine year to reinstate the inner calling and begin over. Hence, start now!

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